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  1. Hi, yeah I did want to put in some of the ‘66 final as a couple of people mentioned it, but it was too expensive to license the footage. I was self-funding and couldn’t stretch to the licensing fee. As for the 70s and Wilkinson, I admit it wasn’t my era so wasn’t all that clued up and of all the people I chose to interview, no one tended to mention it. Maybe an oversight on the selection of candidates but I couldn’t choose all submissions and had to draw a line somewhere as I only had 3 months to get it ready in time for September 4th. Cheers for the feedback though. Will try and cover more pe
  2. Yeah the plan was always to add those sections in, I just ran out of time when getting it ready for the screenings so had to leave them out until the dvd / YouTube release. They come into it about an hour in just after the BDM section. Cheers, Matt.
  3. Have you watched it since the showroom / uni showings? An extra 20 mins of footage has been added in showing Cardiff, Brighton and Hull games.
  4. Hi all, Just to clarify a few things and answer some questions... • DVD? WHY? OLD TECH!! I know, I know. However, this was done for three reasons: • Firstly, accessibility for as many as possible. The older gen who don't use youtube etc. (Think of when people went mental over the radio Sheffield deal. "MY GRANDAD CAN'T LISTEN ANYMORE WTF??!!!!). If you don't have a DVD player, don't panic, and don't buy. (reason to follow) • A way of recouping the money. It has cost (nearly £10k) to produce the film in order to be able to legally release it.
  5. Hi all, I'm currently filming interviews with Owls fans for the "All Wednesday" documentary and I'd like to speak to a fan who went to the Kaiserslautern away leg. Reading the posts, it sounds like it was a hell of an atmosphere. Would love to chat with someone about their experience there. Preferably with some hard copy photos taken inside the ground if possible. If anyone is interested, please DM me with your email / phone number. Many thanks! Matt
  6. Can you buy them over the phone and collect at the ground?
  7. Hi all, long shot I know but if anyone happens to know anyone selling due to a change in circumstances please let me know. Ta!
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