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  1. Exactly, the fact they are in the Prem with a far reaching audience has nothing to do with it either.
  2. I'm not criticising Neil, I was arguing against the comment re you knowing and not sayings as you want more to stay on here.
  3. It's not even been publicly announced where and if it is being streamed, as far as I can see.
  4. Putting aside Megson being a wednesdayite, as a manager Pulis has achieved more...
  5. A lot have had a go at Chansiri's appointments, despite Pulis's style of play this is an English manager with a proven track record of promotions and experience in the Prem league. The only appointment that comes anywhere near this one under Chansiri is Bruce. Some of our fans really don't know what they want. Anybody who thinks this is a poor appointment - putting aside style of play - Needs to give their head a wobble.
  6. In fairness, I don't agree with the way he went around it but he basically stayed to get the bonus he was entitled to. I am sure he would have quit at a more suitable time, if this had not been written into his contract.
  7. He will understand our identity, he's from the same background. This is something that has worked for Utd and Wilder.
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