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  1. Silverstone Owl

    Leagues wide open

    Unlikely and will be difficult to make the playoffs - but all teams have a dip in form during the season, if we have average 2 points a game for the remaining games we can still get there.......not sure I’d put any money on that, but what a second half of the season it would be if we can do it!
  2. Silverstone Owl

    hirst to united

    Not ITK just my opinion
  3. Silverstone Owl

    hirst to united

    In truth at the heart of this is a talented lad’s football career. would I like his career to be at Wednesday? - all day long Have Wednesday managed him properly - Nope Good luck to young George......what might have been ☹️
  4. Hi all London based owls, I’m staying down In the Fulham/Earls Court area this week. Can anyone recommend a pub that will be showing the game? Preferably one that serves a good pint (of ale) too Thanks all
  5. Silverstone Owl

    Boban Lazic

    Sounds like he'd be the latest in a long line of players who steal a wage without kicking a ball for the 1st team........stone certainty to sign then
  6. Silverstone Owl

    johan djourou

    I think irrespective of which defender we bring in, the business should have been done weeks ago. Regardless of who we bring in it will take time to integrate with the team, and if we're signing free agents fitness will be an issue too........
  7. Silverstone Owl


    I'd happily take Stam or Wagner either if Carlos goes......
  8. Silverstone Owl

    Oh dear

    Agree 100%
  9. Silverstone Owl

    Thanks for the memories Carlos

    Get a new man in now. That gives him 9 games to work out what he's got. If we make the playoffs great...if we win them even better! What it does mean 100% is the new manager hits the summer and the start of next season running, rather than playing catch up.
  10. Silverstone Owl

    Oh dear

    As some will quite rightly point out we're still in the top 6, but....... the last few games have been woeful. I accept we have had injuries to contend with, however I do not believe we will make the playoffs (I hope to be proved wrong!). I hope the club has a plan for next year.......
  11. Silverstone Owl

    Carlos outers - who do you want then?

    Yes please......but he'll be managing in the premier league next year (with Fulham)
  12. Silverstone Owl

    The likelihood is.............

    The bookies agree, Fulham are favourites to win the playoffs...... I can't say on current form I disagree with that!
  13. Silverstone Owl

    Sasso vs Wood

    With the value of hindsight....yes it will!
  14. Silverstone Owl

    Morgan fox

    Agree 100%
  15. Silverstone Owl

    Why is it?

    Because the way we're playing now we're relying on individual performances rather than playing as a cohesive attacking unit. Playing that way is good enough to get us into the top 6, but we won't win the playoffs playing like that. On top of this aside from Westwood, Lovens and Lees our defence is just not good enough. We need to sort our full backs out (none of them are good enough), and we need better cover than Sasso in the middle (we can't use Hutch there because he's needed in midfield). Massive mistake by Sasso today, but he's not to blame for the teams performance or how they are set up.......unless he can pull the promotion rabbit out the hat CC has to go over the summer. I'd bring in Gray Rowett or Nigel Pearson (if he doesn't go back to Leicester). 5 wins out of the next 6 to keep the momentum going (fingers crossed)