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  1. Owl Stork

    Tom Lees

    Was at fault for not closing down at Stoke too. I can understand when you're the last man, but ffs, just standing there or tracking back without challenging when you have support is just inviting pressure at this level. You have to limit the opponent's options quickly and decisively. You might fail or concede a foul, but you will at least upset their momentum and composure enough to snuff out the immediate danger. Its basic stuff.
  2. Owl Stork

    Perspective thread

    I expect a play off place. I have no perspective because I'm selfish and have attachment issues. I've also got mercury poisoning from living off John West tuna.
  3. Owl Stork

    Doing it the right way

    Found a penny, lost a pound....to coin a phrase.
  4. Owl Stork


    It wasn't a great header, admittedly, but if he'd done exactly the same as Pudil, it could just have easily fallen to another villa player who was due a worldie. No point looking at who was at fault. When a shot like that goes in, you've just got to shrug your shoulders and appreciate a moment of class.
  5. We've been unable to gain full momentum because key defensive players were sold or released and not replaced by seasoned pros. The U23s have plugged the holes surprisingly well and with Hector now on loan and the youngsters gaining experience we are only going to get better at shutting out teams. We've found the balance in midfield and our attack is not in question, so personally, Im not in the slightest bit concerned. I expect we'll get progressively stronger and finish in and around the playoffs.
  6. Yep, the player in question wasn't impeding anyone's view, blocking the passage of the ball, near the ball or physically obstructing anyone. The only way he would be offside is if he receives the ball cleanly from a member of his own team. He didn't. On the subject of Palmer, he held the correct position; ready to intercept a movement or pass to the left. Penney could have been tighter on Afobe, Thorniley was guarding against a direct shot or pass to Afobe. Lees in hindsight could have advanced to tighten the angle of a pass or shot, but that would have pulled him out of position. All in all just a case of bad luck. I do wonder though, if Ince was purposely looking for a deflection as he must have known that pass was to an offside player otherwise.
  7. True...and no doubt teams are starting to purposely leave players in offside positions to take advantage of the rules relating to deflections...... The new rule changes this situation as the attacking player in an offside position when the ball was kicked by a teammate who gets a rebounded or deflected ball after it was deliberately played by the opponent (except from a deliberate save), is no longer offside and is not considered to have gained an advantage.
  8. A player of Tom Lees experience, must have noted beforehand and been aware that there was a player offside somewhere behind him. He held position in the line facing the ball, as is normal, but he was also aware of Afobe onside and facing towards goal. Afobe could have run onto the pass or been rashly tackled trying to do so, so Tom took a risk and stabbed at what he probably knew would have been an offside pass. He messed up, his touch put Afobe onside (second phase, as I understand it). The original intent of the other player then becomes irrelevant, I would imagine. Anyway, it is what it is, officials, like players, make judgement calls and unlike us, they have a split second to do it. If anything, Penney should have been slightly goal side of Afobe, ready to intercept. Jos, I expect, will make them sit through the video several times and drill them to ensure this doesn't become a regular occurrence. Hopefully Hector will have a large part to play.
  9. Owl Stork

    Bannan wins Goal of the Month

    Think we will need to recruit more ball boys.
  10. Jonny is an Owls fan according to his good friend Walt, who is also a friend of mine and a lifelong owl, living in Oxford. Not sure why he is, but Gurujuan, who also knows Walt will probs have the lowdown. Does it really matter anyway? As long as he's not a Blade the Karma Police can rest easy.
  11. Yep, they lived on the next road down from me. He supported L@@ds. Even worse life choice.
  12. Ha ha, we went to school together. Still good mates. His second team was Villa. Poor life choice.
  13. Seriously, if you haven't tried this, give it a go. I laughed when a mate suggested doing it. I'm pretty fit at 50+ and can still play normal 5 a side, but I was knackered after the first game. I play every chance I get now. Great way to keep fit and share your passion with like-minded blokes (and women - it can be mixed).
  14. Do you know Paul 'Walter' Cundy? Big Wednesday fan. Him and his missus own Liscious, the trendy retro shop.