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  1. We can come back in this, I have every faith Moore will turn it around with his halftime team talk and tactics. No worries.
  2. Well fo0k me sideways, caught on the break. Go for it Wednesday.
  3. Hope our Aussie comes on to out Aussie their Aussie. Flaming mongrels.
  4. Gonna be a thin thread with no TV or radio coverage. U T O
  5. A mate told me you can order an ham shank on the Kop, swears by em.
  6. Not havin' a dig But he's a floofin' pig It's Gregory
  7. This one's got legs. Needs another verse or two.
  8. Superlative OMDT, I'm at work and that's cheered me up no end. Sat chuckling at my phone, the underlings think I've gone even more mental. 2-0 UTO
  9. Would love to take the Grandson. Maybe a playoff final too. A man can dream.
  10. I've gone through every letter in alphabet and still can't work out what that swear word is. Peas?.
  11. Yer set of daft two hats. Their shorts weren't black, they were midnight ink. Gerra grip.
  12. Brilliant OMDT. On topic and decisive. Can you be our new manager Snoots? I'm so bloody tired of the ruined plum duff we get served on match days too. UTO
  13. I'd take Thompson tomorrow over Moore, genuinely. I think it's a good shout tbh.
  14. You seem upset by all the upsetness, it's very upsetting.
  15. Hey son, remember that time we had the brass balls to play 1 defender and he scored both goals to win the game.
  16. Early lead, edged back late on. Rinse and repeat. Hoping for more, Moore. UTO
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