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  1. Replaced an ageing ex-Scottish International with a current Scottish international coming into his prime, for less. GREAT bit of business.
  2. Seen a clip of Warnock on Goals on Sunday saying Paterson wasn't good enough to defend at PL level, but was as good as any he's worked with in the air. He follows this by saying that similar to Mitrovic at Fulham he's strong and difficult to play against and has an eye for goal. Reminds me of a Wood-esque player when Monk was at Leeds, when he - and since him Dyche (at Burnley) - utilised Wood as the spearhead of the team. Still only 25 as well and looks a character.
  3. The EFL will always dance to the Premier Leagues tune - I see they have asked for a £250m bailout from the PL, this despite being opposed to a begging bowl culture. Will never change while ever the PL are the kings of cash.
  4. No truer word spoken! Put it into perspective for the players and the fans! Seems like the players have bought into to it, hopefully we can duly oblige.
  5. Think the point is, you can't have it both ways!!! Judge Westwood and Hutchison solely on what they did in a Weds shirt, YET judge Hirst Snr in terms of what he has done since wearing the shirt.
  6. Haha. Not sure...BUT a lot of clubs still doing business, including our neighbours (who've done a lot better than us in the market over the last few years).
  7. What evidence have you got that we are slow out the blocks? Certainly not so on the field, in comparison!
  8. Exactly, and in some peoples eyes, its ALWAYS his fault.
  9. Indeed, people constantly spouting opinions like they are facts!! Just read that back and I though it said onions!!!! SPROUTING ONIONS!
  10. Not sure. Totally get the decisions initially - and I wouldn't have like to been faced with the decision - but now we know a lot more about the virus and those who are most vulnerable, we should be creating policies to get things back to how they were, including letting fans back into football grounds.
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