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  1. So they are queueing up to buy us? *had to Google queueing
  2. It's just not good enough I gonna pound land for a major blowout to let off some steam Not even wearing a mask fvcc it.
  3. A team capable of promotion A manager capable of chaos
  4. Is it on radio, last time I paid for ifollow it was on bleedin radio.
  5. Wonder Which Wednesday We'll Watch When Whistle Whistles. UTO
  6. Can't see the Red Bull shareholders being happy about having to change their brand name to Blue Bull though.
  7. Tradition is very important for a club like Wednesday, without it we don't have much else. Never once struggled to get to the ground either on foot, by car or public transport. Can't see why this always gets brought up. I've certainly been to other more modern setups where it takes longer to get out of the car parks to get on your way home. I'd say this to Wednesday fans who want to see the back of Hillsborough. No.
  8. I'm taking the Grandson to this tonight as he wants to see the lad Davidson playing as he's had a couple of kickabout with him. Is it North or South where we'll be sat? Do members have to pay? Will there be any refreshments available, if not will they let me take a flask in? Thanks for any help.
  9. Said I remember When we used to sit Up on the South stand At noon time No pint and no pie Wonder if Everley Pregnant Brothers will do us a new version.
  10. I thought they might have sang 'a pie and a pint, you're havin a laugh' South stand South stand gi us a song.
  11. Well done to him and the team today. Played at a higher tempo for more of the game. That's what we need. 3 or 4 like this on the bounce and I start to believe again. Praying for a bit of consistency.
  12. I'll tell thi what, it's stinks of nazi Germany this does.
  13. Jesus christ, this club. What's the sausage roll situation?
  14. I loved him celebrating in front of the North after we smashed Sunderland and genuinely thought we'd turned a corner but it's just too inconsistent, too stop start, with far more stop than start. What he said about Corbeanu has done it for me. Whatever today's result, I'd like to see a new manager come in.
  15. This is for the unvaxxed or the exempt or for those who just want to test anyway. If you don't have a covid vaccine passport the only way you will gain entry today is to have a negative lft test within 24 hours of entry. You need to input that test into the NHS website, NOT the app, you Cannot input an lft test into the app. If you do this correctly, you will receive a text and/or an email that you can use as proof to gain entry. This email/text will have your result, the time of the test, your name and your d.o.b. I can't do links etc.. Cos I'm crap at all that but you can find the link to the NHS site you need via the official swfc website. Hope this helps any last minute Larrys.
  16. No bud, you've done it right. The text is the proof you need. You can't input an lft test into the app. You have to do it through the NHS website.
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