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  1. I think we will win the arbitration. This bloke we have on our side is poo hot.
  2. It used to be but certainly isn't anymore.. Its a game for tarts.
  3. That's a funny post. Oh youre being serious? You genuinely think they give a throw? It's just a game.
  4. Welcome to the Owlstalk w**k metaphors and similes thread.
  5. I think we are looking at 10k empty seats for at least the next 10 years. It is 50m in to the coffers though. Genius!
  6. Thank you. Yes, very clever. Shame I am thick as f++k.
  7. Ive tried and tried, but I need it explaining to me. Sorry!
  8. Do the Cowleys not deserve a chance and shouldnt be compared to Hurst and Jones etc because they have had sustained sucess. Hurst and Jones had one good season maybe two and took the jump. The cowleys have been winning for a good 4/5 years and are ready for the move up. I understands the comparison and the worry. But I just think they are further down the line in terms of being ready. Hope it happens.
  9. If we sign all the names mentioned, it would be kind of soured if we lose Reach.
  10. Agree 100%, but all we hear is the players would only come because Bruce was here, he was the catalyst that attracted them. Which seemingly isnt true. These players either want to play for Bullen, the money or they are being told who is coming in.
  11. If as it seems we are still shopping with Bruces' shopping list, and with the day going as well as it is, what difference does the manager actually make when it comes to transfers. Tactics and motivation absolutely, but this myth you need to have a big name in charge to attract the players is kind of being blown out the water isn't it? This day is going fantastically. Murphy and Bates in and ill be a very happy bunny.
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