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  1. Slogboy

    Two full backs needed

    Penney ain't shot to pieces. He just needs playing as a LB/LWB. If you put nando at CB, he would struggle, it's just the same!
  2. Slogboy

    You could drive a bus through there

    Agree about Penney
  3. Pudil is more a CB than a LB
  4. So it's ok if Nando plays poor but if Penney and,Baker do poor they get slated- says it all. Now ask what's happened to our exciting young prospects
  5. Last week "fans" were saying how brill he was. Hahaha
  6. He is more than decent when played in his right position. Today Reach supporting Fletcher? - reach needs to be on wing Joao on wing, he needs to be supporting Fletcher Thorniley LB - he's a CB through n through and a solid one too
  7. How can you expect the young lads like Penney, Baker, Thorniley etc play in a team like this. We are shocking, even Ronaldo would struggle. !
  8. And exactly who are good enough??
  9. Matias generally puts in more effort and tracks his man. Time will tell
  10. Guessing your a nando fan. Oh look, he's on bench too!
  11. Slogboy

    Treatment of Penney

    You are 100% correct
  12. Slogboy

    Treatment of Penney

    Agree but at villa he was left of a back 5 not like Tuesday where he was played LM/CM. In fact since signing his new contract he has been played further forward /centrally which is not his game
  13. Slogboy

    Treatment of Penney

    His debut mate was at Sunderland Adequate at Villa - ok so that's why other clubs then expressed interest in him cos he was adequate. That also being why he unanimously got voted September POTM Yes he was poor against Boro as they all were and since Villa has been played in 4/5 different positions.
  14. Slogboy

    Treatment of Penney

    And on Tuesday night, esp in the first half, there was a lack of effort from them all, including bannan, reach, Joey and so on. Some of these young lads are being asked to play in a struggling team. They only just managed to get a goal against struggling Bolton. You tell someone they're crap every day of the week, they'll eventually believe they are. I thought fans should be supportive. Some on here are toxic and hostile week in week out but think they can do better. Half of them don't even go to the games - nuff said