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  1. With the way Pukki is playing at the minute, I don't think Farke has too much to worry about for a while at least.
  2. I've got that yellow one, it's good quality though I haven't used it too much
  3. Just saw that and it confused me before I realised the European transfer windows are still open. Should be a decent move, takes him off of the wage bill for a year and potentially opens up a future move.
  4. I swear that server donations bar at the bottom has gone up significantly today...kinda says it all
  5. With the new additions in mind, I thought it would be good to see what everyone's ideal line-ups could be. Fire away
  6. You can't blame the club for pulling out of this. Paying 5 mill for a player with one year left on his contract and having never played for his respective club in 5 years is something we would've done 2 or 3 years ago.
  7. Exactly, especially when you consider we could've just thrown 3 mill on top and got flippingDavid Luiz. I'm more comfortable with the club being sensible, I never want us to go through an embargo again thanks, it's been poo .
  8. A bit random and the pope maybe marginally deceased on this one but saw earlier that Nakhi Wells is available for loan, could be a solid replacement for Joao worth exploring if others are offloaded upfront too?
  9. Could rotate with Harris on the left? Murphy competition for the right with Reach? I'm a tad confused tbh
  10. Hopefully yeah because I think we're too limited in that area now joao has gone.
  11. Probably looking to add pace and mobility to the front line.
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