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  1. Johnny12Inch

    football quiz 2000-2018

    Argh bloody Yeovil Never liked them
  2. But really Forest Green
  3. Fart................................couldn't resist
  4. Johnny12Inch

    Cameron Dawson

    Brad Jones, Chris Adamson
  5. 24 Started going Christmas time 2004 (promotion season) Westwood Simek Bullen Lees Pudil Antonio Lee Whelan Brunt Forestieri Hooper Subs Kirkland Bougherra Hutchinson Bannan Tudgay Johnson MacLean Honourable loan mentions Carson Turner M.Johnson Batth Mellor Slusarski Eagles Marshall
  6. West Brom are already down so that's a choice gone I have a real irrational hatred toward Brighton but I think they're safe now so Palace: Just so Zaha can realise his potential at a decent club (woulda/shoulda/coulda been United) and West Ham: sure there's been ill feelings towards the owners but last week was ridiculous and I hope doesn't go unpunished
  7. Johnny12Inch

    Sammy ameobi

    This means nowt. Joao's one of our best atm
  8. Johnny12Inch

    BREAKING NEWS - Stripes to return

    Gonna be a controversial viewpoint but I liked the blue shorts white socks look
  9. Johnny12Inch

    Who will be SWFC manager next season?

    Voted Jos. Wanting Hurst Expecting the worst
  10. Johnny12Inch

    On our way, we're on our way

    Says the guy with an Anime profile pic
  11. Who decided they should be the kits in the match pictured? Ludicrous
  12. I guess that's me told then no longer have it so only watch it in the local without sound
  13. Michael Owen Less to say than my dog. And she died