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  1. Quite fitting really, karma & all that
  2. But we won't know unless we give him a consistent amount of games playing there
  3. But we won't know unless we give him a consistent amount of games playing there
  4. Yeah but if he played further forward he would surely have more chance of getting more assists wouldn't he?
  5. League One is Madines level, he's too good for that League but unfortunately not good enough for the Championship as we found out. Good to see him doing well though even if it is for Bolton!!!
  6. Can imagine Hutch putting in a few words as well
  7. Just give Carlos til the end of the season, there's still January to shake things up too. Results have certainly been inconsistent but we are still in with a shout of the playoffs, if we can get a good run together they will be a certainty
  8. I didn't realise Nicholson started in that game? Always wondered why he didn't get much of a chance with us, i guess playing in that match was the reason why!
  9. Sometimes Wims efforts for Wednesday should have put him in Isolation!!!!
  10. OMG yeah of course Reda played there too!! Dunno bout Ashley Westwood playing for Plymouth? Just wished he hadn't played for us either, well he kinds didn't more like hindered!!!!
  11. This is the kind of gamble we should be taking, find our own world beaters who have learned their trade in the lower leagues, rather than wasting money on Premiership has beens who are past their prime and are just coming here for a big pay day with no ambition or desire for club.
  12. It's always a nightmare getting hold of Wednesday shirts! Even way back when we where in the Premiership in the mid nineties I wanted a Puma shirt (the one with the pin stripped sleeves) my mum & dad had real difficulty trying to get hold of one!! It's always the way with Wednesday, the amount of money they could make if they just did a proper stock of replica gear it's ridiculous
  13. On paper these are the more easier fixtures & should be wins for us, but remember last season? These types of games were the ones we would slip up in drawing or even losing!! Remember Rotherham doing us at home & struggling away to MK Don's those performances need to be ironed out for this season otherwise we can forget about even getting in the playoffs!!
  14. Completely agree with this, keep this setup at all costs i think!!!
  15. Reach at left back cos Pudil not fit I think? Would really like to see Reach on the wing his preferred position, particularly seeing that we paid quite a wedge for him! Not moaning though really glad we won, lovely to have a clean sheet too.
  16. Love Loovens, seem to play better & keep clean sheets when he's in the side. Glad to have him back, I much prefer Hutch in midfield too, we can then use Jones as a late sub to close out a game!!
  17. Would prefer Rhodes he's fit and proven
  18. I don't particularly like this seasons kit myself, though I do appreciate them trying something a little different I'd just much prefer us going back to our blue and white stripes.
  19. I know he's been mentioned a million times on here but I really do think that Jordan Rhodes along with that pacey winger we've been crying out for would vastly improve or chances, Joao needs to go out on loan I feel then evaluate him in the summer perhaps?
  20. I'd be gutted if we don't go back to stripes
  21. If Hooper is missing long term then this is Fletch's chance, maybe he would get more opportunities if we played Reach in his preferred position and finally give Buckley a proper go!!
  22. Pains me to say it, but I think they will too!
  23. A big stumbling block that Carlos has faced this season in terms of squad opportunities is our early exit out of the League Cup, going out so soon has meant there's been less chances or time to experiment. Villa doing us over with Joe Bennett wouldn't have helped either
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