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  1. Anyone seen Nick De Marco’s latest tweet? Could be a subtle clue.
  2. Throw Winnall and Rhodes at Wigan for Moore.
  3. So that’s why they haven’t been picked for the Scotland squad. Don’t want to damage the seedlings.
  4. Geoffrey Whitehead from Not Going Out sits near us on the Kop. My son loves that programme but we’ve never plucked up courage to ask for a photo.
  5. Just been in Meadowhall this morning and seen Gary Megson & Sam Hutchinson (though not together). Is this a sign? Great Director if football and 1st team Player Coach combo.
  6. I was always underwhelmed by him but having watched a few old games, he was better than I remember.
  7. Was very comfortable on the ball and quicker than he looked.
  8. Watched a lot of YouTube videos lately. Appears that Petter Rudi was a much better player than I remember. Would rip this league apart now if you ask me.
  9. Hi Oh Silver lining belted out at Headingley. Obviously loads of Owls there. Well done lads.
  10. Well said. Couldn’t agree more. UTFO
  11. Watched it on FB live. Lots of abuse from Pigs and Mini pigs about the embargo and Mansfield. Only to be expected and we’d do the same. I still wouldn’t swap our squad for any of theirs and I just hope we have the last laugh. Galvanised me even more to my club. UTFO.
  12. Ha ha. That’s my son (not FF). He’ll be getting a shirt but he’s in adult sizes so we’ll wait for the £59 ones. He’s actually taller than FF even if he stood up. The VIP breakfast was a great idea.
  13. Food of Kings. Especially when I was younger and my nan kept it in an enamel tray in the pantry for my Grandad’s pack up.
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