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  1. 16 hours ago, gillyno9 said:

    Another vote for Andy booth. Made the best of his abilities and was a real handful for defences. Lacked pace but was tough as old boots and a good team player.

    Me too, as you said was a real handful for defences. I remember the Chelsea game at home (we won 1-0 Jonk pen) Booth completely terrorized Desailly that day.

  2. 40 minutes ago, markg said:

    Mark Pembridge.


    Thought he was a very good player and was surprised to find years later that not many people liked him.

    I liked Pembo too, he had his limitations but he did make some fantastic assists in his time here. Had a sweet left foot on the volley too which added to his goal tally.

  3. 10 minutes ago, asteener1867 said:

    I see the "Saving for Forest" thingy...But 3 points were there at Derby....Take 'em..and worry about Forest when we play 'em

    But they would have been there, it was the refs hollox decision that cost us not Monk not really.

  4. Really dont get the Monk bashing, saw the substitutions as saving our best players for Forest. Murphy is sheet but I imagine Monk brought him on so that he could prove himself & gain some much needed confidence against a pony Derby side, sadly he didn't & the ref gave the home side an undeserving draw.

  5. On 28/09/2019 at 16:28, OWL1969 said:

    Blackburn, sprung straight to my mind.

    Unforgettable 20 minutes.

    Nobody could have lived with us in that little spell.


    The night I fell in love with Wednesday!! Followed us ever since, Waddle & Nilsson, that away kit!! I knew Wednesday where the club for me. We've been a bit sheet since then though!! :ph34r:

  6. 49 minutes ago, Orlando_Trustful said:

    Overall a solid start. Still frustrating we took nothing from Millwall and QPR. I can’t see anyone running away with it. 

    This ∆ Leeds seem to be losing their bottle already, West Brom aren't as good as people think either. The door is definitely open to break into that top 2, we certainly have the squad to do it, particularly defensively.

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