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  1. You only have to look at our neighbours to see how this can work!
  2. Agreed and some people said Utd wouldn’t got up.
  3. maybe it’s because we are fitter - pressing from the front- and therefore making more tackles - which increases the likelihood, that more fouls are taking place. without the tackle to fouls ratio it’s difficult to make any conclusions
  4. Nothing wrong with winning ugly. Those the games we’d have lost previously - Boner added much needed grit to our defence.
  5. Totally agree you only have to look at the small points spread from top to bottom, year in year out, to see that this league is competitive than most. Fact is we’ve performed bang average for a number of years due to several factors including injuries. This year we are taking points and keeping players fit - all in all we have reasons to be happy and confident.
  6. I’ve said in previous posts that I hope we’ve kept Bruce’s scouting network - I presume it could work with them scouting Prem qual for him and others for us. Does anyone know if they are still in place?
  7. Beyond stats - players staying fit is a massive bonus.
  8. What a player - lets hope we kept Bruce’s scouting network!
  9. The Athletic is far better - same process, register for a few free articles a week/month, but streets ahead in terms of journalism.
  10. He didn't even flinch or react - quite liked how he kept it cool. Unlike the rest!
  11. If that’s the case, whether you gambled or not, if you believed Sky you’ve been taken for a mug!
  12. I don’t think you are far from the truth!
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