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  1. ...Is that we are a better side with Paterson in it and Bannon out of it. Two things i think he is reluctant to do. He is going to sign his own P45 at this rate.
  2. I think it was fantastic, every game this season he has played well.
  3. Surprised with Rakeem Harper leaving WBA, he was highly rated.
  4. I think we will be there or thereabouts all season. Late charge for automatic.
  5. What IS strange is you assuming people hate footballers. I just don't rate him, I never said I hate him, that's your words into my mouth. Stop being silly.
  6. He is not rubbish, he's just not as good as our fanbase thinks he is. The evidence backs it up.
  7. I said, "I think", implying its my opinion. Having a bad day?
  8. In the last 4 years we have scored 217 goals in the Championship. Bannan our CHIEF creator and midfield playmaker, has contributed to 36 of them, either with and assist or the goal itself. 16.59% Overrated. He has assisted 13 goals in the last TWO SEASONS.
  9. Ill be going to most home games and as I have done the last few years and base my judgement on what he is in the side to do. Create. Of which he does very little. You cant argue with that. Nothing against the man. I just think he's a massively overrated footballer. I don't hold it against you rate him, that's your prerogative.
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