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  1. abdiwonderland

    Live stream ?

    Watching it alone arent ya?
  2. abdiwonderland


    Maybe when Penney was 17/18/19 he wasnt quite good enough yet. Maybe when we signed Wiggins and Fox, Penney wasnt quite good enough. Maybe the professionals know more than people on owlstalk. Maybe.
  3. abdiwonderland

    Surely not...

    My piggy mate has said we booed them off at HT today, is that true? Id be embarrassed to admit i did as well so i dont suspect people will say they did. We have some daft fans.
  4. abdiwonderland

    Mick McCarthy

  5. abdiwonderland

    Why has Jones been banished?

    1.2m a week! Disgusting.
  6. How are we playing?
  7. abdiwonderland

    Here's how #SWFC lineup today..

    Reads as Hutch in Mf to me. Reach left? Fox lcb? Pudil in the middle of the back 3? Fk knows.
  8. abdiwonderland

    It's time to fk the cat

    FF and Reach running with the ball are not mutually exclusive are they? Plus Fessi doesnt play in midfield. What you on about?
  9. abdiwonderland

    It's time to fk the cat

    Fully agree mate, only Reach in this squad is capable of it. He is wasted on the left. Offers nothing there.
  10. Off... He isnt what we need in midfield, nor is Hutchinson. We need a left wing back, for now stick Boyd in there and have the running of Reach back into the centre of midfield with little Barry. Dawson Palmer Hutch Lees Pudil Boyd Reach Bannan Joao Fletcher Fessi We can only achieve something this season by attacking and going for sides, the days of trying to grind out a 1-0 are over. Lets attack sides, lets go for them from the first whistle and use this new found fitness. We did look fitter today, we just gave them to much time on the ball. Reach has to be in the middle for me, has to be!
  11. abdiwonderland

    Jos....the "yes" man

    Yes man yes man yes man. Have you got a boss? Then youre a yes man.
  12. abdiwonderland

    Wigan Athletic 3 - 2 Sheffield Wednesday

    Jack Lee, hes a centre half i think.
  13. abdiwonderland

    Dear oh Dear

    Sewertit Jos.
  14. abdiwonderland

    I like Nuhiu...

    ...but Fletcher is up another level. Fletcher Joao and Fessi this season.