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  1. abdiwonderland


    I see we are trying to sign him. I get the connection, having played for Villa, but that was years ago. Interesting signing if he still has it.
  2. abdiwonderland

    Steve Bruce announced next week

    How can we give him money to spend?
  3. abdiwonderland


    Which was my point, but thank you.
  4. abdiwonderland


    We certainly WILL NOT win tomorrow.
  5. abdiwonderland

    Where is everyone watching the match?

    Ill never forget the day i heard my mum talking about dry bumming as well. Bad day!
  6. Would you buy Wednesday? How much would you invest? Whats the first thing youd do as chairman? I dream about it constantly. Yes. 300m. Employ someone who knew how to run a club.
  7. That is what is wrong at the moment, what is our identity? We have no plan, are we defensive, are we an attacking side, do we keep the ball, are we direct? No one knows! We need an Identity, whatever that might be.
  8. abdiwonderland


    Id have Megson back in a heartbeat. He gives us an identity.
  9. abdiwonderland

    Live stream ?

    Watching it alone arent ya?
  10. abdiwonderland


    Maybe when Penney was 17/18/19 he wasnt quite good enough yet. Maybe when we signed Wiggins and Fox, Penney wasnt quite good enough. Maybe the professionals know more than people on owlstalk. Maybe.
  11. abdiwonderland

    Surely not...

    My piggy mate has said we booed them off at HT today, is that true? Id be embarrassed to admit i did as well so i dont suspect people will say they did. We have some daft fans.
  12. abdiwonderland

    Mick McCarthy

  13. abdiwonderland

    Why has Jones been banished?

    1.2m a week! Disgusting.