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  1. Mobdro - Sportsnet World Supersport 5 Enjoy
  2. Its on here: https://www.vipstand.se/football-live-sports-stream Works on mobiles so jobs a good un'
  3. We are The Wednesday. . . Make NO MISTAKE we will build on this! Great following and Atdhe at the final second. . Pass me a beer! Yesssssssss!!!!! Nahm sayin??
  4. Pair of you have nailed it!!! We should remain where we are. It's home ☺
  5. I'm not disputing and he has scored goals (Atdhe) just seems strange comparatively
  6. I remember a while back that the Reading owner is known as DC 'brother' as both families are close?
  7. I'm certainly not a gloomster by any stretch (following our performance Saturday) ... It's bizarre though; how Joao is going yet we still have Atdhe et al ... ok yeah I see there is no value in him (Nuhiu) but why keep him and sell Joao when we have no financial constraints? ..... Roll on Barnsley. UTO
  8. https://thetilehurstend.sbnation.com/platform/amp/2019/8/4/20753080/reading-fc-1-3-sheffield-wednesday-boys-against-men-royals-owls
  9. As per the title ... not a bad read.... UTO like https://thetilehurstend.sbnation.com/platform/amp/2019/8/4/20753080/reading-fc-1-3-sheffield-wednesday-boys-against-men-royals-owls
  10. I'm tellin ya now Walter Zenga is odds on & Lance Key as Westys new mentor.
  11. Anyone else getting crossover commentary from Forrest bloke?
  12. Camera angles galore on iFollow tonight
  13. In all honesty (like the rest) really thought we’d threw it away this season but remember it’s still doable and like others have said.... to meet them horrible b @stards and knock em out playoffs .... doable ... or damn right insane!! Anyway it’s exciting stuff like
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