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  1. Sean Clare to be our Deli Ali?

    Fair do’s Lord Snooty.
  2. Sean Clare to be our Deli Ali?

    If he was anywhere near as good as Ali he wouldn’t be on loan at Gillingham.
  3. Gary Madine

    It would seem an alcoholic by self-definition - if he wasn’t, he would have realised a long time ago that drink doesn’t work for him in his life! I hope he and those concerned (the judge, etc) can realise that he needs some sort of help around this stuff not punishment.

    Think after the time he’s had a West Ham over the last few years, Bilic will be taking a bit of time out from football for health reasons.
  5. Joao

    Leon Clarke is an example in itself, get Joao more consistent and we got a player on our hands.
  6. I think the social media football experts should let our head coach do what he does best and our head coach should let the social media football experts think they know what’s best. Then everything will be just fine.
  7. Irvine was a fraudster, whatever CC’s misgivings he’s a millions times better.
  8. Please, let’s not compare Carlos Cravalhal with Alan Irvine!
  9. Wingers - A Lack of

    Fair do’s, I’ll hold my hands up, misread it.
  10. Wingers - A Lack of

    Reach has just scored 3 in 3 and has since day jot been slaughtered by a minority on here, yet we still have threads like this - I can’t get mi cap on straight.
  11. The cc doubters

    I don’t doubt CC, but I’ll still donate on those terms.

    That was said after the Leeds game and then what happened. I think the benchmark is consistency.
  13. Butts

    Your writing is really inconcsistent - like you begin your first paragraph with not knowing, yet end it like you know. It’s a bit creepy like your pretending you weren’t somewhere when you were! Do you know more than you are letting on????
  14. Turning point of the game...

    Reach’s Goal after 18 seconds!