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  1. This isn't necessarily a bad thing though, today's game is more a squad one its just that Carlos doesn't utilise it enough or even at all
  2. It's Alright giving the senior players new contracts but we should then be bringing in better players ahead of them Loovens for example give him a contract extension for a back up option & then buy a top quality centre half to start in front of him, easier said than done I know
  3. But also how do we get shot of them when we have never played them? How do you put a price on Lachman for instance? I don't think he's even kicked a ball?
  4. It's ridiculous the size of squad we have & the players we never use!! Trouble is it's one thing saying get rid of them all but who's going to take them off our hands? The amount of money we have wasted over the years on players & sacked managers is ludicrous
  5. He might not mate, but I hope he does! I mean who would you bring in to replace him? We shouldn't be caught up in a relegation battle so let's give him til the end of the campaign.
  6. As I've said in another thread though I would give Carlos until the end of the season now and then assess things from there.
  7. The signings most certainly have been baffling, putting Reach at left back is like what has been said an absolute waste, we've paid out what's been reported to be in the region of 5m for a very good winger which is what we needed & yet we don't play him there?!!
  8. It's not a lot different from last season really, yes we did concede less than we do this term, but even last year we struggled to kill teams off & it took us scoring long range worldys like Wallace's against Fulham last season
  9. Give Carlos til the end of the season & then assess things in the summer, after last years achievements I think we owe CC that
  10. It's the player profile pic he wanted for FIFA 17!!!
  11. Yeah come on, good win today & it can put our season back on track! Fulham have been on good form recently so an away win there would build confidence & push us on for the coming Christmas fixtures.
  12. Would be a good statement of intent, but I just can't see it happening myself
  13. We do tend to, recently anyway! I really hope we can bounce back & give Fulham a right tonking! Hooper double & Reach with 2 assists & a goal of his own, one can hope anyway!!!!
  14. Brian Laws a top, top bloke can't fault him! Hope he makes a full recovery
  15. It's a tough one this, I see your point about making FF feel special etc but how's that going to make the rest of the squad feel? Treat the player that refused to play for us like royalty? He cost us that game against Norwich they where there for the taking that day, would have been a valuable 3pts away from home against a promotion rival.
  16. Do Canio is just one of the many reasons why we have endured 16 years of hurt at Hillsborough he totally shafted us along with Carbone
  17. The lads dropped a total bullock this season, it's affected his performance & the team, he's made a right mess of this season so far, it could really cost us!!
  18. Stevie May had an even better scoring record & look how well he did for us?
  19. Just as big as Liverpool I'll take that, although I'd prefer Massive!!!!
  20. Taken the draw at home to Ipswich! Doesn't sound like Play off chasing mentality to me? let's hope Carlos gave them a rocket after that performance.
  21. Put Loovens in & take out Jones for Hutch, would also prefer Reach to Wallace.
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