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  1. Sure penney and baker would love to follow suit however our chairman may not quite be so keen
  2. Iorfa should never be RB and won't play it here. He'll be a CB every day of week
  3. Penney and Thorniley won't get a look in. Bullpen wants the job and needs the wins. He's going to use the experienced players regardless. Reach isn't a LB. Palmer imo is best as RB. Don't rate Moses at RB but time will tell.
  4. Hes picking the squad. He knows his players. If they lose, yes he should take some blame. Thats what comes with being a manager
  5. Yes , hes appealling the ban so can play for now
  6. Iorfa will only be seen as a CB here
  7. Penney can only have a breakout season as all the other boys, if they get given a chance. As it stands with no manager and Bullen wanting/needing to win , the young lads won't be given that chance. It's a results industry. If swfc lose with any youngster playing, the club, the manager and the player would get slated.
  8. Agree. Need to recall if not given game time
  9. Who's going to join on loan from the prem for the peanuts that chansiri pays???
  10. I'd give Penney a go. Mix him in in a team of seniors. He's a player but needs a chance. If not, I wouldn't blame him moving on
  11. At this moment in time no as bully needs results. If he played youngsters in the mix and results went against us, we and the lads would be slated. In terms of loan deals, Mr chansiri needs to allow the lads to go out first AND agree to pay half or all their wages.Plus they need to be played at the loan club so that they're developed accordingly. It is what it is I guess
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