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  1. Some stats to back this universal truth. A cheetah's hunt success rate is 58%, so if a team of cheetahs was in league one, they would kill 6.4 of the opposition players, which would cause the match to be abandoned, unless the referee was among the 58% devoured. Although the cheetah's would undoubtedly go on a fabulous unbeaten run, they are notoriously poor at understanding the rules of football and would end up with too many goalless draws, which would probably see them relegated over a 46 game season. Crowds would probably diminish too, although this method did gain popularity during Roman times, when an exciting game was preferred over final league position.
  2. Their poor punctuation and incorrect use of perfect pronouns was quite shocking to be fair.
  3. No, but there might be a historical re-enactment by the Accrington historical society.
  4. It can go one of two ways with a Maverick. They are either unconventional geniuses or a dangerous liability. Where Moore is concerned, I haven't seen much evidence of the former.
  5. Only an hour from mine too ......but I'm working in Lowestoft .
  6. Nope, not shown as being screened anywhere, so no stream either. Anyone at the match fancy doing a live video? Just talk absolute bobar over it and it will feel like Ifollow. Oh yeah and if you could make it freeze occasionally, it'd feel really authentic. Thanks.
  7. Looks like the game isn't on any TV channels, PPV or available to stream. Anyway..... Palmer Brennan Johnson Corbeanu DB Luongo Adeniran Shodipo Kambieri Pato Hopefully Byers and Windass to get 30 minutes in.
  8. Are you seriously saying that nearly 50 percent of shots on target is poor? You do realise that hitting the post counts as being off target? You can claim that the quality of the shots were poor, fair enough, but not the accuracy.
  9. Agreed. I enjoyed watching the attacking play yesterday and that was what we all asked for at the beginning of the season. OK, some poor decisions, crosses and shots in the final third, but the stats show we were on the front foot most of the game. The result is disappointing, but we are definitely moving in the right direction. As long as that is the case, injuries aside, we'll gain ground on the top six.
  10. Yes, a shampoo and setback. That should give him more volume, in fact I think we need to employ a full time hairstylist to get everyone up to the level of bouffant required by the modern game.
  11. 5 - it's been a painful process, but we are now getting to know what sort of players we've brought in and how they will or won't fit into Moore's plans. Some have positively surprised me, many have left me perplexed. At one point it seemed like we were getting nowhere and Moore was unable to adapt, but his tinkering has found the basis of a team that can work together and now it's a case of maintaining that foundation and strengthening certain positions. The quality of passing has improved and we seem to advance more as a unit now. Not quite so well in retreat, but we are improving there too. I hope that Moore is ruthless enough to cut the dead wood over time because we are carrying too many players who are either ineffective or not consistent enough. That's a result of our limited budget for recruiting though and fully understandable given the completr overhaul which has taken place. We are still a work in progress, but I sense that the tide is now turning in our favour and HMS PTL is finally getting a bit of a breeze in her tattered sails.
  12. Doctor has told him not to get too excited, so he's ditched the pre-match ponderings and is just going to watch the game.
  13. Playing out from the back actually seemed to work this time as well, because we were defending as a team and closing down quickly, which took some pressure off the defence. If we are going to play that way, we need to keep pressing higher up the pitch so it doesn't just come back. I noticed that we stole possession quite a lot last night, which has been a part of our game that's been missing. Maybe we have hit upon a winning formula. It remains to be seen whether DM sticks or twists yet again.
  14. Exactly. He may be a frustrating, blinkered, idealistic, lunatic, but he's OUR frustrating, blinkered, idealistic, lunatic.
  15. Oooo, let me fink about that one.... Errrrm, Nah! Regards, DM
  16. "The Wednesday defence just seem nervous and that will eventually lead to mistakes. I'm sure they would be much higher up the league if they didn't insist on playing out from the back. It's all very well in the PL where you have the players for it, but not in League One. If you dont have the players capable of playing that system or the players themselves are not happy with that system, then it's not going to work. Maybe you have both and then it's a double negative." Those words from an opposition commentator tell me that every professional in this League knows our main weakness and how to exploit it. Every person except one that is. Unfortunately, that person is stubbornly blind to his failure and will ultimately lose the respect of everyone by insisting that the best route forward is to change nothing, dust yourself down and go again.
  17. Would he be in the automatics now? Are the frustrating performances all down to his tactics, or does he not currently have the quality of players capable of following his system? Are they just not used to each other's individual style. In other words, with a team that has talented players and has already 'gelled', would his tactics be successful? If so, is it the Manager's tactics, the individual player's capabilities, or the team collective that has the most influence on success?
  18. That's what I figured. I can't for the life of me see where the consistency is. Too much messing around once again. FFS!
  19. Just so we know what we are talking about. A person who is uninfected can transmit the virus, simply by touching a contaminated surface and spreading it around to other surfaces. They won't however spread it by coughing, so the chance of an uninfected person (or someone with a mild infection) of passing it on is reduced. Secondly, recovery from one strain of the virus gives you very little protection from another and also natural resistance weakens over time, hence why boosters are needed. Think of it like a cold or flu (also a coronovirus). There are lots of variations, hence why you never become immune to them. Covid vaccinations are really for your own protection from severe illness and long term complications and to reduce the rate of spread to others. If you think they are some form of attempt at government control, then I would suggest that SARS Cov 2 is the least of your concerns.
  20. The length of the game x the width of the pitch x the height of the tallest defender gives a constant that equals 442, but I will continue to assert that 433 is the correct answer.....erm.....yeah....no.
  21. "I don't mind dropping into League 1. At least we might get to see some wins." FFS, we've got rid of the overpaid wasters, brought in some younger, hungrier players and still I am watching absolute bobar in L1. It's an F-ing joke. This is going to need a major turnaround very quickly to inspire any confidence in Moore's tactics. I suspect he's already a dead man walking.
  22. Don't worry, a payday loan secured against future wage..er......or against Hillsbor..er....OK I'm sure Chansiri has several company credit cards.
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