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  1. More to the point, will Vulva's three jars of chutney be snatched away at the last moment. He may not deserve it, but if he can't hold on in the challenge, the pickle might really hit the fans.
  2. You've had a lot of time to think about this haven't you?
  3. Amateurs. That's what drones were invented for.
  4. Yeah, and Fletcher trying a ridiculous volley when we needed to keep possession shows our naiivety. Grrr.
  5. I'd like England to win, purely to pee off all those spiteful Celts who'd love England to lose. We are more successful at egg chasing than they are and they hate it. It's hilarious. Oh...and Wednesday to win at the most successful game ever invented (the modern rules of which were formed by toffs at Eaton btw!)
  6. We've had 3 managers since July, differing systems to learn, a soft embargo, unbalanced squad and lack of player funds. Where does anyone see the basis for condistency!? Monk has inherited this state of affairs and so far is doing well to get reasonable results out of a patchwork squad. It takes time to rebuild a team with a winning mentality. He keeps saying this to dampen the fans expectations, but we still want to be instant world beaters. Its not practical or reasonable. Monk needs time to work on strategy, fitness, awareness and confidence. He also needs time to recruit his own players. So lets just all chill out, enjoy the wins, don't get too down about the losses and support the club as it goes through a slow, but positive period of transition.
  7. Aren't we all mate. Groundhog day comes to mind. Which, thinking about it, is a good name for a home game at the sty.
  8. I get the feeling from his interviews that he has a long term approach to improving the efficiency of individial and team performances as a whole. He has a definite philosophy that requires time to instill. He must be frustrated that he's never been able to get a team to reach its full potential because club politics have always cut his progress short. I reckon he's probably well aware that this is the time in his career where to be vindicated, he has to take his ideas to the next level. He must have been reassured by DC that he wouldn't be prevented from pressing ahead with his ideas due to internal interference, otherwise I doubt he'd have taken on the job. I get the impression that he's a perfectionist and that will give him an edge when games are tight. He's like a tactical gambler, analysing the odds and developing simple strategies to keep them in his favour. Maybe he won't be an advocate of flowing football, but if the players and fans see that his tactical approach is getting results, he'll be given the time and platform to take us up to the next level. I just hope that he doesn't have his head turned in the meantime. The Bruce saga has made us all a bit wary of a manager's long term loyalty.
  9. I've been on one of the Bin Laden family's superyachts and seen one of their villas in Egypt. They are just wealthy Arabs, who enjoy a Western lifestyle while the general population of SA is kept in check by the zealous wahabi religious police. Its an extreme system which serves the wealthy ruling tribes. Osama was an idealist, who was recruited and trained by the US to counter the Russian presence in Afghanistan. He isn't representative of his family. However, the question everyone should be asking is why, when Osama was Saudi and the Saudis operate a brutally repressive regime, did 911 lead to the invasion of Iraq, who had nothing to do with the attacks and carry on trading normally with SA? Whatever you think, we should not be supporting them or trading with them until they start acting like a civilised country. But when have morals ever stopped big business from dealing with despots when they can turn a healthy profit?
  10. And if you read John Perkins 'Confessions of an economic hitman.' Or watch his U-tube interviews, you'll find out how this and many other campaigns were/are achieved. Ironically, the US put Hussein and the Baath party into power in the first place. He was no good at left back though. Unless you handed him an AK47.
  11. I hope the driver wasn't German. Or a Blunt. Or both!
  12. Massimo, Boner, Bates. Our team sheets are gonna be interesting.
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