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  1. Fletcher for me, Lee, Hutch & Iorfa all honourable mentions.
  2. How bloody awful, my thoughts to all of them. Get well quickly little one.
  3. We don't half fkin moan on here at times don't we?!! I think they are both alright, maybe the blue sleeves on the home looks a little odd, but I'm more than happy with them
  4. Gangs Of London a bit late to the party with this one, been watching this with the Mrs, Christ it's brutal but so good too, I must admit I haven't thought much of Joe Cole ex Peaky Blinders in this though. We've got one more ep to go.
  5. Such a shame this, I really rated him thought he had a fantastic game that day against Wycombe. Hope his recovery continues, all the best to him WAWAW
  6. Yeah I agree, along with the Wandisco one that was awful too!!
  7. That macron training top looks really decent doesn't it?
  8. Nice lad, I hope it goes well for him but I don't think we'll have anything to rue about in 12-24 months time. To be honest he had his chances at Wednesday unlike a few others like him, he really didn't take them.
  9. He was shybo, really wanted him to be something for us, but like so many others he wasn't!!
  10. This, this, this I totally agree we were hard working & grafted something we've seriously lacked over recent years!! I liked Pleat too I think he gets it a little unfairly at times on here, he had the unenviable task of breaking up Big Ron's & Tricky Trev's team
  11. Just wasn't good enough I'm afraid, it's a shame seems like a nice lad but League 2 is more his level or League 1 squad player at best, we need better for the fight to get out of this League & with that he definitely lacks the criteria.
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