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  1. We're all Wednesday aren't we?
  2. With 5917 Wednesday fans making the trip down to Chelsea for an televised Sunday evening kick off, I want to issue a challenge to each and every one of you. Back the team regardless of the match. If someone makes a bad pass, support them. If someone loses the ball, encourage them. If someone is struggling, back them to the very end! This will be our biggest away support since we all dared to dream as we walked up to Wembley. I think we can all agree that the team didn't turn up that day, but our fans sure did. Stewards working there said they'd never heard a roar like Wednesday. The stadium bounced like never before. And even if we lose, we'll still out sing Chelsea. Rant over.
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    Just an idea

  4. JoeMaloney92

    Almen Abdi

    Love you too
  5. JoeMaloney92

    Almen Abdi

    It was what I said.
  6. JoeMaloney92

    Kop children

    Well you can, it's just a bit weird
  7. JoeMaloney92

    Reading Fan On Twitter...

    Actually Sheffield has a very good geographical location, which was a large factor in how we became so successful in the steel industry.
  8. JoeMaloney92

    Forestieri incident at Mansfield

    They will need to look at whatever evidence is available to them. They have not proof that FF said anything, however they have video and photo evidence that Mansfield players physically attacked our boys. We could argue that they overreacted to FF tackle.
  9. Hey all, Me and my girlfriend will be going to L**ds away for the first time this season and I just wanted to know the safest way to get too and from the ground from the train station? Thanks
  10. That'd be a hell of a pre-season match
  11. JoeMaloney92

    Reach’s Dad - Twitter

    I was front row at Derby and he definitely did.