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  1. TommyCraig


    That's how you turn a draw into a win.
  2. An artist's palette. Let's paint the f.ook.er Blue and White. UTO
  3. TommyCraig

    More positives from #SWFC

    When half-time whistle goes. Everly Pregnant Brothers - No oven no pie. Don't bother queuing.
  4. TommyCraig

    More positives from #SWFC

    When it gets to that bit We're All Wednesday Aren't We We're All Wednesday Whoa oh oh oh Could work that
  5. TommyCraig

    [Rubbish thread title]

    I feel exactly like that but couldn't have put it half as eloquently.
  6. TommyCraig

    I'd love it

    I thought Keegan was having another meltdown.
  7. TommyCraig

    New song

    God bless Nandos feet God bless Nandos feet Say magnifique Nandos feet I've got my coat on already and am halfway to shameville. Yours is quality though.
  8. TommyCraig

    New song

    'I'd rather be embargoed than a blade' Took a shine to that one. Hope we sing it Saturday.
  9. I'll tell you what, if we could win the next 3 in a row and then get these two back things would start to look a lot better. A big ask I know but not impossible.
  10. It's nice to have a look on here today and see a more even, dare I say respectful tone. I was reading the thread last night before going to work and was not impressed by the venomous pitchfork scenario unfolding. Very pleased to hear it wasn't like that at the actual forum. Our situation has become a little clearer And hopefully Mr Chansiri will take at least some of the points onboard. I've looked for last night's thread and it's disappeared thankfully and I feel for the owner of this site. Gonna be damn hard to police but I for one am thankful for your efforts. I get most of my SWFC info from this site, even before the club's actual site in most cases. Anyways, I'll be at Hillsborough on Saturday with the grandson. We will be roaring our team on as always because that's what it's all about really.
  11. TommyCraig


    Bluebull, why should we have to change.
  12. TommyCraig


    I do prefer Redbull over Elev8 though tbh. The main reason being it's not an imaginary product.
  13. TommyCraig


    Elev8 to Redbull. Now that's an upgrade.
  14. TommyCraig

    A bit of decorum please.

    Y'all seem to be not ignoring what I've suggested. Yes you've got loads to moan at the chairman for. Want me to say it again? It's beyond doubt. I asked for decorum, specifically not fighting amongst one another, not booing the players because it will not help the results and not to act like blades.
  15. TommyCraig

    A bit of decorum please.

    We've played one game. Yes the signs are not great I agree but as far as the team performance goes, you can affect it positively or negatively. It's not all doom and gloom yet. A couple of wins will do wonders.