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  1. The film would never get off the ground, he'd break a leg during rehearsals.
  2. If he’s owt like the last Scottish lad he signed at Villa, we’re in for a treat.
  3. 2 places up for grabs now tinkerbaby!
  4. Significant that our presser was on Thurs morn, he was determined to get in first.
  5. Had some of my best years in Meadowhall League - maybe, not all bad for the lad.
  6. No denying he’s a top bloke, but reality is his legs have gone and he ain’t getting in front of the defenders as well as he used to.
  7. I'm hearing you, but there is a massive difference between abuse and light hearted banter!
  8. Do you really think Hooper is bothered what people say on a forum? He wouldn’t be a championship footballer if he let other people’s opinions affect him like that! And besides, he’s too busy on the Senior Golf Circuit!
  9. Bruce will have them all playing to their full potential, just in time to sell some at a premium in the summer.
  10. Rumours are Murphy was the guy who wrote the secret footballer book - nothing but a RAT of the highest order!
  11. B0ll0x - so we can't just give the ball a GOOD kick then, like Wolves did!
  12. What's the deal with the FFP - from the summer, do we start from scratch or does the 3 years continue to run consecutively?
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