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  1. Can't imagine the agent will be too happy either, potentially making it even harder to conclude a deal. It's odd, I'm glad we don't do it, sometimes it's better not to know until things are solid.
  2. I don't think we'll actually get cattermole, I think it's probably just agent talk like the Downing rumour. We're clearly in for another CDM though nonetheless.
  3. Yeah, his crossing ability really impressed me and he certainly didn't lack determination. As always with us, keeping these players fit is the real challenge but if we can they could turn out to be exactly what we need.
  4. Those valuations may come down if we get who we want first though.
  5. Yeah, let's hope so, it was so frustrating last summer. Still, he said he wanted 5-6 new players so he clearly isn't content with what he's got and you can't blame him, we definitely need more to push higher than we got to last season.
  6. You would imagine if we couldn't sign anyone, Bruce would've left us already.
  7. I think they did want to keep him, just not on his current terms so they stopped playing him in order to ensure they didn't trigger a contract extension on his current terms. By doing this though, I think they just annoyed him. I'm not overly keen on us going for him but I'm fairly sure he won't be the only player we go for and the others will likely be a lot younger. He's a better set piece taker than anyone we have and he could bring some important experience to the squad but I'm not fussed too much either way on this one tbh.
  8. *SPOILER ALERT* Hopefully we don't get crushed in the transfer market
  9. Yeah, we've probably weighed it up in relation to his injury record and decided we can find better for cheaper elsewhere, I'm fine with that tbh.
  10. Yeah, it'd be a shame to miss out on him but if that is the case then it's only sensible that we look elsewhere.
  11. Does this definitely rule hector out though if we get this guy and Borner?
  12. Tbf, so have Messi and Ronaldo so it doesn't mean owt does it
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