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  1. I agree mate. I was only messing. Young lads living all our early dreams. Can't fault them at all.
  2. You might only get one chance in life to earn big money. When its offered, no matter who you support, you'd be a moron to turn it down.
  3. came out with full credit for their efforts and endeavour, representing the club in a professional manner at all times. That means came last doesn't it? Is it like an effort badge? Only jesting, well done lads. Keep it up.
  4. We wont get a million for Westwood.
  5. Hughton and Jos.

    I don't get it.
  6. Basement Bargains?

    Who never played for us, so ignore me.
  7. Basement Bargains?

  8. Jos needs to be more animated

    Was it an improved second half?
  9. Just my opinion of him. If I'm wrong I'm wrong but overall, that's what I get from him and what's been said. Doesn't need analysing.
  10. They know more than me obviously, its just my opinion. He doesn't seem strong enough and his temperament doesn't seem right to make it to the top. I hope he does, as I would with any young lad wanting to be a footballer.
  11. Jos needs to be more animated

    But yet he did see where we were going wrong, made some changes and in the end got 2 goals back after an improved second half.
  12. It will be his level. At best. I don't rate him at all.
  13. He will be a regular for Hull within 3 years.
  14. Reach