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  1. Anyone else think our ‘state of the art’ pitch is starting to look really patchy? Especially around the halfway line. And not even halfway through season.
  2. Currently paying £67.50 for the same package - renegotiated in summer when we moved house and they messed it up so did us a “favour” and knocked it all down to £67.50 with Netflix etc. The deals are there but just got to speak to the right people. Some people give you the “can’t do anything for you” speech but others fall over themselves to help you! If you’ve been with them for a while they sometimes offer you BT Sport for free for a few months.
  3. Infant kits were particularly disappointing but I hope it’s just a learning curve and they manufacture something better in future. The badges weren’t proper badges on either the shirt or the shorts. And they had no socks in stock (last September) and said to come back in at Christmas with receipt to collect. The socks ended up being plain black (home) and plain white (away) netball socks bought on the cheap - all the same size. A shocker for £50.
  4. Averaging 0.7 goals per match and letting in 1.8 per match. 1 win in 10. Relegation form if it wasn’t for our good run at the start of the season.
  5. Is the ref going to change in to his red and white striped shirt at half time?
  6. Sky Sports love Leeds don’t they?! Just can’t bring themselves to give up that top spot! Live table...
  7. Our passing though... Can’t believe the stats aren’t worse than this.
  8. Thought Leppings lower was closed to pen the cattle in upstairs?
  9. Not much point putting a striker on. We can’t pass it out of our own area!
  10. Chasing shadows and can barely complete a single pass. Shows the difference between the two leagues unfortunately.
  11. Dire, with a deserved chorus of boos on the final whistle. Very half hearted effort. VERY disappointing considering how much of the first team was on the pitch. Ref can go back to Luton now; giving everything to them and nothing to us, even when their players were literally climbing all over ours.
  12. The ref’s impressing me about as much as our finishing today.
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