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  1. Disappointing, but it was to be expected because it was Shrewsbury. The game was similar to all the other games I have seen against them. In fact we were a bit better than normal because we actually had a good spell. Although I have been to Shrewsbury several times I missed our single win against them, which sums it up!! We really should have won this time but paid for not taking chances, and for running out of steam and looking increasingly devoid of ideas, before picking up right at the end. The substitutions seemed to have a negative impact, although it may have just reflected the way the game was going. If the disallowed goal had stood, or if the last minute flicked header had gone in we would have reflected much more on the positive. But In the end another disappointing result against our nemesis. Shrewsbury will be pleased with how they grew into the game and caused us problems. So BPF: 6. Good distribution, generally sound, but at fault with the goal, and this proved decisive. Hunt: 6. Sound first half, not great crossing, no major errors, but badly ran out of steam. Iorfa: 7: Untroubled first hour, and gave some impetus towards the end, but not at his best. Dunkley : 6 Won a fair share of headers. Solid, but slows play with laboured passing. Palmer: 7. Tale of 2 halves, strong first half, went forward well, minor role in goal conceded. Lost confidence and energy 2nd half, but part of much of our better play in the first 30 minutes. Hutchinson: 7. Another who had a much better first half. Clearly tired, and likely to do so in midfield. Did add strength to the midfield area and allowed the others to attack, worked well first half. Bannon: 7 Generally a good game. Works so hard. One assist that should have been two. Had two great chances though, and failed to trouble the keeper with either. Goal scoring is his big weakness. Adeniran: 6. Was he fully fit? Plenty of good moments, Had less impact and energy than in earlier games. Berahino: 7. Looks as if he will score. May end up more central. Good goal, should have had 2. Needs a run of games hope he stays fit. Gregory: 6. Works hard, gives us a focus, big chance at the end, didn’t hit the target. Should be on penalties. Think he has more to give. Shodipo: 8. Impressed. Turns well and looks a danger, gives us more of an attacking threat. Sort of wide forward you need in a front 3. Corbeanu: 5. Didn’t really offer much. Looks to have pace. Shrewsbury had confidence by the time he came on. Wing: 5. Think he needs to play further forward, Gave the ball away in his own half. Didn’t have very long Kamberi: 4. Disappointing, offered very little. Looked out of position on the wing. Should only play central.
  2. Yes thanks Emerson, I agree with everything Holmowl says regarding this. It makes me more likely to add my marks as well, I couldn’t this week because I merely listened to it, but will do in future. Sadly it very much appeals to the statto in me!!
  3. I like Palmer, think he is versatile and committed. Think his best position is probably right sided centre back in a 3, so he doesn’t have to get forward. He is still improving and is strong physically. He tackles well, and is part of a back 4 that hasn’t conceded yet. I would be loathe to lose him.However it is a tough one, and it should depend on how much Forest are willing to pay. I wouldn’t let him go for £250,000. Overall I would like to keep him, provided he is willing to sign a new contract, which would probably be on less than he is on now, and probably less than he would get at Forest, as I expect they would at least match his current contract. I would miss him being part of the Hillsborough furniture.
  4. It isn’t fine. However if you put Bannan, Windass and Hutchinson in, and somehow manage to get hold of a decent left back and centre forward, then it would just possibly be good enough if players stay fit. It all depends however on whether Mr Chansiri has given up on us.
  5. Sounds to me as if he thinks he will be going. This in my mind would be a great pity. We don’t have many players who we know would be good enough, he is one. You get nowhere selling your best players, and he is our best. I can’t blame him for going, but I had hoped, and still do, for a rare show of loyalty, from one of our most loyal and committed players. Feel worse about this season now. Not the news I had hoped for on the day I renew my season ticket.
  6. To be honest this sort of thread is why I should stay off here after a defeat. Bannan has been an excellent servant to Sheffield Wednesday. He has been well paid and in return has found a home and been generally respected. He did today what he does every game, gives his all for Sheffield Wednesday. I actually think he played in the right position today, i think he is wasted as a 10, and contributes much more in the role he had today. I accept that he can sometimes get forced back too deep, especially when we play a back 4. Today he contributed significantly to a good first half and then faded a bit as the more talented team took control. Even then it took 2 excellent strikes to beat us. Bannan has also done us a massive favour by signing again, in that respect any transfer fee we do get will go to the club rather than into Barry’s back pocket. I hope that some of the others will do the same for this club. I for one hope he is here next season whatever division we are in.
  7. I hope the lad does well. The club have clearly underestimated him and misjudged his potential. However he could have been a hero at his home town club and it looks like he has chosen not to be. I do have some criticism of him, he could have signed and allowed the club who invested time and energy into him for over a decade to get a fair fee. Eze did this and will therefore always be a hero at QPR, he also won’t have burnt his boats with them if it all goes wrong at Palace. Likewise it was only a few weeks ago Shaw said playing for Wednesday was a dream come true, clearly Celtic is a bigger dream come true. I also assume he feels this is the point of his maximum bargaining power. I take this all back if we haven’t offered him a contract or if it is clearly derisory. Hope we get Ciaran Brennan signed up soon. I hope Shaw decides to stay with Wednesday. I know this won’t be a popular view.
  8. In our front room in a lockdown. Unbelievable that grit can blow in from outside and get in your eyes and throat. Well done young man. Hopefully the start of a great career at Hillsborough. It is a while since I enjoyed a game as much as I did today,
  9. I feel great after that, we got a deserved point, played pretty well, but above all showed pride in the shirt. The good managers seem to give you that, and what I have noticed over the years, is that it doesn’t take them long to do so. Bruce did it quickly, it dispersed, slowly at first, and now we seem to have it back now we have a manager who will nurture it. We played well first half and a bit of quality got us ahead, second half was different, they were the better side and a bit of quality brought them back level. But we dug in, and I always thought we would hold on. Some real effort displayed, although we are limited, if we show the same sort of pride in the shirt we will rise up this league, albeit slowly. I bet big Tone already knows what we need and who will provide it. Well done Wednesday!!
  10. Very unprofessional. Hope we get them in the FA Cup!
  11. I am still proud to support the Wednesday!! That was awful and I fully expect us to go down. If only we would try to attack the opposition and score goals. I am a happy clapper, we need a change. I went for the palpably unfit Palmer as MOM because I doubt whether many of the others would play through the pain.
  12. It depends how we want to play, and whether Windass or Kachunga are good enough at holding the ball up to play with a flier, as I suspect they might be. . I know that wages might make it impossible but I would like us to spend our money on Murphy as a striker, who can obviously play elsewhere should we need him to, or should we change the system. I just think that compared to what we have spent on in the past, and compared to what he has been sold for in the past, £3m is a snip for Murphy, and he would probably like to come to Wednesday. I think he is capable of scoring plenty playing off a striker. Yes a fit Fletcher gave us a better ability to play long, but I think he also limited the way we could play, and the way we could press, and the better teams don’t really play that way. I think Murphy (who we know can play well for Wednesday) would score more than Zohore, would likely be a similar price, and would probably have better resale value. So I would go for Murphy, 1 big signing, and hopefully look at a midfield loan.
  13. Funny you say that Mr Kew, only this week a Manchester United fan said to me it was “touching and likeable” that i still followed Wednesday. However I felt I had the upper hand, because, as he was brought up in Sheffield, I felt sorry for him!!
  14. I can’t give up on Wednesday now. We aren’t even at our lowest ebb. I am 63 and so know the lowest ebb. I was brought up in S6, live there still and have done for most of my life. I was brought up to believe that those in the blue and white stripes were heroes, and I still can’t fully shake that off, even though I know the real heroes are in the NHS. I am a bit of a happy clapper and am a season ticket holder of many years standing. I always enjoy going to the game, but often it has been more for the routine, to get out, to see friends for a couple of beers beforehand, and even to see my wider group of friends who I know entirely from the kop. So it is hard for me to say this, but I haven’t missed it. I have watched on ifollow and thought I detected some improvement under 3-5-2, but now feel that any optimism was misplaced. I even regret getting my early bird ticket as I probably won’t be able to go anyway. We are almost totally reliant on Mr Chansari’s generosity, and I have no confidence that much will change over the summer under current management. I was shocked to be voting Monk out in the owlstalk poll, that isn’t like me. I generally support the manager to a fault. But his team are shot, they have no confidence and collapse at the end of games. I expect my favourite (Keiren Lee) to be gone with many others and for us to be weaker at the start of next season than we are now. Monk has had a poor deal here, but I have no confidence that he can inspire a turn round, let alone make up for a point deduction if we are still in the Championship. In my experience Wednesday only do well with a big character in charge. So I am about as low as I can get with Wednesday, the injury time goal last night showed us to be capable of losing to a team that weren’t even trying to win, I feel down about it, and not even knowing what division we will be in fills me with trepidation, it certainly makes our situation trickier still. So all I can say now is come on you blue and white wizards, Wednesday fans will not forsake you now!
  15. I don’t get why we would want to replace our best players, unless we are relegated. Bannan and Iorfa, and Reach for that matter can’t go to League 1 for us. That to me tells me they are our best players. If we stay in the Championship we may as well sell Reach if we aren’t going to play him. It says much for how far we have fallen that all of our other players wouldn’t look out of place in League 1. So surely if we stay in the Championship it is the weaker players we should look to change. Bannan must feel unloved at the moment as all the better players are gone. He is always available and is key to pretty much all of our better performances, and he can play a variety of roles within the midfield. We should offer him a good contract. He is good, it might be difficult to persuade him that we are his best option, it seems strange that some feel he may not be good enough for us. Decision time is if he refuses a good contract offer. Let’s look to move out the poorer players first.
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