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  1. It's the delusion and subsequent silence which makes this worse. At least before the club knew it was fecked and looked for solutions but at the minute it feels like the club is shrouded in this idea that everything is fine and we will just keep bobbing along until something happened but the fact is that things don't change unless you change something yourself. The question now lies in whether the club can ultimately identify this and solve it with the necessary changes going forward as a result. This, in turn, would also go some way to breaking the disconnect many of us are currently feeling and hopefully get us back on track to a more successful and sustainable future as a result. So in short...probably.
  2. SupremeOwl

    Next season

    I got a two year extension on my season ticket at the start of this season with the hopes we would steadily improve coming off the back of last season...silly me P.S but seriously it's depressing me just thinking about it.
  3. SupremeOwl

    Todays result.

    Well that's made my day
  4. SupremeOwl

    Rotherham United

    I think you might be overestimating us a tad.
  5. SupremeOwl

    Our club is dying

    The OP has said everything I wanted to and more. For me, the win doesn't hold a great deal of value in the grand scheme of things because chances are we will start to falter again on Saturday and the whole cycle will start again. I don't hold much hope out in regards to this win being anything more than a one-off to continue to cover the mess playing out behind the scenes and a chance at potential redemption has now been delayed for at least another week...hallelujah.
  6. SupremeOwl

    Can anyone remember a worse win?

    I can't remember the last time I felt this disillusioned after a win.
  7. SupremeOwl

    Playing badly and winning.

    Please, just don't.
  8. They made for great viewing...good times
  9. This is the dilemma ive been thinking about as well.
  10. The trouble I'm having at the minute to get motivated for this is that we could essentially turn up tonight and grab a great win out of the blue (unlikely I know) and for most clubs this would renew them and kick them on a bit but with us, I just feel no matter what, the mess is now so bad that we will still come out worse for it at the other side, that is a sign of how far we have truly fallen.
  11. SupremeOwl

    BBC Sport running a competition

    Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival
  12. I'm not going on Tuesday but that's only because I've got other stuff on and I can't fit it in but I would if I could. I get the point of a boycott though, the club's being run like a joke and we're expected to be fine with it but I don't feel a boycott would change anything anyhow. At the end of the day, as much as our chairman likes to think he's open minded, he's actually one of the most stubborn currently around, living in a bubble of his own delusion and until he can learn to take a step back and allow the club to find it's feet again, nothing will change and that above all else is what truly saddens me about this entire situation.