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  1. I have a Hull ticket for sale in block E1, £15. Must collect from Penistone area. PM me if interested.
  2. I've purchased the match on ifollow, is there any way of watching ifollow direct on a smart TV or Chromecast or is my only option to cast my phone to my TV?
  3. I'm also after an ID with 590 point if anyone can help. Please PM me. Thanks
  4. I cracked back in September. I booked Wembley Park Premier Inn for Final day, £87 for family room. Pay on arrival, free cancelation up to 1pm on the day. Did the Same for last year's final, had a good drink after the game in a boozer full of Owls all in great spirit despite the loss!!
  5. Don't let Carlos see it he'll rest him until the play off final! All our players can't cope with the intensity of the league unlike every other championship club!!
  6. I'd predict the first encounter of trouble will be in the Burger King queue at Watford gap. Might be a good idea if Moto closed all southbound services if it does come to it (especially Northbound after match)!!
  7. I pray this is Carlos Mon 29th May 2017 after we beat Leeds in Playoff final!!!
  8. Ordered mine 2 week ago, still not arrived!!! Has everyone else got their's??
  9. Rooney I think was 16 when he made his Premier League debut, Hirst is 17 and for me matches the young Rooney in every department. Rashford is a similar story. For me it's time to introduce him, at the minute the only exciting player we have is FF and he's on the bench losing confidence and value!!!
  10. My 8 yr old daughter looks over at T1 in envy from the South, she's desperate to get over there. It's a shame atmospheres like Brighton in the playoffs don't come around more often, even us squares on the south were bouncing. Were off Fulham for her first ever away game and she claims she will be the loudest there, hopefully there will be plenty to cheer about!!
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