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  1. Happy with his appointment or not we have to back him it's no good us all going against him before a ball is even kicked, like the Fox situation, WAWAW apparently?!!
  2. Yes, yes a thousand times yes. Would love Big Glenn Loovens back at S6
  3. RIP Junior Agogo, thoughts go out to you & all friends & family, totally awful news.
  4. Come on Morgan put in a top performance tonight fella!! UTO
  5. Hope we give Luton a real tonking tonight, but I also can see it being 1-1
  6. I do agree with the striker situation, Fletcher is ace but can't play 2-3 times a week, im really hoping for a pacey, young striker from the prem on loan
  7. Perhaps with Strudwick at the club Aaron's fitness could improve and be less prone to injury?
  8. Can you imagine Pulis here doused head to toe in Elev8 cobbler!!
  9. Im hoping for a good season from Rhodes with the new additions & hopefully a couple more, he may have the service to knock in a few goals & regain past form.
  10. Yeah totally agree with Hughton being my first choice too, sadly it seems unlikely. At least with Rowett as I've said in another thread he's young and can grow with the club.
  11. Think it's a decent appointment, the better of choices from an awful list of potentials
  12. Rowett might be able to get the best out of Sam Winnall too?
  13. Would definitely take Rowett over the other names in the running to be honest, he's young & could grow with the club so to speak.
  14. They reckon Rickie Fowler is well suited for the course too, wouldn't be a bad choice though he does tend to bottle it in the long run!!
  15. Wow gutsy from Bruce, but im so buzzing about this!! At worst if he doesn't cut it he will be in the shop window at least
  16. If your reading this Bully, all the best mate, we are all thinking of you & your family at this most difficult time WAWAW
  17. Didn't a similar thing happen with Brendan Rogers & Liverpool? Before joining Celtic?
  18. Dawson & Hector were excellent, but I thought so was Tom Lee's he looked a lot better tonight.
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