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  1. January Transfer Window

    100% accurate.
  2. January Transfer Window

    Penney or any youngster won't get a chance at this club. No chance to develop
  3. Sean Clare to be our Deli Ali?

    Someone with some sense who clearly watches the game
  4. Sean Clare to be our Deli Ali?

    Might have known you'd have seen Meredith! 'Crash hot' new terminology. still not a youth fan are you
  5. Excellent left footed strike , excellent acrobatic save by GK
  6. Matt Penney : goals

    He is 100% English
  7. Lose 2-0 Attendance 22,300
  8. U23s are they that bad ???

    We need to invest in our youth. We have some quality players in our u23s team They need to be given a chance
  9. George Hirst - SWFC Prospect

    Do you actually have a problem with comprehension? How many times will you keep referring back to Bradford - it is beyond me. I bet you never even watch the youngsters do you?
  10. You don't judge for yourself then....... I suggest you watch a few games then make your own judgement. exactly - you don't know.....
  11. And what standard is that then????? The development team is the U23s team that last year actually won the national league title - and you say you weren't impressed?
  12. And how do you know that didn't happen or did he actually want to go back?