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  1. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/aston-villa-transfers-news-steve-15643929.amp £10m. Go and do one Villa, nowhere near enough. Double it then we might be talking. Also nice to see the Brum local is as bad the Star. Read their article, second half of it is Paul Walker discussing Reach but he's actually talking about Jordan Rhodes. Lazy barsteward journos.
  2. Damn yeah, a big loss losing Hector if we get through Luton. A great game for Bruce to get his teeth into though and a run out for all our new big signings.
  3. Chelsea away Hope we get a replay if not win.
  4. Agree, our fans complain about how bright the advertising boards are. Klopp smiling = 100000000 lumens.
  5. Yep, I don't do twitter but imagine it would be on fire.
  6. It's straight after game on bbc1. Bloody boring game though.
  7. Who would you like to draw in the next round? depending on beating Luton at theirs of course. For me, I either want one of the big Prem teams, so the grandson can see some of the players he sees on TV etc.. Or one of the very beatable teams like Barnet Probably get a middling team away of course. Man U or Barnet at home for me.
  8. TommyCraig

    Lookman deal done....wow

  9. TommyCraig

    West Brom - V - Wednesday OMDT

    More my reaction to losing a bet so yes really
  10. TommyCraig

    West Brom - V - Wednesday OMDT

    F00k off Wednesday just f00k off
  11. TommyCraig

    FF in miscommunication with the courts

  12. TommyCraig

    Mind the gap - Mind the gap

    Ive had a little flutter at 11/2 on us today because it's Wednesday after all.
  13. TommyCraig

    Mind the gap - Mind the gap

    Enough of this safety first nonsense. Dare to dream. Believe. I'm shouting it out loud. Internally of course, don't want to look like a weirdo.
  14. If, unbelievably, we're looking like beating WBA today and the piggies are loosing, dare we start singing this. Mind the gap - Mind the gap They keep calling Mind the gap - Mind the gap They say Mind the Gap - Mind the gap They keep calling Well be above 'em when they play us away A brave foolish, could backfire song for sure. 10 or 11 games to go so could be done. Even if no one sings it, I'll be singing it silently because I'm feeling optimistic for once. UTO. Happy new year.
  15. TommyCraig

    All Wednesday dvd

    Watched it yesterday, thought it was good. Me and the grandson are on it for a couple of secs in one of the stadium fan shots which is a bonus. Gets quite emotional in parts towards end. Well done to the bloke who made it.