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  1. ...to keep Bannan away from free kick duties. Different level to Barry with a dead ball.
  2. Yes he is. Watch him play. I know hes unproven at the level, but what a player. He will get 50 caps without any dangers whatsoever.
  3. Id drop all our midfielders for the chance of having a James Garner for a season. He is head and shoulders above what we have. Fantastic player.
  4. If one more person mentions GH again, I'm going to wee on them.
  5. Brown the cheaper option to Windass?? Give over.
  6. For me, the one against Chelsea in the first leg semi final. Knock down, pace, control with one foot, finish with the other. Whats yours?
  7. I don't mind. It's got funny videos on it.
  8. Dont believe everything a liar tells you.
  9. I think we will win the arbitration. This bloke we have on our side is poo hot.
  10. It used to be but certainly isn't anymore.. Its a game for tarts.
  11. That's a funny post. Oh youre being serious? You genuinely think they give a throw? It's just a game.
  12. Welcome to the Owlstalk w**k metaphors and similes thread.
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