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  1. Mat-Owl

    Total disgrace

    Loving this approach by Jos, I think we are very fortunate to have him long may it continue. Plus with playing youth & pushing on the likes of Nuthiu & Palmer the blokes got balls I tell ya!!
  2. Mat-Owl

    Anyone Remember these?

    Pro Action Soccer was another table top football game!! Any body else have that?
  3. Mat-Owl

    What a night for this lad...

    Well done mate, & fair dos to Jos too
  4. Mat-Owl

    #SWFC Megastore Improving

    Great bit of positivity here keep it up SWFC, follow this up with a win today UP THE OWLS!!!!
  5. Happy Birthday Alb WAWAW!!
  6. Mat-Owl


    Jesus we've wasted so much money & time with some of those names Christ!!
  7. A season of consolidation, bleed in more youth players into the senior squad & a double against the blunts before we smash the league the season after UTO!!!
  8. Nice away shirt that, will have to pick that one up. It will be the first shirt ive brought since the orange lotto away one!!!
  9. Mat-Owl

    Hopefully not

    Cos he ain't good enough, too old & always crooked
  10. Mat-Owl

    Peter Atherton

    He wasn't that bad Athers, the lad put a shift in. All the best Pete.
  11. Love the socks, not too fond of the sleeves & the collar is a bit meh, a decent 7, a step in the right direction but room for improvement
  12. Sunderland!! Oh flip!! Nevermind concentrate on the league!!
  13. Mat-Owl

    Rhoys Wiggins

    Matias too
  14. Mat-Owl

    Rhoys Wiggins

    Makes me wonder if he was already done when he joined us?!!
  15. Mat-Owl

    Glenn Loovens

    Gutted to see Glenn leave, my favourite player in the current squad but unfortunately it is for the best. Good luck Glenn in whatever you do next, hopefully will come back to us in some kind of coaching role. Much respect to you big fella!