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  1. I'm abroad and ifollow are not accepting my card payment. Are there any live streams knocking about?
  2. Great result from the lads today and a blinder of a start. We showed a lot of character and were defiant at times where previously we would have crumbled (The reaction to the equaliser and red card). Clearly there is a strong sense of team spirit that may have formed as a reaction to Bruce's departure. So now for my point/question (and I might get shot down for this)...Why do we have to rush in recruiting a new manager? Why not ride the current wave of optimism before shaking things up again? Its probably too late for another manager to make any real impact on the squad before the transfer window closes and would likely change the current dynamics in the team/ coaching setup. Cant we let Bullen have a good crack at it and if we begin to see a drop in performances or a lack in leadership then bring someone in. Its not as if there are super strong candidates that we will miss out on if we don't act quickly (bar Hughton who doesn't sound up for it anyway). We could see how long this burst of optimism lasts without disrupting things too much and IF things start to go south then we can quickly bring someone in. I know its only one game but Bullen has done really well and totally stepped up to the mark. I think DC has a very tough decision ahead of him.
  3. Rhodes should definitely get some game time on Saturday. Think he will come good this season with Harris bombing down the wing and putting a few in and around the six yard box. Finally we can start focusing on the football again! Its been like a bloody soap opera the last couple of weeks.
  4. Why start with Nuhiu? He was dreadful the other night. Fletch and Winnall all the way.
  5. Big Dave for Winnall. Hooper on the bench. Everything else the same.
  6. It's also a miracle that the only time you used capital letters was for 'MLS'.
  7. Its ultra massive. A must win tomorrow. They will finish third and we will finish 6th. Its written in the stars.
  8. Disagree mate. Its the teams above us with a game in hand that have to concern us. Plus Im not holding on to anything, its just great to feel positive about the performances recently and even if there is the slightest chance of making the playoffs then Im 100% behind it. Positivity (however unrealistic) works better for me.
  9. I hope results go our way today and then we plaster them lot on Monday. The table will start to look very interesting for the run in. Ideal results today: Villa vs Derby (Villa win) Preston vs Bristol (Preston Win) Hull vs Birmingham (Hull win) Stoke vs Forest (Stoke win) All at home. This would put us reyt in the mix. I know I'm jumping the gun slightly but for the first time in a while the belief is there. The match against those on Monday is huge and even huger if results go our way.
  10. Thr use of full backs and tactical decisions from Big Bruce and Whiney Wilder.
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