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  1. He's been a tad off form recently but yeah that's no excuse to scapegoat him, just needs to get himself back in gear and get some confidence back. Could do with another 30 yard screamer the
  2. Totally agree, it's becoming a little concerning tbh. Felt like we had Gary Megson as manager in the last two games rather than Garry Monk
  3. Weird thing is, I've just started watching the show Monk on Amazon...IT WAS A SIGN!
  4. Yeah, Bullen could still be interim manager after the international break...Oh wait
  5. Cowley bringing innovation or Pulis bringing predictability...I know what I'd rather have and I really hope this happens for the sake of the club.
  6. With the way Pukki is playing at the minute, I don't think Farke has too much to worry about for a while at least.
  7. I've got that yellow one, it's good quality though I haven't used it too much
  8. Just saw that and it confused me before I realised the European transfer windows are still open. Should be a decent move, takes him off of the wage bill for a year and potentially opens up a future move.
  9. I swear that server donations bar at the bottom has gone up significantly today...kinda says it all
  10. With the new additions in mind, I thought it would be good to see what everyone's ideal line-ups could be. Fire away
  11. You can't blame the club for pulling out of this. Paying 5 mill for a player with one year left on his contract and having never played for his respective club in 5 years is something we would've done 2 or 3 years ago.
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