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  1. Quantum Owl

    Ian Holloway

    What about (in the style of Enya) bursts of - 'Holloway, Holloway, Holloway'
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FI3VCBKWJw0 Sorry we can't be with everyone tonight - UTO!!!!!!!!!
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FI3VCBKWJw0&feature=youtu.be Sorry we can't be with everyone tonight - UTO!!!!!!!!!
  4. Will be huge for us this season. Him and Hooper. Mind blowing strike force.
  5. Fulham looking sharp, hopefully Preston can claw one back.
  6. Let me start by saying I am not for one second saying that Carlos should be replaced but there is something I have noticed as the season has progressed. Last season Carlos was full of positivity in every interview, reacting superbly to everything that journalists threw at him. Recently I have noticed that he seems very snappy and tends to react in quite a negative way to most questions that are thrown at him. We are used to this in the British Media obviously, but when you are asking the fans (us) to stay positive and are not reacting in that way yourself something doesn't feel quite right. Surely that must have an effect across the whole club including the players and performances on the pitch. Am I way off here? or is he feeling the pressure and that negative energy is working its way through the players and supporters?
  7. Quantum Owl

    Are tha worried?

    Weirdly I hope they do come up...so we can batter the **** outa them.
  8. Quantum Owl

    Birmingham stat review

    Brilliant post @joelswfc
  9. Quantum Owl

    Rival watch

    Because we lost one game of football against a promotion favourite..and we are above them in the league. Must be a joke.
  10. Quantum Owl


    He could do a good job for a lot of clubs in the bottom half of this league, but for a club like us looking to reach the playoffs/automatics, starting with a player of his quality is unsatisfactory to say the least . He does not possess nearly enough quality. I can't imagine that any other club in the top half of the championship would seriously consider Nuhiu as a valuable addition to their strike force. I like the guys spirit and attitude but it's time for us to strengthen and we need goalscorers with pace. Big Dave has had his time with us, it's time to move on.
  11. Morning all Really looking forward to this one, 0-2 to us (Hooper to score both). Brighton and Norwich to draw and udders to slip up away at Fulham. One point off the autos!
  12. Quantum Owl


    Westwood is pure quality. Keepers go under the radar sometimes. This guy has been the real deal.