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  1. Owl Stork

    No news

    But we need to get our hopes up so they can be trampled all over. Wednesday.....when it stops being fun, make stuff up.
  2. Owl Stork

    Ou est le presser?

    Les gilets bleus l'exigent!
  3. Owl Stork

    Ou est le presser?

    Stubbed toe?
  4. Owl Stork

    Biggs - Bruce - Not a cure all

    Its been a salvage job for some time and Jos was clearly given the task of holding fort while deflecting the blame for naiivety from higher up. Maybe it's an impossible job for anyone without the funds to bring in fresh blood, but DC needs bums on seats and its likely he will be forced to act. It may result in an immediate upturn in results, but its very rare to see longer term progress without recruitment and that will require some shrewd dealings on a tight budget. I hate to say it, but we need a Warnock type who is given a free reign.
  5. Owl Stork

    Biggs - Bruce - Not a cure all

    One thing is sure, a potential target, whether lined up for a fee, free or on loan would certainly be more tempted by having Bruce as a manager than Luhukay. The hungry players think in terms of career prospects, with an eye on future earnings. Bruce has a track record that will lure them in.
  6. Owl Stork

    I've got a source in club (No joke)

    The club tells us nothing. I have it on good authority that Jos went on Monday and was immediately replaced by a lookalike android. They think we are fools. We'll know the truth when he starts to talk funny and doesn't move very much.........oh wait.
  7. Owl Stork

    Message for Cammy

    Message to the shadow Llama: come back, we've hardly won a game since you disappeared.
  8. Owl Stork

    Question time...

    Thats what I was thinking. It's a win/win.
  9. Owl Stork

    Question time...

    Roy Keane with Sunderland 2006. 23rd place to division champions. He is also available. Not sure he would last a week with DC though.
  10. I used to work for a spoilt Arab bloke who was like this. He would ask for advice, then ignore it and accept no responsibility when things went wrong, hire underpaid puppets to do his financial dirty work and fire people who were not prepared to tow the line. Spend a fortune on pointless trimmings, but ignore vital supplies and blatantly ignore basic safety procedures. I see so many similarities with him and DC and fear that he will never have the foresight to hire the right people to do the job and leave them to do it without interference. I could have saved that guy millions, literally, but my hands were tied and in the end I gave up trying to help him and just did the minimum until another opportunity came along. I wonder if Jos is doing the same. I hope not.
  11. Tip: avoid furry hood by wearing undergarments...and not pulling yerself off while eating magnum minis.
  12. Owl Stork

    Must read

    Is that the type of manager you would like though? Luhukay appears to be the kind of guy who will do his best despite the constraints. I'd bet on him to give us a lower mid-table finish this season at least and with all the FFP issues, I'll take that now.
  13. Owl Stork

    Must read

    Players today don't know their born. Imagine Jamie Vardy getting a bag of licorice allsorts for winning the league....or a solitary fish and chip eating contest for that matter.
  14. Owl Stork

    is the bacon game

    You are seriously sick. White wine with red meat?! FFS
  15. Owl Stork

    Press Conference LIVE NOW

    Will in German means 'want to'. As in the well known phrase: "Ich will die shmützige Schweine in den Arsch ficken."