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  1. I’d prefer proven English/British - Paul Cook, Kenny Jackett or Alex Neil.
  2. Nothing in the game until we give them the penalty, they then on top til half time. Same second half until we give penalty than we take it to them and it’s a different game. Could have got a point in the end. Thought both full backs were poor. A lot of people making mountains out of mole hills. You take the errors out the game and we are well in a v tight game. Hope we can be more attacking minded in future games, like at the end of the game. 3 at the back for me.
  3. Reports suggesting he’s going to Belgium - wife from there and some of his business affairs also.
  4. I agree. We haven’t got a Kadeem Harris style striker - all ours are similar and predictable!
  5. Don’t think Huddersfield are all that appealing.
  6. I know he shat on us - but Bruce needs to be given credit, he decided on the style of play brought in somebody to rectify the fitness aspect of it and identified the players needed.
  7. Let’s just say if Chansiri has struck a deal for Gayle as part of the disputed compensation and got around £10m for Joao and Rhodes, he’s played a blinder.
  8. Based on his form since he arrived and the fact he’ll leave for nothing next summer - it’s time to cash in the chips.
  9. Hope not, I like Bullen. Whilst it’s rare that it works out, it is extremely common that caretaker managers get a run of good results until they become perm. I’m not sure what the psychology behind this is but I feel it could have something to do with the players playing more for their places due to the dynamics of uncertainty! A good manager will keep that uncertainty - and thus battle for places going - I think it’s difficult when you’ve been a coach to then change and become a more cut-throat operator. I wish Bullen well, but personally feel he’s best suited as a go-between person/coach.
  10. Rarely ever works out in English football making a former coach/caretaker the perm manager, not saying it won’t BUT the stats are against it. Because of this, I believe we need someone who is a proven manager like Utd appointed. As said yesterday, I wouldn’t look far beyond Paul Cook.
  11. Yeah could do! Chansiri obv got a bit more about him.
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