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  1. Really need one more ticket. Be very grateful and will pick-up same day Thanks
  2. Please. I can pick up from anywhere. Money will be transferred asap if needed also
  3. If we win at Cardiff by two goals we go top of the league (for a few hours anyways). So, does this mean we are doing well or could you say the league is very poor? We are average right now so how the hell can we go top after 12 games.
  4. I'd pay them tbh. One footed, cannot tackle, not got the balls to tackle, can't remember the last time he took on a player. Peter Rudi the 2nd.. If anyone actually believes a bid of 10m was ever made you are off your rockers. Neg away but I'm right
  5. Surprise Surprise it was a guy called DAVID RICHARDS
  6. Can't we just build some more turnstiles and ramps into the carpark over the old sports hall? How hard would that be?
  7. Or the huge bit of green stuff in front of it ffs
  8. Why don't you get it this year on a Fire stick app and try it with any games you don't go to? Only 50quid I've lived overseas and its very good now. It started with no commentary but now its the full shabang!
  9. It doesn't give me the option when I'm on phone data but does on wifi. Maybe try a VPN
  10. Just done the same. Couldn't log in to the app an purchase. But if you go to the news on the website or facebook page there is an article about ifollow just been posted and when you click the link from there it takes you to the £5 Reading game. Make sure you do it on a forigen sim (not UK) or wifi or it will not allow you.
  11. I've sussed out what the wait is.... its the Rooney Rule and catch 22 According to the F.A rules we need to interview one ethinic-minority for the job before we can employ anyone. But, according to magical minds of the F.A we support racism (Apparently! Based on fornicate all evidence - I mean what's evidence ever had to do with anything anyways) therefore we cannot find anyone to interview...... *Discalimer. There is no evidence of this I just totally made it up.
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