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  1. Absolutely none of this is evidence that he’s a bad person. As far as I can see, at most he’s an Irish nationalist, but most likely he’s from (and grew up in) an area where there was a lot of violence. Give me a good reason why he deserves all the hatred
  2. Have I missed something? Or is it just the poppy thing? Seems way too harsh if so
  3. Hardly put a foot wrong when I've seen him play. I can't understand it.
  4. Palmer and Windass are very harsh there. TBF I'm looking at that list and the answer is yes the players are good enough to be comfortably midtable. The only problem is that both I'd describe both Wildsmith and Dawson as decent backup keepers, but neither of them are championship starter quality. The rest of them I think could all be reliable championship quality players
  5. Danny Batth and Bartosz Slusarski (not sure on spelling)
  6. Well the club doesn’t own the stadium it’s now technically private owned so I’m not sure any rent money would count towards FFP. not sure what’s got you so grumpy but go have a cup of tea and a biscuit it’s going to be ok
  7. OK, because i was bored and curious I've done the average minutes per goal for our strikers Fletcher 223 Joao 227 Hooper 203 Wickham 202* includes is first spell here Lavery 309 Madine 250 May 378 Forestieri 227 Winall 336 Windass 156 Da Cruz 775 minutes no goals Nuhiu 304 Rhodes 310 Obviously there are considerations to be made, but I think it confirms my feelings on Big Dave. Not the most prolific, but is capable of scoring goals. And I personally think he changes games when he comes on even if he doesn't score
  8. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/atdhe-nuhiu/leistungsdaten/spieler/53436 Looks like roughly a goal every 300 minutes, which isn't bad at all
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