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  1. Judas Atkinson

    This is how we line up

    Swell I. Going to defend Fox. He looked awful last season when asked to play wing back. Looked decent at left centre back. Somewhere between the 2 at left back. Last time he played there I though he was one of our better players. Limited but always gives 100%.Think it’s right to leave out Penney for an away game. Think Palmer has more cause to complain as he is also better in a 4 than as a wing back. Noticed Baker played well for young Wales in Midfield.
  2. Judas Atkinson

    The youngsters - quality

    I thought all the young lads did well. Thornily in particular looks a unit with particular potential in the left centre back or left back area. By half time we were down to 6 potential subs with Thornily already on. I noticed that the subs split into 2 groups of 3. Wildsmith, Boyd and Matias, and the 3 young lads. There was zero interaction between them. Integrating the young lads with the more experienced professionals is a key job for Jos. I have some doubts about Jos, but this is something in which is have every confidence in him.
  3. Judas Atkinson

    Call to arms

    I agree that it’s not the play offs and the big one of support that define us, but I don’t agree that we went at all quiet at Wembley when we went behind. We got behind the lads that day and I’m really looking forward to doing the same tomorrow. We have a chance, I’ve compare us with the team that got to Wembley and do think that, whilst we are older, we are also stronger. Sing your hearts out for th lads! As support we are better than most, and whilst I agree with Snooty that the world is very different, there is still something good and passionate at Hillsborough that connects us pensioners with all of the generations that follow. Up the owls!
  4. Judas Atkinson

    Call to arms

    Having retired recently I wanted to come back on here after about a 9 month gap. I commented on a cricket based thread earlier that Wednesday are Yorkshire’s best supporters. Indeed i have always believed we are one of England’s most loyal and supportive clans. Let’s face it we have had plenty to be miserable about over the years, but have remained steadfast and waited for our time, and from time to time it has come, inthe 1990’s it looked like it might be here to stay. Latterly one off events like the play off finals at Cardiff and Wembley have helped convince me about the loyalty of our fans, as well as a hard core of 20000+ over the years. In the 70’s at our weakest I remember a pig fan at Hillsborough (yes I don’t know why we let him come with us on the kop at our lowest ebb) being amazed at how enthusiastically we reacted to getting a corner! So have we started to change. I feel not, but a little success, after masses of failure, has given some of us more a sense of entitlement with the new regime. DC is inexperienced in football and has made many mistakes, not least on pricing, but he has put more cash into Wednesday than anybody else I can remember (I know he has plenty of it) but I expect it’s more a case of honour than financial gain for him. Let’s show the stoicism that we showed at Wembley. Let’s show him that we are behind him in tough times as well as good. I’m fortunate enough to be a season ticket holder of many years standing. Last season I was disappointed and felt let down at times. I shouldn’t have been. I stopped posting here, although I didn’t stop reading. I should have been proud to just support Wednesday like my parents and grandparents before me. So we are embargoed and couldn’t spend. We aren’t as strong as for the last 3 seasons, and we may not feel all our players are good enough for a promotion push. But we are still decent, and with good home form we could be top half, at least. We have resisted the temptation to cash in on our better players. Whatever happens let’s show how true, supportive and positive we are. I’m hoping to post here more often and I promise to be as positive as I can, Let’s show the establishment that they can embargo us and make rules, give others riches, and that we don’t care - because we are Wednesday and we are proud. Come on Wednesday!
  5. Judas Atkinson

    York’s v Lancs

    I was there last night, was surprised by how Wednesday the crowd was when they played our song. The game had gone by then but it warmed up the last few overs on the western terrace. Well done to Yorkshire’s top supporters.
  6. Judas Atkinson

    First time post. Bit of info

    I’m a bit behind. I’ve not been posting just going to games. It’s been a bit depressing on here. But now we are safe and might give a wednesdayite a massive boost by giving him a run our from the bench. I don’t know much about Alex Hunt but I’ve just read his profile and he is clearly a Wednesdayite through and through. Reading it I’m sure he is more interested in playing than looking to his financial future. I hope it’s true, and if it is I hope you get on. Alex Hunt - one of our own!
  7. Rob you are so right. It might not be the team we would like to see, but let’s enjoy a battling performance from a team that cares. Having a Hillsborough home is just so right, especially now.
  8. Judas Atkinson

    will we be bouncing

    Rob - Good read. Exactly what I’d have liked to have said to him! Form is temporary class is permanent.
  9. Although I’m very disappointed with how we are playing and know we are going backwards quickly, and although Carlos seems to be getting more and more desperate, of course I will. I’m feeling better this morning because I’m looking down not up and feel we are well safe from relegation. I always look forward to going to Hillsborough and after 50 years doing so don’t expect too much.
  10. Judas Atkinson

    Hurry up Fernando

    At the time he got the injury seen to I didn’t realise how much we would miss him. I knew he was our best player but he was often sub, clearly hadn’t been fully fit for some time, and didn’t seem to fit into the system Carlos wanted to play. I now realise that we need to build the team around him. He needs to feel wanted again, and the bonus is that our attacking play without him will mean he is welcomed back. He needs to be the main man, and the evidence of the last 3 seasons is that he is. I was wrong and didn’t give him enough credit. I’d still prefer him wide left cutting in mind!
  11. Judas Atkinson

    In my blood

    He is right though it's been pretty easy to support Wednesday for a while. Yes it's not been particularly entertaining but we have good players, each year since 2011 has seen us on an upward trend, not pretty always, but always better than the season before, and we only had to look at dem blades, and see the state they were in, to appreciate that upward trend. We even got a chairman with money, we bought players we had actually heard of, and ones we thought we could never get having worshipped from afar. We got to the play offs twice, even Wembley. No wonder the season ticket sales soared. We had our very reasonable grumbles about prices, as a S/T holder myself I genuinely feel for those potg fans paying too much, but it was still easy. Well I'm still looking forward to going tonight. I've not willingly missed a home game for many years and I'm always disappointed if something stops me going. I remember many worse years than this, our expectations have been raised and we are disappointed with where we are in the league. But I'm still hoping and I'm still looking forward to going. With those pre match pints it's a part of my heritage. I will give the team my full support, and at home we aren't playing that bad. We have played well in parts of nearly all of the home games. Against Forest, Leeds and Chesterfield we were really good and really entertaining. We have been decent in other games. I'm hoping to see some good players give there all and get the season back on track. It's easy to support a team who are exceeding expectations they need our support when things aren't going well. I live in S6 it's a 20 minute walk from the pub for me. I greatly appreciate those travelling large distances to support the club they have grown up with.
  12. Judas Atkinson

    Is Fletcher Really A Better Option Than Rhodes

    I like Rhodes and think at some stage he will come good. I even thought that before Sunday it might be worth giving Rhodes a go. However Fletcher was magnicent against Leeds. It's the best I've seen him play and it's one of the best target man performances I've seen. He undermined them from the start. Not the best time to question Fletcher. Watching Fletcher yesterday and my questioning of whether he should start is why I watch and Carlos decides.
  13. Judas Atkinson


    When we play like we did yesterday then the truth is we don't need him, but that's not really a criticism because we don't play that well that often. We don't miss FF when we play like that, and apart from the front 2 and Bannan , we wouldn't have missed anybody that much. Yesterday FF would have started on the bench and given a cameo coming on near the end. It's when you are struggling that you really miss FF. Now Joao did well against dem blades, but who wouldn't have preferred to see Fessi coming off the bench for the 2nd half. In those circumstances he wouldn't have had to worry too much about what was going on behind him, and would have contributed to a 3 man attack, certainly best for him if not always the team. Reliable finisher from the left and a game changer. At Brum he would have been a godsend,and can be used to give us ambition and attacking threat. Unless we go to a front 3, or we have injuries I'm not sure we will see him as a starter again, he could though make all the difference from the bench. The opposition won't like him coming on to run at them from the left in the last 20 minutes, the trick is get into the habit of doing it when we are winning as well as when we are losing.
  14. Judas Atkinson

    Wednesday 2 : 4 United - MATCHDAY THREAD

    Always look forward to reading this at the start of match day! Really enjoyed this one, what a work of art, and like all works of art (and comedy) it is based in truth. I always knew they had something different but couldn't put my finger on it - till now. I'm a pessimist but I expect to win today. Not bothered by the score.
  15. Judas Atkinson

    Hunt & Wallace, Reach & Bannan

    I agree that these partnerships have made a real difference, enabling the diamond to function and an attacking policy at home. Having Lee back to play the further forward role has also helped. Bannan is such a clever and hard workimg player, he has always been decent wide, but a lack of genuine pace made him look like a central player being shoehorned on the left, and we looked better with 2 centre mid and 2 wide players. Reach, and likewise Hunt on the other side, have the running power to give us the width, and Bannan looks made for the inside left position in home games. i do understand however why Carlos goes for a more robust 4-4-2 away. Reach has been great as a home left back, his energy and running power being better than his trickery when he plays further forward. I'm not sure yet that Reach is a more defensive full back away from home, although his defending at Hillsborough has been good. I understand why Carlos wants Bannon a bit deeper and closer to Jones away. However I will be really disappointed if he doesn't unleash those left and right wing combinations tomorrow- it's absolutely perfect against 3 at the back!