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  1. I think you’re thinking about the Intertoto cup in the 90’s(?). The Anglo-Italian was much earlier.
  2. Just beat me to it. Disgraceful for a footie prigramme.
  3. The smell of the glossy, colour pages of The Football League Review, which was an insert into the (non-glossy, monochromatic) Owls programme when my aunt started taking me to matches in about 1967 or 68. Can’t remember if the insert was every week or just monthly.
  4. Steve Haslam. Always thought he could pass a ball, maybe we didn’t find his best position. The guy Lopez, who Carlos didn’t seem to pick very often, was a class act in my very amateur eyes, thought he just needed a run in the team.
  5. A cheat? Apart from the time he went off “injured” with about 5 mins to go (when we were well up in the game) only for us to see him flying down Penistone Rd when he would have normally been in the shower, I can’t remember anything that would see him labelled that? what makes you say that? Just interested.
  6. That was a bit scary, I almost went off to write a will. Thankfully, for those of us that are male and of a certain age, the office for national statistics suggests the “...67 for a man...” is substantially lower than the actual figure. https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/lifeexpectancies/bulletins/nationallifetablesunitedkingdom/2015to2017
  7. Saw this on the Guardian website about Cazorla & Villarreal: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/jul/26/santi-cazorla-arsenal-villarreal-injury always liked how he played for Arsenal (even tho it was for Arsenal!), he’s had a rough time of it, hope he gets a good reception if he gets a run out. (might be best to stay out of Fernando’s way though, eh Santi?! :-) )
  8. Nope you were right first time, the cherry picker was on the footpath. I thought the same as you - not safe, very poor TM. (I drove past it, but wasn’t naughty enough to take a pic!)
  9. I don’t post that often on here, but I have to say I could watch that for hours!! Have a recommended!
  10. 95.3 fm works for me in Crookes. Radio Derby presenters knocking the home kit!
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