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  1. Yeah they let 500 out all hell let loose and they shut the gates keeping the remainder of owls in. I was in the first let out :/
  2. So we drew 0-0 in the derby v a newly promoted side who has burst their bubble. I am looking for us to stop up at best and I hope the new manager sees the mediocre players we have and moves them on . We lack quality in most areas and are craving 2-3 young quality players .It's great the u23 players invoved which is a first for a long time but need to spend 10m + on up and and coming players no has beens as cc bought
  3. Best day of my life,seeing all their smudged face painted faces from the tears ...lobbers
  4. Can you name the last player swfc sold for a substantial fee or played at a level before u18
  5. Didn't used to be .my point is why do cat 2 and 3 academies exist .The whole reason Brentford and Huddersfield called it a day ?
  6. My lad plays for u12s academy. The problem you have as a cat 2 .When the cat 1s release at u16 the cat 2 clubs will offer scholarship to these players. Our kids will need to be better or pack in
  7. In my opinion when Bullen announces we are taking a strong squad to Carlise ,i think whats the point. Agree we should play the u18s playing up in the u23s especially Hirst ,Connor Kirby and Fraser Preston.
  8. Why would you have a goalkeeper coach giving his opinion on the touchline to the coach (cc) .Sit down and give advise to Westwood or Wildsmith when needed. He won't be doing it now
  9. I was referring to his football .No flair all long ball .We will win scrappy games but wont be top 2 imo
  10. Totaly agree Our team captain is too slow hence the constant bookings/send8ng offs
  11. Did you see him play RM against villa. I did and was lost
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