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  1. Thought Fox was excellent tonight, that last ditch tackle was superb. Iorfa mom for me though he just looked like another level entirely, making a solid partnership with Borner. Dawson frightens the life out of me, brilliant save though.
  2. Well yes she does look pacey?!!
  3. I fear that might be next seasons shirt?!!
  4. The night I fell in love with Wednesday!! Followed us ever since, Waddle & Nilsson, that away kit!! I knew Wednesday where the club for me. We've been a bit sheet since then though!!
  5. This ∆ Leeds seem to be losing their bottle already, West Brom aren't as good as people think either. The door is definitely open to break into that top 2, we certainly have the squad to do it, particularly defensively.
  6. Im sure the kid wouldn't be able to come back with a rimmer joke at all would he?!!
  7. Borner really impressed me, was solid as a rock & hardly put a foot wrong. The lad basically cleared everything that came his way & played the ball well, it's like having Big Glenn Loovens back
  8. I agree with DC looking miffed, not sure that Monk looked that way?
  9. Happy with his appointment or not we have to back him it's no good us all going against him before a ball is even kicked, like the Fox situation, WAWAW apparently?!!
  10. Yes, yes a thousand times yes. Would love Big Glenn Loovens back at S6
  11. RIP Junior Agogo, thoughts go out to you & all friends & family, totally awful news.
  12. Come on Morgan put in a top performance tonight fella!! UTO
  13. Hope we give Luton a real tonking tonight, but I also can see it being 1-1
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