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  1. Im seriously close to just turning my back on football for now tbh. Completely going the wrong way with no sign of change. If this doesn't pay off, they'll just try something else. The heart and soul of football is dead and I'm far less passionate about it because of this than I ever have been before. Just sick of all this corrupt garbage.
  2. I've decided against buying it this year and for the foreseeable future. The microtransactions are out of control and EA continue to ignore the psychological effects they have on kids and vulnerable adults alike. On top of that, it's just become a £50 yearly subscription to a game you most likely already own 5 times over with a simple roster update which they could apply to the existing gane at any point. If you can't improve the game, then don't release it every year and wait until a point where you can deliver a substantial upgrade e.g. Look at what a break did for the Assassins
  3. If you know @gurujuan, it's an insane amount of praise for Rhodes
  4. True, I'm just quite a traditionalist when it comes to the squad numbers and at the very least would like to see the 1-11 utilised. Just looks weird otherwise.
  5. Just got taken down, boooooo. That was better than when the pitch was getting laid down
  6. Still live now I think if you wanna check it out for yourself. Failed announcement or just aneurism on the keyboard by the marketing department? Edit: doing this on phone, ignore the emoji FFS
  7. WTF is happening at the minute on our club channel:
  8. Yep, and the perfectly justifiable reaction imo is because even that has effectively been taken away and ruined for us. What a year to be alive
  9. Haha, true but I somehow doubt that will make a blind bit of difference in the grand scheme
  10. Went for Murphy. Continued to improve as the season went on and looked like one of the few who still cared to the very end, despite him not even being our player. Would love to see him back here again, though I wouldn't blame him if he decided against it
  11. Think we're gonna struggle to stay up now even without a points deduction tbh. Losing Fletcher, Fox etc. are starting to show a little bit.
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