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  1. True, but Thommo was also in charge during the 3-2 reverse at Luton, the first sign that we were in real trouble. You're right, there was a chance we could turn it around then, but I'm not convinced that Thommo, or anyone else could have done so, after the initial manager bounce. The players briefly decided to give a sheite and then reverted to type. I agree with your 2 up front, patts and wing backs btw. That seems to get the best out of what we currently have. I personally think that Windass is improving under DM.
  2. I said that he is playing a system that he knows can work. I didn't suggest that it will. It's a big ask with these players, but going direct requires the right players too and the current squad are too weak in defence and have no effective target man and hold up player to make it work. That's what Pulis was hoping to address. DM is working with a stitched up mongrel of a team and whatever system he plays, I doubt he'll get any joy from it. I don't have anything against a direct approach, but DM isn't the man for it, so if we have to play expansive football under him, it will take relegation a
  3. I think we're all aware that some of the team don't have the heart for a fight and want out. I can't honestly say I blame them given what's going on behind the scenes. DM must be aware of that too. The problem is that due to injury, pending transfer or lack of talent/experience/motivation, there is no back up, so Moore has to stick with what he's got and try to keep everyone healthy and fit, which is quite an ask if you consider the position we are in. He can't afford to point fingers and drop key players, so he is stuck between a rock and a hard place. He is playing a system that he knows can
  4. I don't do predictions, but just wanted say thank you to Snoots and everyone else for the touching tributes to Jon, Sam, Gurujuan, or by whichever moniker you got to know him. I was not really in his circle of friends, just close to someone who knew him well and after the original post, I was blown away by the response. No doubt he would have been too. He would have felt especially honoured to have the transfer and matchday thread dedicated to his passing. Being from Oxford, he adopted the Owls as his own team as a student in Sheffield and even after leaving the city, wore the colours with pri
  5. There once was a man called Chansiri, Who's judgement was decidedly bleary He turned a good team and club Into one fit for a pub And said the fans were the cause of it clearly.
  6. If nothing else, we are a source of tragi-comedy. I can't ever remember laughing at our players before, but Harris' skyrocket into row Z and Pelupessy's sublime pass to our invisible forward midweek had me laughing like a deranged comedy villain. I hope slapstick Sheffield Wednesday win by the most outrageous flukes today, cause that is probably the only way we'll get a result. FFS!
  7. Mathematically we can still remain in the Championship, but we'd still need to recruit shrewdly to have any chance of competing next season. That unknown for me is more concerning. I can take relegation if it marks a change in strategy that leads to Moore being left to build a new team with greater dynamism, but is that likely based on past evidence? I sincerely hope we can stay up, but if its between that and a guarantee of a complete rebuild in League One, I'd prefer to go down a league. At least we might get some excitement out of watching our team again.
  8. BB must not under any circumstances be allowed to shoot on sight. None of our current attackers can beat a man and they are incapable of moments of individual brilliance. KH will only occasionally have a decent end product. LS must be taken off if on a yellow. AR should not be given a defensive role. SH is a defender. LP is an average RB MP is not the answer at LB TL cannot play out from the back. KW is our best choice GK Anything else we could tell him to save him the trouble of finding out for himself?
  9. Surely it's a back four. If Penney is LWB then Harris must be RWB, leaving only 3 in midfield, which is worrying.
  10. Is this a suggestion for the site of the new ground? Bit extreme, but suppose it might solve our undersoil heating issues.
  11. It's low tide at 9.30 in the Scilly Isles if that helps?
  12. Me too! Used to survive on two packs of cheesy Smax, then raid the biscuit tin when I got home.
  13. What are the tidal heights? You can't just give us half the information. How can we accurately predict the snowfall in Hillsborough otherwise. FFS?
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