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  1. They are good prospects but need to be managed correctly and no I don’t believe we are the club to encourage them onto better things because any of them put a foot wrong and they’re slated . They need a good manager to develop and nurture their potential. At this moment in time, Monk has all on fighting to keep his job
  2. I take great offence at that comment. Tonight I believe Bashiru was lazy. That is no way a racist comment!!
  3. It is not racist in the least. I suggest they look up the definition of lazy
  4. Bannan was a weak player tonight yet still fans paw over him . 8?- get your eyes tested mate
  5. Iorfa Lees Brown Dunks will be out a while yet
  6. Agree with all apart from Dele- 4 at best, very lazy
  7. Disagree. They look no worse than some of the other pros out there tonight
  8. Yes I think they’re always known as the academy graduates and treated very differently to others. You’d think we’d treat our homegrown differently but I’m afraid we don’t
  9. It’s not that they aren’t ready , it’s how they’re being managed. Who would put both Bannan and Hunt together in the middle- common sense says no. Not even a footballing brain says no but Mr Monk chose to .Hunt was 19th man Saturday, how can he then be starting? Penney- not involved, not consistent? Jheez, how many of these tonight are consistent in their performances? Academy graduates need to move on to get the respect they deserve
  10. Not on tonight’s performance. Too lightweight
  11. He’s big and strong but not a clue how to play football
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