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  1. Yesss the club is finally starting to learn from it's mistakes uto!!
  2. I'm sorry the lads sheet, he was sow ineffective!! (sorry)
  3. It is sad to see him go, but I feel we may all be being a little too sentimental here? A younger upgrade on possibly lower wages too, would surely make more sense. Best of luck Jack & thanks
  4. Thought Gregory was an absolute warrior, he really did put a shift in for us
  5. Really enjoyed this, Pats is a right character isn't he?!!
  6. Completely agree with you mate, the only thing that needs addressing now is the striker situation I think? Gregory is ace but is nearing the end of his career & Josh is having an awful lot of injury issues at the moment.
  7. Stick with Waterfront it's ours no need to change it, everytime I hear it, it always reminds me of us.
  8. Isn't it lovely to have in Gregory a striker that actually scores regularly
  9. God I remember this when I was a nipper!! The theme tune was so haunting, when it came in, it meant time for bed in a Sunday night with a full week of school beckoning!!
  10. I remember watching one of those when we signed Sow.... Even that was crap!!
  11. Fletcher for me, Lee, Hutch & Iorfa all honourable mentions.
  12. How bloody awful, my thoughts to all of them. Get well quickly little one.
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