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  1. I think we are going to be very surprised by the people coming in. Higher level than we expected. Not ITK, I am not even ITK in my own house, just a feeling.
  2. I wish him well, although I will never be able to trust him.
  3. Cant we just become Manchester City and get them to buy Pudil for £174m? Just me then.
  4. We have been royally bummed there. Especially those on at a very tasty 13/2... Me!
  5. My fave player of all time, not just wednesday, but imagine how good he would have been if he wasn't a wee wee head and took his job seriously. Imagine what Man U professionalism would have done for his career. He would have gone to a different level.
  6. If only we had a team good enough to get the wins needed.
  7. People that say go for it, gung ho, attack attack etc. Voted leave! Maybe.
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