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  1. Sorry you feel that way fella! Only supposed to be a bit of light hearted fun; like I said, comic relief. Crack a smile mate ey x
  2. I'll preface this by saying I am in no way a "happy clapper". That said I feel we need some comic relief: I was at work this morning feeling sick as a dog and trapped under a grey cloud of defeat and disappointment, as I'm sure all of us were. But then this song came on the radio. A cheeky little 80s number from (arguably, I know it's a hot topic) the best of the Rocky films, Rocky IV. As I was listening to the lyrics, still grumbling with a face like Steve Bruce's backend, I began to picture Carlos singing them, dancing angrily in an abandoned warehouse in the dead of night, Footloose style. I implore you all to do the same, it certainly lifted my spirits a little and got me in the mood for the fight that begins August. After all, the lyrics fit damn well. No easy way out lads, no shortcut home. Chin up my fellow owls.
  3. Best local pub atmosphere for final

    Would never take money off anyone ever mate, I'm sure things will work themselves out! Still, you're right about the big family part. All Wednesday aren't we?
  4. Best local pub atmosphere for final

    Agreed pal. Rawson seems to be the popular vote. Appreciate it!
  5. Best local pub atmosphere for final

    Cheers fella, I'll have a look into that one!
  6. Best local pub atmosphere for final

    I'm working part time at the moment so it wouldn't usually be an issue, just an unfortunate timing with rent. Gonna see what I can do though of course pal, might be able to go yet. Thought I better have a plan b/c
  7. Best local pub atmosphere for final

    Not 100% sure what your point is there mate. Don't post that often, people are usually helpful when I do tho.
  8. Best local pub atmosphere for final

    Thanks fella, one of the few decent responses I've had.
  9. Best local pub atmosphere for final

    Honestly didn't think it would be such an issue, if it helps then just substitiute "final" for "semi final". Was purely a question regarding good local Wednesday pubs. Not entirely sure why some people have taken issue with that
  10. Best local pub atmosphere for final

    Quite possibly right mate, just wanted to ask as I'm not really familiar with a lot of local haunts.
  11. Best local pub atmosphere for final

    ^ "If the dream comes true"
  12. Best local pub atmosphere for final

    I'll have to see what I can do, maybe I'll take up playing the spoons and get myself out on Fargate.
  13. Been an owl all my life (family are from sheff) but only recently moved to Sheffield for uni. It's highly unlikely I'll be able to afford to go to the final (if the dream does come true) so I wanted to ask some of you local veterans where the best place would be to watch on TV, pub wise, in terms of atmosphere? Living in S2 at the moment ( I know, I know ) but anywhere in the city would be fine. Appreciate the help, I've really enjoyed being a part of the community on owlstalk over the past season. WAWAW.

    It's like when you forget your P.E kit and have to use one from lost property