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  1. Yep, and the perfectly justifiable reaction imo is because even that has effectively been taken away and ruined for us. What a year to be alive 🙄
  2. Haha, true but I somehow doubt that will make a blind bit of difference in the grand scheme 😂
  3. Went for Murphy. Continued to improve as the season went on and looked like one of the few who still cared to the very end, despite him not even being our player. Would love to see him back here again, though I wouldn't blame him if he decided against it 😅
  4. Think we're gonna struggle to stay up now even without a points deduction tbh. Losing Fletcher, Fox etc. are starting to show a little bit.
  5. Finance first, that's the way they're making it look anyhow.
  6. When it gets to the point where we have too, yeah.
  7. I hope so tbh. Really hate the fact some people are so passive when there's real lives on the line. Even if you yourself are not particularly vulnerable, someone you know will be.
  8. This isn't just flu. Its that attitude thats got it this far. Some people need to seriously wake up and start taking this seriously.
  9. Might cover Vanarama National League too if you're lucky enough
  10. Said the same the other night, feel sorry for him playing with this lot.
  11. Iorfa for me, class as always and could easily make the step up. Thought Wildsmith had a good game, unlucky for the goal but should definitely be given a chance in the league on that performance and I think it should give Dawson something to think about going forward which is no bad thing for anyone. Also impressed with Hunt. Seemed to really get stuck in from the minute he stepped onto the pitch and whipped in a decent ball towards the end for fletch. Definitely one to watch going forward and it'd be great to see more like him coming through in future.
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