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  1. Surely it's a back four. If Penney is LWB then Harris must be RWB, leaving only 3 in midfield, which is worrying.
  2. Is this a suggestion for the site of the new ground? Bit extreme, but suppose it might solve our undersoil heating issues.
  3. It's low tide at 9.30 in the Scilly Isles if that helps?
  4. Me too! Used to survive on two packs of cheesy Smax, then raid the biscuit tin when I got home.
  5. What are the tidal heights? You can't just give us half the information. How can we accurately predict the snowfall in Hillsborough otherwise. FFS?
  6. You can't admit to there being a flaw in your argument on Owlstalk. It's contrary to the user agreement (and don't bother challenging me on that!)
  7. And besides, global warming has melted all the icebergs and the pandemic has put a stop to any cruises.
  8. Good job Hutchinson is rumoured to be returning then. What could possibly go wrong?
  9. No, but a well written article from a local journalist might hopefully be noticed and taken seriously by those who have influence at the club, whereas someone's opinion on here won't.
  10. The issue now is that the club is running into debt and no business can continue without future revenue. If the debts are too large then it will be impossible to sell, especially during the ongoing crisis, so inevitably we'll go into administration and this time it will be curtains, so unless you want to build a new club called The Wednesday and start off back in the conference, I'd suggest you patiently support the current regime until Mr C either gets tired of losing money and decides to sell at a loss, or alternatively wises up, backs off and allows a DOF or experienced manager to run the f
  11. "I know you said you'd eat your boots if you got skinned again, but at least do it after the games finished FFS!
  12. Swarming, orbiting, spiralling. A bit like us going down the Championship plug hole.
  13. Grammar: It's the difference between knowing your poo and knowing you're poo. Disclaimer: Yes it's politically incorrect. Lighten up will ya!
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