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  1. Aiden Flint. Can't afford him. We are skint.
  2. I tried to get one against Spamhall Lane. I don't think the bank liked my plan to bankroll D Taxis.
  3. Sorry, I checked the table just before they scored.
  4. Sadly, whenever I see him bolt down the wing, I just expect him to run into a dead end. He's not skilful enough to skip past defenders and his crosses and shots are hopeful at best. I have far more confidence in Palmer, because he knows his limitations and will pass back when he has no options. I think Harris should stop trying to be a world beater and just concentrate on doing the simple things well.
  5. I've noticed that we're doing this quite regularly now, so presume it's a tactic being coached. Windass seems to be deadly at deflecting them accurately towards the goal, which is something I noticed from his Rangers days. Rhodes also, has that knack of being in the right spot at the right time so could suit him as well. Reach though, seems to feel more confident taking a touch, which makes him less effective. Given all the looping, ineffective and often inaccurate service from last season, this is quite refreshing and more exciting to watch. The opposing defenders have little time to react an
  6. Has the window shut, or closed. If so, will the door be open when the window is closed and shuttered? Definitely not an open and shut case. Or is it? I'm confused.
  7. Older Women Love Spatchcock
  8. Most managers have an ambitious vision, but when that vision falls short of expectations under the harsh reality of the Championship or the constraints of the budget, the true vision of a manager is to survive the chop or switch to another team as soon as they fear the chop or a better offer comes along. Or did you mean a blend of hand picked, young, hungry, ambitious players mixed with experienced pros adopting a pressing game? Sorry, I'm in ironic mode this morning.
  9. Maybe you should start a thread. Find out what is pure Sheffield and what is more widespread. I think I've heard goalie wag down in Devon where I live, but I played 5 a side with Geordies and Mancs too, so might have heard it from them. Bobar is another term you never hear outside the Sheffield area. Always makes me chuckle when I hear it.
  10. Yeah, I know that. We used both terms at school depending on how insulting we wanted to be. Neshing was another term I only heard in Sheffield.
  11. Is bog liner Sheffield slang? Never heard that term outside of Sheffield.
  12. Marvin the paranoid Owlsdroid. "Don't talk to me about life.....or Wednesday."
  13. Yeah, not so long ago we were favourites for relegation and got to the play off final!
  14. Cheese on toast. Chuck a bit of tomato sauce in and it's almost a pizza, which was good enough for di Canio and Carbone. The future is bright. The future is blue and white. Right, might be time for me to stop the valium now.
  15. Apparently has a tendency to go missing. Once found having a kick about in the desert after a 17 year absence.
  16. Chumbawumba - tubthumping "We get knocked down, but we get up again, the EFL will never take us down." Note: repeat until we get relegated, then just mumble incoherently.
  17. Look at the shirts Look how they shined for you And all the Wednesday do Yeah they were all yellow He came along Designed a shirt for you But they would never do Cause there was no yellow.
  18. They used to be called Woolwich Arsenal. No wonder they changed it. I'm not sure if the Chelsea Pensioners was ever a football team.
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