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  1. Westwood Hunt Lees Van Aken Reach Jones Bannan Butterfield Abdi (In a Diamond) Rhodes Joao / Hirst / Fletcher / Hooper Wdsmith Hirst Hooper Wallace Boyd Mataias Prudil
  2. Forward line

    Think that Fletcher and hooper are developing a good understanding together, both quite intelligent and both technically v good. Would love to be proved wrong but I think that perhaps they lack a little bit of something to unpick the tightest defences. Although both chip in with goals, they (Fletcher more so) seem to need 3 or 4 chances to take 1. Can't help but think that a confident Rhodes would be scoring more frequently if he was given the opportunities that Fletcher has had per game. Would love to see Joao and Rhodes have a few games together. I know that Joao has his detractors but I don't see that he is any more wasteful than Fletcher, yet he is decent technically and rarely gives the ball away, on top of which his pace is something else. Would imagine his pace stretching defences would create space for Rhodes to do the business. Don't think that it's a coincidence that FF scored most of his goals in his first season alongside Joao, and Hooper similarly when here on loan!! Cup vs Bolton..... Wildsmith Palmer. Venancio Prudil Fox Boyd. Jones. Wallace Hooper Rhodes. Joao
  3. Just dreaming that Carlos rallies the start of the season with a statement of intent, that we will stop building up the opposition into something they are not, that we will focus on ourselves and our strengths, that we will take every game to the opporsition, that win lose of draw we will set out to our score our opponents and if we lose it won't be for want of trying: then he announces a team of; Westwood Hutch. Lees. Loovens Bannan. Jones Boyd. Abdi. Foresterrie Rhodes. Hitst. Hell, I'd even settle for Westwood Bannan Lees. Loovens Reach Jones Boyd. Abdi. Foresterrie Rhodes. Hirst a d I know that Matais is suspended, but it was a dream!!
  4. Any fecker

    I personally hope he is not here next season. 1. he has a squad full of attacking flare and then sets us up to be ultra defensive. Basically saying that he isn't confident that we can take on and beat our opponents. 2. He doesn't know his best team, continuously try's to shoehorn what he thinks are the best players and hopes that will eork, hence 3 x central midfielders playing again tonight. Managers are paid to make decisions, he needs to make them. 3. When things do not work, he lacks an alternative option, last yrs playoff final and the tonight's game being two c clear examples. 4. He signs a proven goal scorer then fails to play to his strengths. 5. Forwards lack service. Are starved of quality or consistent support and end up lacking confidence. In all honesty, could you imagine Jordan Rhodes decling to take a penalty at any of his other clubs?? 6. He fails to see the defensive naivety of Prudil and Hunt. We have enjoyed some good results this year, but we have not enjoyed more than a handful of good performances. He has not created a balanced team, we are predictable, we do not create chances and we are boring and disappointing to watch. We were boring under Gray, but for very good reason. I for one would rather see us miss out having taken the game to our opponents and trying to beat them, rather than sitting back and hoping to sneak a one nill....others might disagree, their prerogative, doesn't make me any less of a supporter just because my eyes are open rather than being blinded by some strange loyalty that prevents any form of criticism. thought Hinchcliff & partner on Sky spoke a great deal of sense post defeat. We have not progressed, we need to do much better and I fear that next season the division will be of far higher quality and so much harder to get out of
  5. Forward line.

    Rhodes has been instrumental in almost every goal we've scored over the past few weeks. I'm really pleased that Fletcher is scoring, think he's a genuine player, but can't help feeling that if Rhodes was provided with the sort and number of chances that Fletcher has had then games might have been put to bed a bit sooner. Rhodes with Hooper, and FF just behind them is very mouth watering prospect and would scare most defenders to hell! would love to see Wednesday playing this team; Westwood Sasso. Lees. Loovens Hutch, Bannan Mataias Abdi. Fortesteri Hooper. Rhodes Wallace Reach Jones Fletcher Lee Winnall Prudil Fox Semedo
  6. No winnall

    Nuhu should be nowhere near the bench, this talk of him holding the ball up is rubbish, it either bounces off his shin and goes out of play or he gives away a needless free kick.
  7. Gary Hooper.

    So..... in his absence Hooper has become the saviour! people forget that he was totally anonymous from the time he signed his contract, upto and including the playoffs and throughout this season upto his injury.
  8. Winnall and Rhodes???

    Hooper seems to get better with every game he DOESNT play!!! lazy and moody, no movement and makes the midfield players task impossible as he offers no options. Hooper and FF had lots of games / minutes together at the end of last season and also this and we're a totally ineffective partnership. to call Rhodes and Winnall an average / mid table championship strikefotce is a joke. Those two, with service, would score goals. i repeat my earlier post; Westwood, sasso, Lees, loovens, Hutch, Jones Macca, Abdi, FF, Winnall, Rhodes. i for one would love to watch this team!
  9. Abdi and Hutch our best players without a doubt, so he takes Abdi off! Bannan does nothing but complain to the referee. Best championship striker gets no service so he takes him off for Fletcher!! Who then tries hard but fails to win a single header or play any significant part in the game. Macca on the left and Wallace on the right, so both have to check to cross Reach and Hunt cannot retain possession. Hunt is without a doubt the worst fullback in the division Set pieces lacked quality We have got results this year but lack consistent quality. With the squad we have it's simply not good enough. 4 wins on the trot... but only one convincing performance in the 4, we ride our luck far too often. Rhodes needs a striker with him and service into both of them. Reach, Wallace, Fletcher, Hunt Bannan, need to be given time out of the team! Westwood, sasso, Lees, loovens, Hutch, Jones/Semedo Macca, Abdi, FF, Winnall, Rhodes. And I know,.....I'm not allowed to criticise because that means I'm not a true fan!!
  10. My opinion

    Relatively new to this but not to watching Wednesday, being a 10 yr old kid that ran on the pitch when we won promotion from div 3 in 78. The passion and excitement of Charlton and Wilkinson, and then witnessed Imre Varradi getting substituted at Millwall for attacking! I've seen many managers come and go, been both excited and frustrated beyond belief. Like all of us I want us to win, preferably playing well. But again accept that we have no god given right to do so. Stuart Grays football was not exciting but it was v clear that he was overachieving with the resources he had. Carlos is a nice bloke and I DO NOT WANT TO SEE HIM GO..... BUT, when context is examined he has had the most resources and funding given than ANY manager I've supported. Yet his team is getting worse. Last night was not a one off, it was the culmination of persistently poor performances. At the start of the season our strikers were missing chances, now we are simply not creating any. Having been a fan of Reach initially, I can not believe how poor he has become of late, his and Hunts ball retention was absolutely diabolical, hunt and prudil are v v poor and as such perhaps the midfield is setup to protect them. Players do not deliberately play badly, but as a team we are not working so something has to change. Again I accept that we were missing quality players...Hutch, Lees, Lee, Hooper, Fletcher, but that's my point. They are quality players that Gray did not have access to, but we have still been v v poor with these players this year. So why does Carlos persist with the same old tactics and the same old players when he has other options? Carlos complains and blames poor results on having to play games in quick succession, but other teams with smaller squads have to do the same and seem to do better. I know that I will be criticised by the rose tinted glasses brigade for having the audacity to criticise Wednesday, but my opinion is as valid as there is is. The facts that need to be looked at are; that' Bristol city had lost eight consecutive games then we have to be content with a draw, Wigan are third bottom for a reason and we get a v lucky with a deflected own goal, we struggled against Rotherham and were battered by Burton. We were brilliant against Newcastle, but that performance was the exception, not last nights! We did exceptionally well last year but needed to kick on again this year. That means difficult decisions had to be made in order to improve. Swapping Bannan for Abdi would have been one such decision... Bannan would've been a superb replacement to freshen things up, but instead we have gone backwards from last year not forwards. our squad offers us umpteen formation options, but continuing to try what isn't working is not working just my oppinion
  11. Unacceptable,

    FF, lacks passion and that penalty was criminal. Reach lacks any real direction or purpose. Thought BB really tried hard, one of his better games this year, Prudil was tormented again throughout, simply isn't good enough. Walace was anonymous, MacM just wanted to fight. Fletcher was a disgrace and although frustrated with Hutch, I can understand his frustration. 1-1, penalty to us and them down to 10 men!! HTF did we lose? In my opinion, Newcastle was great, but that apart I think we have lacked any real focus or passion or consistent quality since last March. How many times have we been shocking till half time then turned it around?? I don't think that we have a Devine right to win, far from it, but If we took the game by the scruff of the neck and was beaten by the better team, then so be it, but this disappointment, week after week is squeezing it out of me.
  12. Sheffield Wednesday Time Machine

    Totally agree with the opening thread, particularly with reference to two players, Hutch in midfield and Joa upfront. Hitch is disciplined in terms of his positional sense and responsibilities, Joa is the goal scoring key for me, he might not be prolific, but he stretches defences, causes problems with his pace, but most importantly he created space for the other strikers.... no coincidence that both Forresteri and hooper (and Wednesday for that matter) enjoyed their best spells when paired with the big Portuguese lad, would be very exciting to see a holding midfield of Hutch, Jones and either Bannan or Lee with a forward 3 of Forresterie and Matais playing behind Joa!
  13. It's amazing how

    Wednesday fans always go to extremes, but the truth as I see it is that we haven't played consistently well since the last 3rd of last season, the home playoff win vs Brighton was largely as a result of the horrendous injury list st the time... they destroyed us at their place and we were a non entity in the playoff final. Again, as I see it, FF scored his goals as did Hooper, when they partnered Joa. His pace stretched and troubled defences, leaving space for his partner and also provided targets for the midfield to pass to. our current strikers do not work spaces well enough and make it harder for the midfield. We also miss Hutch or a harder general type in midfield, and we haven't got a full back in the club! BB & RW got carried away with the praise of last yr and have both been poor this.... Bannan could be a v decent full back, but to progress on last season we need to improve, that means repeating what works and improving what doesn't!