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  1. To be honest this sort of thread is why I should stay off here after a defeat. Bannan has been an excellent servant to Sheffield Wednesday. He has been well paid and in return has found a home and been generally respected. He did today what he does every game, gives his all for Sheffield Wednesday. I actually think he played in the right position today, i think he is wasted as a 10, and contributes much more in the role he had today. I accept that he can sometimes get forced back too deep, especially when we play a back 4. Today he contributed significantly to a good first half and then faded
  2. I hope the lad does well. The club have clearly underestimated him and misjudged his potential. However he could have been a hero at his home town club and it looks like he has chosen not to be. I do have some criticism of him, he could have signed and allowed the club who invested time and energy into him for over a decade to get a fair fee. Eze did this and will therefore always be a hero at QPR, he also won’t have burnt his boats with them if it all goes wrong at Palace. Likewise it was only a few weeks ago Shaw said playing for Wednesday was a dream come true, clearly Celtic is a bigger dr
  3. In our front room in a lockdown. Unbelievable that grit can blow in from outside and get in your eyes and throat. Well done young man. Hopefully the start of a great career at Hillsborough. It is a while since I enjoyed a game as much as I did today,
  4. I feel great after that, we got a deserved point, played pretty well, but above all showed pride in the shirt. The good managers seem to give you that, and what I have noticed over the years, is that it doesn’t take them long to do so. Bruce did it quickly, it dispersed, slowly at first, and now we seem to have it back now we have a manager who will nurture it. We played well first half and a bit of quality got us ahead, second half was different, they were the better side and a bit of quality brought them back level. But we dug in, and I always thought we would hold on. Some real
  5. Very unprofessional. Hope we get them in the FA Cup!
  6. I am still proud to support the Wednesday!! That was awful and I fully expect us to go down. If only we would try to attack the opposition and score goals. I am a happy clapper, we need a change. I went for the palpably unfit Palmer as MOM because I doubt whether many of the others would play through the pain.
  7. It depends how we want to play, and whether Windass or Kachunga are good enough at holding the ball up to play with a flier, as I suspect they might be. . I know that wages might make it impossible but I would like us to spend our money on Murphy as a striker, who can obviously play elsewhere should we need him to, or should we change the system. I just think that compared to what we have spent on in the past, and compared to what he has been sold for in the past, £3m is a snip for Murphy, and he would probably like to come to Wednesday. I think he is capable of scoring plenty playing off a st
  8. Funny you say that Mr Kew, only this week a Manchester United fan said to me it was “touching and likeable” that i still followed Wednesday. However I felt I had the upper hand, because, as he was brought up in Sheffield, I felt sorry for him!!
  9. I can’t give up on Wednesday now. We aren’t even at our lowest ebb. I am 63 and so know the lowest ebb. I was brought up in S6, live there still and have done for most of my life. I was brought up to believe that those in the blue and white stripes were heroes, and I still can’t fully shake that off, even though I know the real heroes are in the NHS. I am a bit of a happy clapper and am a season ticket holder of many years standing. I always enjoy going to the game, but often it has been more for the routine, to get out, to see friends for a couple of beers beforehand, and even to see my wid
  10. I don’t get why we would want to replace our best players, unless we are relegated. Bannan and Iorfa, and Reach for that matter can’t go to League 1 for us. That to me tells me they are our best players. If we stay in the Championship we may as well sell Reach if we aren’t going to play him. It says much for how far we have fallen that all of our other players wouldn’t look out of place in League 1. So surely if we stay in the Championship it is the weaker players we should look to change. Bannan must feel unloved at the moment as all the better players are gone. He is always available and is
  11. Without a doubt our best player and with the possible exception of Iorfa our most saleable asset. It has been a pleasure to watch Bannan throughout his stay, he gives his all in every game, has talent, is nearly always available and will be one of our only players desired by others. We have little hope of keeping him should the EFL decide to relegate us, and nor should we, he is far too good for that division, and we will need to gather money from those we can sell. I assume Reach and Iorfa would have to go too, as well as the loaners. If we retain our status we need to show him faith and giv
  12. This has been an interesting read. There are some good ideas within it. Ronson makes some good points above, and room was good about the Green Un, whilst Are not makes a very good point of going for unusual angles outside the club, it’s essential to go inside the club, but by its very nature it will be controlled, corporate and rarely sensational. I am from the generation who read the Green Un every week, when I lived away from Sheffield my parents even sent it me, but those days are gone. I rate Sophy Ridge as a top political journalist, I was shocked, given her accent, that she supports Wedn
  13. Whilst we didn’t deserve to win I am not at all dejected by that performance. Despite their better quality we could easily have got a draw on another occasion, and the scoreline certainly flattered them. We won plenty of dead ball situations, and not many teams will defend them as well as they did. I’ve walked away from Hillsborough dejected plenty of times this season, but nobody could say that they didn’t give their all tonight. The lads that we have left deserve to wear the shirt, and a defeat won’t stop me from saying that. Let’s stick behind them even though we can’t be heard!!
  14. I actually think 3-5-2 suits Palmer very well. He is a good defensive full back, the problem is that he isn’t suited to how a modern full back has to contribute going forward. His crossing is a weakness and he gets few assists, and in feeling forced forward from full back he also causes problems behind him. Ironically he often does better at left back because he doesn’t feel the need to attack in the same way. He also isn’t able to play centre half in a defensive four. Despite these limitations I like him, and feel he is well suited to a back 3. I feel similarly about Fox on the other side. I
  15. I don’t agree that we can’t make the play offs from here. Other results have gone for us today, maybe if Bristol and Derby had won it would have been curtains. Win at Bolton and we can do it, I do agree that is a game we must win. We aren’t many points off and there will still be many twists and turns.
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