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  1. Gavrobs1

    Team for Reading

    Got to be a front 3 of Matias. FF Joao
  2. Gavrobs1

    Keeper and Defence

    Westwood Fred. Lees. JVA Hunt. Reach Joey. Hutch Bannan
  3. Bob bolder Nielson Worthington Lyons Pickering Waddle Sheridan Palmer wilson Curran Warhurst subs westwood Sterland Nigel Pearson Hirst Lee chapman Viv Anderson imre Varadi
  4. Gavrobs1

    Loovens and Butterfield

    Was generally impressed with the team on sat vs Villa, but tonight....... Butterfield was v poor, Reach tried but was out of his depth, thought loovens was ok tbf as was Prudil and Hunt before his injury. Cant see how Palmer gets a game, injuries or not, but thought that Rhodes worked hard and did his best to create things with absolutely zero service. jones continues to improve in my book and had a good game. but the truth is that we lacked quality, our movement was laboured, our passing v poor and defensively we just stand off and allow them to cross or shoot. Consequently we shouldn’t really expect to win.
  5. TBH, I’m pleased with tonight’s performance and result. Everyone battled,got stuck in and performed to the apparent gameplay. But.... defensively ,loovens was exposed and it cost him prudil is no where near good enough, ..... and he ducks!!!! Fox had a poor game by his standards palmef tried but he lacks quality and understanding. Needs to be moved on. Jones showed more pace and aggression and quality than in any of the games under Carlos. Walace.....deadwood,offers nothing otber than his own ego. Reach.... absolute great engine,could not have tried or worked harder. I just think that he is not the dirt of player who will move us forwards. Rhides.... worked his arse off for 60 mins, got zero service so should not be judhrd offensively, give him service then judge him. Joao, UTD were scared stiff of him, they stood off because they knew he could hurt them. Defo give him a runsnc service and let Rhodes have a go off him not meant to be s negative post. I was pleased with the effort and commitment tonigjt
  6. I can only think that Carlos’ insistence at building up the opposition has sent the players into their shells. I don’t think that the players effort should be questioned, and they don’t miss a pass on purpose. They just seem to be directionless. The whole team is clearly playing to a strategy and that is what’s not working. Butterfield has been transformed from a dynamic attack minded midfielder into a clone of Jones. Bannan is way too deep and both Wallace and Reach are too inconsistent. We have the best attacking squad that I have ever known at Hillsborough, yet there was ZERO creativity in the bench at Ipswich. Mataias, Abdi, Joao all missing. And we have Wallace saying that we are a counter attacking team and do better away from home!!!! How can you counter attack with no pace and a persistence in taking 6 passes to get the ball forwards!! It’s totally baffling! Apart from the move for the equaliser Hooper was like the rest of the team, poor touch, passes going astray and ineffective. Fletcher does work hard and does draw attention, but he would do the same for Rhodes, who I think would be more prolific than Hooper. personally I don’t think that Fletcher is the answer as he misses far too many chances. Personally I’d love to see Hirst alongside Rhodes with Hooper just behind. That’s three proven goal scorers. Don’t tell me that Hirst is too young, give the lad a chance and see. If not Hirst, than Joao playing on the last defenders shoulder rather than too deep or in midfield..... his pace would leave so much space for both Rhodes and Hooper. Either way I for one would rather see us take teams on, have a proper go and try and out score them. I’d take losing if we’d been win focussed. I can’t stand this style of lifeless “let’s try and bore them into submission! I’d love to be proved wrong, would love Carlos to be successful..... but since seeing his motionless apathy on the touchline against Hull in the final it’s been as clear as day that he has no idea on how to change things that are not working! It doesn’t work..... so keep trying till it does!! Not sure that makes any sense at all!!
  7. 5 - 0 down away to Stevenage by half time!!! Yep bring Megson back!! utter joke!
  8. Don't agree.... he dodged questions and just repeated the same old stance. His view that the past has gone and means nothing anymore is exactly the reason that we are performing like we are. If you don't learn from the past then you will continue to make the same mistakes in the future. His view that we have been excellent this season except for the PNE game is not a view that I share, we scrape results, even taking a forward off at home to defend a one goal advantage! we could quite conceivably win the reverse fixture at BL but it will inevitably be as a result of stifling the game and hanging on. United came to us, took the game to us and murdered us. Even after scoring 4 they continued to take the game to us. Personally that's what I want to see from my team. Win, lose or draw I want us to have a go, show passion and try and outscore our opponents. And I am totally fed up with hearing how bloody good our opponents are and how difficult a game it will be! We are SWFC, let others worry about us!!
  9. Westwood Hunt Lees Van Aken Reach Jones Bannan Butterfield Abdi (In a Diamond) Rhodes Joao / Hirst / Fletcher / Hooper Wdsmith Hirst Hooper Wallace Boyd Mataias Prudil
  10. Think that Fletcher and hooper are developing a good understanding together, both quite intelligent and both technically v good. Would love to be proved wrong but I think that perhaps they lack a little bit of something to unpick the tightest defences. Although both chip in with goals, they (Fletcher more so) seem to need 3 or 4 chances to take 1. Can't help but think that a confident Rhodes would be scoring more frequently if he was given the opportunities that Fletcher has had per game. Would love to see Joao and Rhodes have a few games together. I know that Joao has his detractors but I don't see that he is any more wasteful than Fletcher, yet he is decent technically and rarely gives the ball away, on top of which his pace is something else. Would imagine his pace stretching defences would create space for Rhodes to do the business. Don't think that it's a coincidence that FF scored most of his goals in his first season alongside Joao, and Hooper similarly when here on loan!! Cup vs Bolton..... Wildsmith Palmer. Venancio Prudil Fox Boyd. Jones. Wallace Hooper Rhodes. Joao
  11. Just dreaming that Carlos rallies the start of the season with a statement of intent, that we will stop building up the opposition into something they are not, that we will focus on ourselves and our strengths, that we will take every game to the opporsition, that win lose of draw we will set out to our score our opponents and if we lose it won't be for want of trying: then he announces a team of; Westwood Hutch. Lees. Loovens Bannan. Jones Boyd. Abdi. Foresterrie Rhodes. Hitst. Hell, I'd even settle for Westwood Bannan Lees. Loovens Reach Jones Boyd. Abdi. Foresterrie Rhodes. Hirst a d I know that Matais is suspended, but it was a dream!!
  12. Gavrobs1

    Any fecker

    I personally hope he is not here next season. 1. he has a squad full of attacking flare and then sets us up to be ultra defensive. Basically saying that he isn't confident that we can take on and beat our opponents. 2. He doesn't know his best team, continuously try's to shoehorn what he thinks are the best players and hopes that will eork, hence 3 x central midfielders playing again tonight. Managers are paid to make decisions, he needs to make them. 3. When things do not work, he lacks an alternative option, last yrs playoff final and the tonight's game being two c clear examples. 4. He signs a proven goal scorer then fails to play to his strengths. 5. Forwards lack service. Are starved of quality or consistent support and end up lacking confidence. In all honesty, could you imagine Jordan Rhodes decling to take a penalty at any of his other clubs?? 6. He fails to see the defensive naivety of Prudil and Hunt. We have enjoyed some good results this year, but we have not enjoyed more than a handful of good performances. He has not created a balanced team, we are predictable, we do not create chances and we are boring and disappointing to watch. We were boring under Gray, but for very good reason. I for one would rather see us miss out having taken the game to our opponents and trying to beat them, rather than sitting back and hoping to sneak a one nill....others might disagree, their prerogative, doesn't make me any less of a supporter just because my eyes are open rather than being blinded by some strange loyalty that prevents any form of criticism. thought Hinchcliff & partner on Sky spoke a great deal of sense post defeat. We have not progressed, we need to do much better and I fear that next season the division will be of far higher quality and so much harder to get out of
  13. Rhodes has been instrumental in almost every goal we've scored over the past few weeks. I'm really pleased that Fletcher is scoring, think he's a genuine player, but can't help feeling that if Rhodes was provided with the sort and number of chances that Fletcher has had then games might have been put to bed a bit sooner. Rhodes with Hooper, and FF just behind them is very mouth watering prospect and would scare most defenders to hell! would love to see Wednesday playing this team; Westwood Sasso. Lees. Loovens Hutch, Bannan Mataias Abdi. Fortesteri Hooper. Rhodes Wallace Reach Jones Fletcher Lee Winnall Prudil Fox Semedo
  14. Gavrobs1

    No winnall

    Nuhu should be nowhere near the bench, this talk of him holding the ball up is rubbish, it either bounces off his shin and goes out of play or he gives away a needless free kick.