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  1. AwokenGiant


    Let’s be fair - he’s been a lot better this season, so he had an off day.
  2. Which makes a mockery of the whole system - what’s the difference between the chairman’s money and the punters money.
  3. AwokenGiant

    Chelsea Away

    We don’t need to prove sweet FA - if you know, then you know.
  4. AwokenGiant


    Sadly whatever pace he did have has gone - he looks like he’s running on treacle at times.
  5. AwokenGiant

    Agnew on recruitment

    Not at all surprised - would go against the ‘slate clean’ meeting.
  6. Rather gauge me left eye out with a picnic fork!
  7. AwokenGiant

    Lookman deal done....wow

    14 pages... FFS... FFS... FFS... FFS...
  8. AwokenGiant


    He needs replacing - with a fitter version.
  9. AwokenGiant

    Ins and outs

    Heard Cahill is on the radar!
  10. AwokenGiant

    Sorry I’m watching the cricket

    Fair play to him he puts his family first - Bruce has gone up in my estimation and so has a Chansiri for that matter.
  11. AwokenGiant

    Gaetan Bong

    Heard we’re after the young German U23 striker Hitzfrom da Bong!
  12. I really like the bloke - he brings a touch of humanity to a position that has brought us ego, power and control in the past - honest, passionate and caring (are some of the characteristics he brings to the table). In all consideration, I can forgive him for his mistakes.
  13. Hear Glasgow Rangers are in for him.