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  1. Yes let's make it 10 wins in a row! My little boys saw Glenn loovens in the park on Sunday after going on Saturday to his first match. He had his wednesday kit on so Glenn said hello and he told him only five more wins and we are in the premier league and he laughed and said he'd do it just for him...let's hope he's right
  2. I think opinion is different but feel it's spilling over and catching and creating a negative vibe which is sad!
  3. I really hope to the minority of fans that have been critical, can bear in mind the meaning of support and put aside the negative feelings and support Carlos and the team. Negativity is catching and we all know what it feels like to be in a football stadium and be swept up in the feelings and atmosphere. I hope on Saturday we can pull together and be positive regardless of whether you rate the players or manager. This is the team we support and we have more chance of success if we support together and not criticise. It's basic psychology that If we criticise the players and Carlos it will make them feel rubbish and add pressure, they are not immune from the impact of criticism. Come on Wednesday fans let's not be part of the negativity, come May whatever the outcome I know I'd rather know that deep down I backed them 100% through the wins draws and defeats. WAWAW?
  4. Just watched it again on highlights and what a cross! Could tell it was good last night but slowed down on tv it was awesome
  5. I do think the whole micro analysing of FF is getting tiresome. Just Beagrie stirring, he was bound to be peed off coming off, glad he was you wouldn't want him to be happy about it. Hopefully FF will come back firing, and to be fair he didn't have a bad game last night
  6. My take was he was injured had not trained day before due to this, and then turned up to play so was easing self into the warm up. Let's all leave the FF issue now and back the team!
  7. Brilliant, now let's focus on supporting our team and manager, rather than turning on them and eachother
  8. At last some positive thinking. WAWAW
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