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  1. he was 1/5 at one point yesterday, so tweet not altogether accurate
  2. Totally agree - said this middle of week, make Borner club captain, he’s got more about him then Lees IMO
  3. Not when you consider the restrictions of P&S on his freedom to spend money - when considering this, I saw the multi-year season ticket campaign as a strategy to allow him more freedom.
  4. They concluded it was a scratch on the eye - he’ll be back in contention tomorrow.
  5. Some reyt scaremongering/drama queens on here. Chansiri is fighting the EFL because he has tried to find a way to pump more - hopefully sensible - money into the club, not really the signs of a man who is looking to ditch us and or put us into liquidation.
  6. United’s form since Christmas last year has been nothing short of remarkable.
  7. Agree with you - he has been ill advised and also stubborn within this - but there have been some good signs of late that he is learning and willing to adapt. Not sure about some peoples agenda - the facts are, the EFL rules only serve to keep the status quo safe, you cannot blame DC for giving it a good. Better to have tried and failed/learn and all that, than not to have tried at all. Since then he has done his upmost - in dialogue with the EFL - to navigate us through the FFP system. He has obv done this to the letter - hence the current club statement - yet still folks try to find fault in him. Anybody who says his heart is not in the right place, is not on this planet, it is clear to see. Don't mistake foolishness for somebody who doesn't care. I myself find it far more easy to forgive our chairman for his mistakes in this regard.
  8. Maybe that’s just you. The club statement suggests he hasn’t put us in that position - however, some would still rather believe he has. Whilst DC has Without doubt made mistakes, it is clear the welfare of our club has always remained close to his heart.
  9. You only have to look at our neighbours to see how this can work!
  10. Agreed and some people said Utd wouldn’t got up.
  11. maybe it’s because we are fitter - pressing from the front- and therefore making more tackles - which increases the likelihood, that more fouls are taking place. without the tackle to fouls ratio it’s difficult to make any conclusions
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