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  1. "....but stiiill they coooommme". Totally heard Alan Partridge when I read that.
  2. Actually knowing Wednesday we will probably win, then draw Birmingham and get hammered, and then get relegated.
  3. Just seen pep saying that they are going to treat this match like a cup final. God help us
  4. Really the BEST case scenario is that we get hit with 9 points this season and somehow manage to survive. If we get more than 9 we go down this season and with the current squad we will struggle in the pub league. If we get hit with points next season then (if we stay up) next year is a total write off and theres a high potential of going down so that just extends the misery. What a total f up. The whole club is a disgrace from top to bottom and going backwards rapidly. There is zero passion or discipline across the board from anyone except the fans who are the only good thing about this football club. Im proud to be an owl and always will be purely because of this. Hoping for blind luck but genuinely fearing the worst. You know its really bad when the only thing you can do to feel better about the situation is to tell yourself... 'Its only football'.
  5. There are usually a couple of ifollow atreams on here as well, this is the new website from the founders of reddit soccer streams. They usually start a few minutes before kickoff. https://live.soccerstreams.net/event/barnsley-sheffield-wednesday-live-stream/90900
  6. Quality post snoots, top class - This should be at the top of google. Compare this to all the total bullshiz articles the star are knocking out.... Buzzing about this one, finally some new blood upfront, hoping for high tempo game and loads of passion.. If that happens then we will completely destroy them. Owls 0-4 win.
  7. Really poor first half. So flat, so boring...again. Monk needs to bring fessi and the new lad on asap.
  8. https://daddylive.live/channels/stream-11.php This works, unfortunately its LUTV
  9. I think if we are all honest we know that exploiting loopholes is hardly the most sound business strategy for a football club. Even though old Dejphon has been splashing the cash like there is no tomorrow and approached our clubs finances like he's playing a slot machine in a kebab shop, you still have to question these rules that are forcing clubs like us to take these actions. Bottom line: Money is ruining football ( I feel old and bitter ).
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