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  1. But if we don't use him correctly then surely he is a waste of money. Any player no matter how good is a waste of money if they aren't used correctly. Rhodes would be if we played him in midfield
  2. Well any player that doesn't get a game is a waste of money so although I think jones is a good player. If he doesn't play then I'd agreee he's a waste. Definitely lacks confidence but sometimes having a player sit on the bench and work hard in training to get a start can build more confidence than simply being given a starting role and contributing less than other players
  3. It's a forum so yeah it's to be expected and hear what others have to say. He gets a lot of stick at games along with pudil. I like pudil though. I don't slag players off at the games. I give them 100% support but on here it's completely different
  4. Yeah any young player has potential but we have better players ready to take his place and other players in his role are not finished developing. We've got other options. Maybe reach should sit on the bench and learn to fight. If he watched mcmanaman then he could even learn more than he is by playing poorly
  5. Tbh I can't believe the lack of "pork comments" first time post and it's negative. I've seen him play a lot this season and wanted to see what the majority thought. Personally I can't believe we've got a player like mcmanaman on the bench and reach never misses a game. He gets my support when I'm at the game though and I hope he comes good
  6. He constantly loses the ball and never beats a defender. Seems to lack confidence and strength. Always letting other players make the cross or win the ball back. I've never seen him impose himself or out do the other team in defence or attack. For £5 million I think Middlesbrough are laughing at us. We have a quality player in macca and he should be playing instead of reach. He was the worst player at Wigan and he definitely stood out as a liability and Wigan pushed him around. He's young and might come true but as we're hopping for promotion can we really give him the time.
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