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  1. I always get mine this way because the games don't load onto my membership card like they used to. If we go on the north you get em from the gate to the left of the shop. I'll be getting wrapped up tonight, last game I nearly froze to death. Have a good un.
  2. Yeah to the left hand side just after kop turns into South, can't miss it.
  3. You'll pick them up from the little portacabin ticket office behind the South stand. Usually, you don't have to wait as one of the stewards/staff has them all in his hand and you just give him your surname.
  4. Love this coming from behind again. Just wish the wife would quit moaning about her bleedin knees.
  5. They've turned the under soil heating on and I'm happy to report the snow has melted.
  6. Side roads undriveable up Foxhill and Greno unless you've a 4x4. Add a bleeding power cut likely to last most of the day into that too. Ffs.
  7. You've ruined me now @Lord Snooty calling him Craig. Oh the shame, I'll never tile another roof. Barbers for me first thing. Would settle for a tight 1-0 UTO
  8. Doesn't bother me, can't see the bloody thing anyway with my mince pies. Use the Grandson as my spotter. 'see those orange boots Berahino has on grandad? `No sunshine, not really' Don't worry grandad, ill point them out to you when we're at Meadowhall' Little bugger.
  9. It's going to be a lot easier to get improvement from him playing in a team that's getting wins and performing like we did last night. It will bring everybody on.
  10. Think about what you are saying here. That our fans sang that loud enough for you to hear over on the South. And no one else has mentioned it. It would be national news and our manager and team would go absolutely ballistic. I recommend syringing.
  11. Good post. I'd be very happy if we can win 3 or 4 on the bounce and build momentum. I hope Moore can learn from his mistakes and set us up properly from the off. Two home games we should be winning coming up. Time will tell. This league is there for the taking if play it smart, especially with the returning players coming back into the squad.
  12. Fair enough, like I say wasn't there so could only get a sense of what happened on here but it certainly sounded hairy. The games I have witnessed in person and on TV are what have made up my mind about Darren Moore not being the man to gain us promotion this season. I personally think we have the tools and setup to do it. I have been absolutely bamboozled by some of his decision making at times this season and I'm not joking when I say I think we'd be better off with Thompson or indeed almost anyone with a basic knowledge of football management at the helm. I don't rate him at all with what he's shown so far. If we get 6 wins 3 draws and a loss from the next 10 games, I'll eat my words and will be happy to do that because I want success and that would be promotion form but if its 2 wins 5 draws and 3 losses, which I suspect will be closer to the truth, then it leaves us in no man's land and that is what I desperately want to avoid. I'd love to be wrong, genuinely hope I am. A big slice of humble pie at our promotion party would go down rather well.
  13. You don't understand the mentality of people who just witnessed us hanging on for dear life (not there but that's the impression I got) after going 3 up against Accrington Stanley when we are already jaded by far too many capitulations this season. I'm surprised you don't understand that. Very happy for the win today and always will be.
  14. Or you could say that some people want out of this league and don't believe even for a second that Darren Moore is the man to do that because of his horrendous selections and tactical decisions. Opinions and all that.
  15. Has any of the traveling support tried their milk? Is it all it's cracked up to be?
  16. He's taken over from DM by sheer force of will. Performances set to improve. The Nuns Chuff is taking over catering.
  17. Agree Bannan shouldn't be captain and Dunkley should.
  18. Punched one away from hitting the grandsons bonce at the front of the South. Got to be honest, it felt bloody great.
  19. You've given many and varied reasons why DM is failing currently and they may be valid reasons. The reason I want him to go ASAP is because of what I have witnessed with my own eyes regarding the selection of available players, the positions he starts them in and his in game tactical changes or lack there of. He is poor in all of the above. Very poor.
  20. Wish him luck as you wave him goodbye Cheerio as he goes on his way Wish him luck as you wave him goodbye There's the door Darren Moore You can't stay You stayed for a while With your gap toothed smile And you ermed ermed ermed all day Wish him luck as you wave him goodbye All we asked Is for a team Who could play We've played from the back With a toothless attack It's not good enough We say Wish him luck as you wave him goodbye Cheerio as he goes on his way
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