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  1. Some agent with 5k followers on twitter, suggesting Bruce desperately wants Snodgrass on loan and also Cahill or Ashley Williams on a free. Make of it what you will.
  2. She’s hot, but I wouldn’t answer the door if Midweek Sport Special was on!
  3. Thought Palmer really evolved last season into a more complete full/wing back - his call up to international football and a new contract was much deserved. He's homegrown and has withstood a lot of managers and changes within his career with us, which suggests he has got something that some of our fans fail to see. I think his development and his career should be celebrated, hopefully we will have a lot more of his ilk coming through our ranks.
  4. If they value him as a Prem player which they obv do, then he has a Prem value. Not that difficult really.
  5. Some was writing Palmer off last summer/season - pre-season is a long time in football, especially for someone who’s been out with injury for the majority of the last 12 months.
  6. He's more of a Wallace type player though, can beat a man without pace.
  7. Good for him and us, no better development than playing against the best.
  8. The fact they want hi got the Prem suggests he has value despite our take as fans.
  9. Saw him a few times agains us for Barnsley and for Wigan against Man City and others (in the cup) - always been one of the best players on the field, from where I was sat. Would be an excellent signing for us.
  10. No thanks, far too much money (and gamble)! Norwich and Sheff U showed last year, you don't need to break the bank to find the right personnel!
  11. They’ve already given us approx £2.5m (initial loan fee and promotion bonus) so anything near £5m would just about recoup what we’d spent on him. That said, Bruce might have other ideas and he’s got far more experience of these matters than me. Be interesting to see how it all pans out.
  12. Something supposed to be in the sun this morn, via Nixon. Anybody got any news
  13. The same can be said for Derby and the other unnamed clubs that have gone the same route - so its the owners fault not the system - surely, can't be a matter of coincidence can it?
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