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  1. Does it matter? The fact he isn’t hurrying to mske an appointment before the transfer widow ends says: 1. The man doesn’t give a feck or 2. The man hasn’t got a feck either way we’re fecked
  2. I think results of those around you becomes more interesting in the last few games of the season. The truth is safety is still in Wednesday’s hands.....
  3. We have an unbalanced squad, a lack of strategic management ( looking at 3, 5 or 10 year development plans) and cash flow problems (the players haven’t been paid properly/ethically). We have a poor policy around the recruitment/sales of players - I.e. overpaying for players who don’t fit the system the team manager wants to play, and failing to take substantial profits on players we have developed or who have been performing well. Our recruitment/retention of a management/coaching team has been an absolute car crash since 2017, which has impacted on stability within the players and club itself. We need to appoint a permanent and UK based CEO or similar. We also appear to have a continuing issue with player injuries, so the medical and physio team/setup could probably do with the once over. other than that we’re really good
  4. I’d say massive coincidence - No way Pearson will come to us in our current state.
  5. I think we’d have a more cohesive recruitment policy under Bruce. I suspect he might have talked Fletcher into staying and that we’d all be talking rather more positively about the future. I think we’d be lower mid table this season and excited about building some momentum for next season and pushing for the playoffs. .........Then the car crash of failing to pay our players would hit. In summary I think we’d be in a better position than Monk left us in (I don’t lay any blame for our current predicament at Pulis’ feet) but I suspect ultimately Bruce staying would only have delayed the latest episode of the soap opera that is the Chansiri era...
  6. Bit like getting back with an old girlfriend this.....you think it’s going to be good again, and it is in patches, but you’re always left disappointed in the end It’s a no from me. Sort out the fiasco over wages (and arguably ownership - although there’s no quick fix there) and then move on. We’re in a serious fight to stay in the championship and then we need to rebuild.
  7. Holy poo - anyone who believes any of the managers on that list would want the Wednesday job are deluded! we are a seriously unattractive prospect. The squad is unbalanced, appears to be poorly motivated and anyone coming here would inherit a team that looks highly likely to be relegated. Not only that but we will sell a good chunk of the current players once we get relegated. I’d keep Monk until: a) relegation is mathematically certain (or almost certain), then get rid where we can pitch the Brief to prepare for next season in league one with promotion back to the championship as the ambition. or b) If he keeps us up from here Monk deserves a run at the playoffs next year (as he will need near playoff form from this point to keep us up.....)
  8. To be playing championship football in 2021/22 and to avoid spending much money (so more is available for our promotion push )
  9. You’re quite right I don’t know that for certain, and how could I? However were Cardiff or Forest to be given a 21 point deduction now they would only be 1 point above the relegation zone. That level of deduction would confirm or make relegation extremely likely for any team not in the top 6. Which gives an indication of how difficult it would be to overcome a handicap of that magnitude at the start of a season. We would be further punished because clearly it will not aid recruitment starting on -21, therefore my suggestion is better to take it now and start rebuilding in league 1 than try to do so in the Championship with a point deduction of that size. I agree with your view though if it’s a 12 point deduction, which can clearly be overcome, under those circumstances it would be foolish to hope for that being applied before the season formally ends.
  10. I’d rather just take the hit now and start next season in league 1. At least we’d start the season with a clean(ish) slate spending wise and with all things possible ref promotion etc... I think starting on -21 would make for (yet another) depressing season, which would in effect be a season long relegation battle. Besides this a successful campaign in league one (and I realise that’s far from certain!) might provide a springboard to bring back much needed confidence on the pitch to progress in The Championship (mind you that also ignores the incredibly negative element of our fan base.......) Still one can hope..........’NURSE is it time for my medicine yet?’
  11. I think Winnall is proof of 2 things: 1. Some players suit particular playing systems 2. How much influence Connor Hourihane had on that Barnsley side 100% won’t feature for Wednesday again
  12. 100% no - a luxury we simply cannot afford. One of the most exciting players to watch when he arrived at the club, but sadly unlikely to rediscover that form again. Time to to say thanks and move on!
  13. Not a long term solution but I think he’d steady the ship
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