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  1. To be playing championship football in 2021/22 and to avoid spending much money (so more is available for our promotion push )
  2. You’re quite right I don’t know that for certain, and how could I? However were Cardiff or Forest to be given a 21 point deduction now they would only be 1 point above the relegation zone. That level of deduction would confirm or make relegation extremely likely for any team not in the top 6. Which gives an indication of how difficult it would be to overcome a handicap of that magnitude at the start of a season. We would be further punished because clearly it will not aid recruitment starting on -21, therefore my suggestion is better to take it now and start rebuilding
  3. I’d rather just take the hit now and start next season in league 1. At least we’d start the season with a clean(ish) slate spending wise and with all things possible ref promotion etc... I think starting on -21 would make for (yet another) depressing season, which would in effect be a season long relegation battle. Besides this a successful campaign in league one (and I realise that’s far from certain!) might provide a springboard to bring back much needed confidence on the pitch to progress in The Championship (mind you that also ignores the incredibly negative element
  4. I think Winnall is proof of 2 things: 1. Some players suit particular playing systems 2. How much influence Connor Hourihane had on that Barnsley side 100% won’t feature for Wednesday again
  5. 100% no - a luxury we simply cannot afford. One of the most exciting players to watch when he arrived at the club, but sadly unlikely to rediscover that form again. Time to to say thanks and move on!
  6. Not a long term solution but I think he’d steady the ship
  7. I’d be interested.....we’d have to be quick to ‘do the deal’ though as I live in Silverstone (I.e. I guess the ticket would need to be posted?)
  8. A great signing for Blackpool and sorry to see him leave Wednesday. A good squad player with potential to develop at this level, would have thought a long term loan might have been better business? Mind you if we’re finally on our way back to the Prem we probably need to trim the squad to accommodate new signings
  9. I assume you weren’t watching us when we had Franny Jeffers up front? - The fox in the box he definitely wasn’t!
  10. FF on for Nuhiu. Thorniley on for Joey and push Hutch into midfield.
  11. Maybe, but if I was a real manager (rather than the armchair version I am) managing Wednesday would be top of my list. Is it so difficult to believe Bruce might feel the same?
  12. Yes absolutely, still think he’s the right man for the job, and don’t blame him for being tempted by the prospect of managing his home town club.
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