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  1. I've gone and purchased iFollow Video pass for £5.01 according to Monzo exchange rate ... Should i ave just bought the Crumpton Oaks and a Subway?
  2. Mobdro - Sportsnet World Supersport 5 Enjoy
  3. Its on here: https://www.vipstand.se/football-live-sports-stream Works on mobiles so jobs a good un'
  4. We are The Wednesday. . . Make NO MISTAKE we will build on this! Great following and Atdhe at the final second. . Pass me a beer! Yesssssssss!!!!! Nahm sayin??
  5. Pair of you have nailed it!!! We should remain where we are. It's home ☺
  6. I'm not disputing and he has scored goals (Atdhe) just seems strange comparatively
  7. I remember a while back that the Reading owner is known as DC 'brother' as both families are close?
  8. I'm certainly not a gloomster by any stretch (following our performance Saturday) ... It's bizarre though; how Joao is going yet we still have Atdhe et al ... ok yeah I see there is no value in him (Nuhiu) but why keep him and sell Joao when we have no financial constraints? ..... Roll on Barnsley. UTO
  9. https://thetilehurstend.sbnation.com/platform/amp/2019/8/4/20753080/reading-fc-1-3-sheffield-wednesday-boys-against-men-royals-owls
  10. As per the title ... not a bad read.... UTO like https://thetilehurstend.sbnation.com/platform/amp/2019/8/4/20753080/reading-fc-1-3-sheffield-wednesday-boys-against-men-royals-owls
  11. I'm tellin ya now Walter Zenga is odds on & Lance Key as Westys new mentor.
  12. Anyone else getting crossover commentary from Forrest bloke?
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