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  1. I think you're all just taking the fee now!!?
  2. Its going to be a long hard season, people are looking for positives and rightly so. Well done Wednesday.
  3. Looked shybo against us, which says a lot!!! But he's young and could possibly improve?
  4. I remember we wore this shirt in the 7-2 tonking to Blackburn live on Sky MNF, my favorite player Hyde scored an og, a diving header, awesome for a little bloke!!
  5. Me too, as you said was a real handful for defences. I remember the Chelsea game at home (we won 1-0 Jonk pen) Booth completely terrorized Desailly that day.
  6. Graham Hyde is my all time favorite player, he was so underated if he had played for one of the golden clubs i.e Liverpool, Man Utd etc he would easily of had an England cap.
  7. I liked Pembo too, he had his limitations but he did make some fantastic assists in his time here. Had a sweet left foot on the volley too which added to his goal tally.
  8. Ashley Westwood, a total car crash of a defender, and for me the face of us being relegated from the top flight into the Football League. Not necessarily his fault but him being in the team really summed it up for me.
  9. Wayne Collins, the team went on a good run with him in the team, was hard working & bagged a few goals, missed a few sitters too though!!
  10. Trouble is Fletcher is the only one who can score consistently, we may have to pay him what he wants in the summer or pay a mega transfer fee for someone else. We all know how that went with Rhodes & a lesser extent Winnal!!
  11. Doesn't matter who you are you have to respect the manager
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