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  1. AwokenGiant

    Jordan Rhodes

    He's having a slump, but my God some folks on here are quick to write him off. Fair play to him tonight. I see Nuhui, Mathias and Joao have all proven people wrong, along with Tiger Woods on the weekend.
  2. AwokenGiant

    Bristol City Away.

    I Indeed, our next four games are on the tele.
  3. AwokenGiant

    Bristol City Away.

    It's on Sky isn't it?
  4. AwokenGiant

    Holte End

    Always liked Villa as a club and their fans. I don’t think their Chairman did them any favours though (in the eyes of other people), really outspoken and arrogant about their transfer clout, which has, ironically, quite recently backfired. Which makes me reflect closer to home and appreciate what a GOOD chairman we have in Chansiri.
  5. Difficult to predict much to be honest. We have returning players that could improve things even more, we may gettter better as the season goes on, who knows? So many different variables to take into account. One things for certain, despite people’s views we are 4 points off top and thus we can say despite a relatively inconsistent start, it’s not significantly different to the rest of the league. The deciding factor in all of this will be the team(s) who begin to hit some sort of consistency from now until the end of the season. Thanks to Jos (his staff), the team and us fans, we still find ourselves in a position to be one of those teams. Whatevsr happens, it’s important to stick together.
  6. AwokenGiant

    Penney contract

    He’s a proper Wednesdayite, no pretend one. He’ll stay.
  7. AwokenGiant

    Name The Signatures

    George Hirst?
  8. Looking forward to Reach hitting form as well.
  9. AwokenGiant

    Bannan - 4 yellows now?

    Jos says the players’ need to stop putting all the emphasis on Bannan, as a fan I take what he says with interest. Maybe now is the time for other players to step up and prevent us from being one dimensional. A suspension for Bannan may force this issue into action. It seems unhealthy as fans and as a team to be over reliant on one or two players.
  10. AwokenGiant

    Hector was the biggest plus yesterday

    Wouldn’t trust the opinion of some of our neighbouring regions - Leeds and Tom Lees springs to mind.
  11. AwokenGiant

    Dom Howson not a Pelupessy fan

    Everybody was singing his praises against Reading, one average game and all of a sudden he’s poo.
  12. AwokenGiant

    Momentum Is Building

    Defend games better and we’ve got a chance of play off.
  13. AwokenGiant

    Hector was the biggest plus yesterday

    20 mins and someone’s a legend, one bad game and he’s bobbins. Welcome to owlstalk everybody.
  14. AwokenGiant

    Jos celebration