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  1. Ypu know that ..let’s keep it up ...let’s support the team ...support lee bullen ...support the players ...support the chairman....support the fans who sing when we aren’t winning ... support the blue and white of Wednesday... wawaw wawaw wawaw
  2. Baker for me was immense as was Hector. Glad for Dawson getting a clean sheet to. The whole defence played well but our midfield didn’t do anywhere near enough to have an impact. Happy with the clean sheet onwards and upwards
  3. This is good news seen him play twice and always stands out as someone who can go further. Good luck to him and hope he gets a few games under his belt very soon.
  4. Agree, first time I've watched it and made sense to me. Supporters should get a say like she said but the final say comes to the owners. Not sure what the Charlton fans are whittling about tbh.
  5. I don't understand why he would drop two strikers who both scored on Wednesday? Hope Joao plays well though he deserved a start last month. Would like to see something like this... Westwood Van Aken Loovens Palmer Fox Jones Bannan - Lee Joao Reach Fletcher
  6. Different type of players. The way Villa are playing they would love to have Jones at the moment.
  7. Reach for me too. Excellent in Defense and attack. Like others have said brilliant team performance and great to see Lee back
  8. This.... He allows the rest of the midfield to push up the pitch whilst holding a solid shape to the defense. Very intelligent footballer. With Bannan and Lee in front of him it works really well.
  9. Ok Jordan.... I've put Bannan under one of these, if you guess which one you can start on Saturday.
  10. Reminds me of the Winnal and Rhodes scenario again. On the bright side he is 23 years young which is a good step could be a first teamer for years Welcomes Mr Joost Van Aken (yes I copied and pasted that from the title) Good Luck
  11. Forest 0-2 L Brentford 1-0 W Cardiff 3-1 L Pigs 1-0 W Brummies 0-0 D Seven points - biggest game for us is Notts Forest (and blunts) a win would build up much needed confidence and could see us go on a run. However think Florist will beat us....So hope I'm wrong
  12. Ferguson would always stick by his players no matter what, only when you argued with Fergie did he boot them out as soon as possible.i.e Beckham. He treated them like employees - yes. Player misbehaves,apologizes gets fined/banned, manager puts arm around to player, has a chat etc. everyone moves on drama over. That's how it would have been handled by Fergie. FF doesn't deliver on the pitch? yet he's our top scorer and assist maker for the last few seasons. I know I'm in the minority but I actually hope Fessi doesn't go because I personally think it will be a massive mistake. Every strong team need a player who has a spark. Just my opinion though.
  13. Wolves must surely be close to their FFP limit. All them Portuguese players last season cost them a fortune. Plus their wages rumored at 80k a week.
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