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  1. I'm guessing if he'd have caught them, they'd be having surgery, not him. They're low life's and deserve all they get!
  2. Agree, all the youngsters introduced in a side struggling to play was never going to be successful. There needs to be a mix of senior experienced players with the youngsters. Sure Bruce will recognise Penneys best position and hopefully play him there instead of playing him every other position on the pitch.
  3. Maybe the seniors are being put in the shop window
  4. Ahh so that's why he got September player of the month then with an overwhelming majority vote
  5. Exactly, no wonder most of our young talent go elsewhere. Who can blame them
  6. Hector 100% Fox is better but watching today's game that's clearly because he gets cover from Hutchinson, matias and Hector.. Hutchinson is the difference to Foxs play
  7. Do you not watch the games? He came off injured
  8. Neither pal - old mate / coach. Know how hard he works.. Agree about his management tho
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