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  1. Busyowl

    Matt Penney

    4th and fully agree with you.
  2. Busyowl

    Having Slept on it...

    Agree Reach and Penney would work well. Penney was moved further forward yesterday as we briefly went 3 at back and made some good runs. As a LB and not a wingback, I'm guessing Jos wants him to stay more defensive. Need to see what Onomah can do. Not sure about Hector - he's a unit but is he a player? Bannans great and runs everywhere tirelessly however he occasionally is in other players areas - yesterday he more or less took ball off Thorniley instead of getting in a position to receive the ball off Thorniley. Do others rely too much on him or does Bannen not rely enough in them? Fantastic mentality and team spirit to get a point against some very good individual players. In Jos we trust
  3. Busyowl

    Matt Penney

    Yes ince dud get past him but then the ball went to Bannans man, Palmers AND Thornileys before the goal was scored. Then obviously Dawson. A big learning curve for him but when playing 4-3-3 , whoever is in front of LB and RB need to track back. This rarely happened. Joao is good up front but poor at tracking back leaving Penney vulnerable with 2 on 1s yesterday. Great spirit for the TEAM to get back to 2-2 and salvage 1 point
  4. Busyowl

    Matt Penney

    Most were poor to start with
  5. Disagree, numerous times Penney was left with 2 men. Same for Palmer on the right with Mathias not tracking back.
  6. Busyowl

    Matt Penney

    Not often. Ince was very quiet 2nd half plus this was only Penneys 4th ever start
  7. Penney will definitely be up for this!!
  8. Certainly wouldn't move Thorniley to LB. Needs to keep Thorniley and Penney as they've played in last 3 games in which they've won..
  9. Sorry I meant Thorniley is more a CB than a LB. Doesn't offer what Penney can going forward although he could play there if asked
  10. Can't break Thorniley/Penney up. Thorniley is more a LB than a CB. Change a winning team - why?
  11. Busyowl

    Team for Reading

    Thorniley left CB next to Penney LB - becoming a strong partnership down that left side
  12. Busyowl

    Who else is up?

    Penneys is up 2019. Needs tieing down as the vultures will be hovering!