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  1. Said this on numerous occasions over the last 3-4 years.
  2. that doesn't make sense - we are either guilty or not?
  3. How long do we think it'll take to complete - the hearing that is?
  4. saw it on Twitter from a journalist - but it seems I misinterpreted the tweet, was half asleep, sorry
  5. Seems like we've enquired about Wilks (who's on loan at Hull from Barnsley), as well.
  6. Not sure if it's been mentioned before, I've been critical of some his policies but there's no doubting his heart is in the right place.
  7. No point, if we can't have a full blown game of heading and volleying with her.
  8. Epitomises everything that is wrong with modern day football, at a time when people can't even visit their 'isolated' Grandma we are talking about 22 footballers running around on a football field and the financial implications of such. The game went years ago, and I for one am not fooled by the marketing campaigns that the fleecers Sky produce to entice people year in year out. Good job I've got my Sky Sports Package on pause at the minute
  9. Already signed a pre-contract with another club (my feeling is someone like Fulham), was agreed months ago, hence why his house is up for sale. Prob why Monks frozen him out, as he and the club had wind of it.
  10. Regarding point 1 (in bold): Would this not be all over the news? and are you referring to Kawasaki disease? Regarding point 2: could this not be a reflection of lifestyle and higher obesity rates? and also a higher number of BAME (4x more at risk) across the population? Playing devils advocate - surely those in the know have enough information about the individuals who have sadly passed and can now more clearly determine the risk factors associated with this virus?
  11. Exactly and those figures make a mockery of the Profit and Sustainability rule.
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