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  1. Absolutely pointless. Its nothing money that does nothing. Rangers, a huge club, on the up with fans willing to invest in it, but yet their entire offer is based around the target of raising £6.75 million, with a minimum investment of £500 required to take part. Yet we are going to raise 15m? Give over. People willing to invest £1500 in the current climate, id be amazed if we found 20 people.
  2. I don't have an answer to the issues. Its something we have in common.
  3. Tell me you make stuff up on the internet WITHOUT telling me you make stuff up on the internet.
  4. Kane was bounced all over and never looked like being the player he has turned in to. I can see Hirst' career being similar perhaps without being as good as Kane but on that kind of trajectory, coming good somewhere!
  5. Who's the names we should be trying to sign? Any gems in non-league, or players not getting a look further up. Obviously they will have to be injured or not cost anything, it would also help if they are happy to play for free.
  6. "say although the coaching is actually better at middlewood the facilities are worlds apart " Does that mean its better facilities that make players make it rather than coaching? I know its an isolated one off, but id expect that the other way around.
  7. 10000% he was. https://www.coachesvoice.com/darren-moore-west-bromwich-albion/
  8. Thats bait. Must be, or its some good narcotics.
  9. It all coincided with me being 9-13, which is the best time to love football! We were awesome when i was the age to appreciate it the most. Great days.
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