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  1. The likely way - Too little too late, we huff and puff a bit and end up going down The unlikely way - we pull off a miracle, get a new lease of life and go on a winning streak until the end of the season and stay in the championship The Wednesday way - we pull off a miracle by going on a winning run out of nowhere, get everyone's hopes up, and then blow it on the final game of the season.
  2. Harris is having a howler. To be fair he is very good at running without a football.
  3. Today maybe but when you look at the season as a whole I think this group of players have proved time and time again that they have zero mental strength.
  4. The collective mental strength of this side is the worst I have ever seen.
  5. This football club feels so poisonous at the moment. Collectively these players are losers and we all new it before January so why we have not brought in new players and a new manager quicker is beyond me. Shocking business decisions and terrible recruitment has f*****d us right up. Truly, I don't think I can bring myself to watch a season of league one football again. Gutted.
  6. Every manager and teams have slip ups and bad results/performances. For the games he has been incharge his record is actually very good compared to the last few managers. The real test for a manager is motivating the players to respond well after a poor result. He already did this after Coventry so hopefully he can do it again and bounce back in a positive fashion. He has my full support as do the players.
  7. Well done Liam Palmer. Our most creative play comes from Paterson's long throws these days!
  8. Technically we are the in form team outside the top 6 at the moment because apart from qpr we are the only team to have won the last 2. We also have a game in hand on derby and two on brum and forest. There seems to be way too much negativity on this forum sometimes.
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