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  1. Imagine?

    Highly hypothetical
  2. Line up vs Bluntuns

    Better team without Hutchinson
  3. Sacking of the physio's

    So other clubs dont have injuries?
  4. United Ticket

    Why didnt he become a member at the beginning of the season?
  5. Ref v Bolton

    This isn't a championship game
  6. No Winnall today

    Thats cos your a f@@king tail
  7. Gary Neville

    Wtf are you on about?
  8. Should chansiri

    I wonder if jaap Stam Steve Bruce Paul heckingbottom Gary rowett Daniel farke and not for a dodgy decision Gary Monk are in the same position as c.c regarding fans wanting them to be replaced
  9. Reach at Lb

    Against who Chesterfield?
  10. New centre back

    Play Hutchinson at the bk
  11. Hutchinson should play centre of defence or not at all
  12. Barry Bannan

    Carried on where he left off. Getting muscled off the ball and blasting passes off the the end off the pitch
  13. I agree . He plays too deep in midfield