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  1. My first one, it was great, really enjoyed it
  2. Mat-Owl

    Mr Chansiri

    Great to see that, top bloke
  3. Mat-Owl

    Man of the match

    Dawson & Hector were excellent, but I thought so was Tom Lee's he looked a lot better tonight.
  4. Mat-Owl

    Penney Signs New Deal

    Fantastic news, well done Katrien also, I'm buzzing bout this. Some good news at last!!
  5. Mat-Owl

    I Am Not Holding My Breath

    We've also had decent results against Stoke, WBA, Leeds & Villa!! It's all swings & roundabouts, consolidation is the key for this season
  6. Mat-Owl

    Mr Chansiri

    Who says he hasn't phoned Milan?
  7. You stick to the same formation game after game you get found out like Carlos did.
  8. Mat-Owl

    Big Mick Now !!!!!

    I've got nothing against Mick at all, but Jos has done nothing wrong in my opinion. The bloke has got no money to spend & has inherited a bunch of Crocks!! If anything I think he's working wonders with what he's got at his disposal, we should all just get behind the lads, if we finish mid table it would be an achievement that most wouldn't be able to accomplish, Up The Owls!!!
  9. Mat-Owl

    Big Mick Now !!!!!

    Is anybody that exciting to watch in the championship at the moment?!!
  10. Mat-Owl

    Total disgrace

    Loving this approach by Jos, I think we are very fortunate to have him long may it continue. Plus with playing youth & pushing on the likes of Nuthiu & Palmer the blokes got balls I tell ya!!
  11. Mat-Owl

    Anyone Remember these?

    Pro Action Soccer was another table top football game!! Any body else have that?
  12. Mat-Owl

    What a night for this lad...

    Well done mate, & fair dos to Jos too
  13. Mat-Owl

    #SWFC Megastore Improving

    Great bit of positivity here keep it up SWFC, follow this up with a win today UP THE OWLS!!!!
  14. Happy Birthday Alb WAWAW!!
  15. Mat-Owl


    Jesus we've wasted so much money & time with some of those names Christ!!