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  1. Spot on mate, good luck in everything Reda & cheers for the memories
  2. Top lad is Reda! Hes one of us after all
  3. Come on Fletch start smashing them in lad!! Starting with Ipswich
  4. The lads quality, has a natural ability on the ball & works his socks off! The lad deserves a goal, it will come I'm very confident of that
  5. It certainly is crackers!!! But the thing I really dislike about it is the fact that the table is opening up for the likes of Dirty Leeds & Aston Vanilla!!!
  6. Really need to be more prolific in front of goal & to stop giving sides an early head start! Need to be ruthless for 90 minutes not just 45!!
  7. Pembo did a job for us, he wasn't anything much to write home about in regards to ability. But what he did do was put a shift in similar to the likes of Andy Booth. I remember being at Hillsborough to see him drill home a sweet volley in a 1-1 draw with Newcastle from a tight angle and cutting back a sweet assist for an Orlando Trustfull goal against Forest. Went on to have good stints at Everton & Fulham to further prove his worth, just gutted to hear that he refused a contract extension with us, wonder why?
  8. We've been very inconsistent, the team lineup seems unbalanced & some signings questionable!
  9. We just aren't clinical enough in front of goal, giving the opposition a goal head start doesn't help either
  10. I would be gutted to see any of the current crop go to be honest. I think it's the best squad of die hards for the shirt we've had since Sturrocks play off winning team. But a special mention for me would be for big Glenn Loovens been a great role model & ambassador for the club, a top guy and great captain
  11. My all time favourite player, great passer of the ball, always got stuck in, ran his Socks off & a good eye for goal I absolutely loved Hyde
  12. Well done Liam, nice to see one of our youth products going strong
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