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  1. Lee Davies

    A Quick Look at SWFC's Finances

    What do you think the news is we have been waiting to hear? Basically, it is a case to prove that 'related transaction' are not actually related transactions. The courts will overrule the F.A. This means that DC is trying to get around the rules to fund us. The F.A know this and trying to stop this happening. The case will be announced soon I'm sure...... If we lose then its a fine (and maybe the points DC is worried about for trying to srew their rules)
  2. When you have a poor team and don't even play the best players you have
  3. Monday morning comes when he is sat in front of the Wednesday Management. "Now then sir can you explain your actions......" "Yes, the player had 'happy' hair" What would they do then? Hard to ban him for that....
  4. Lee Davies

    Wigan tickets?

    They will sell in under an hour. What's the panic?
  5. Lee Davies

    £99 or £59 for the new shirt

    3rd prize: 2018/19 new home shirt framed and signed by the chairman, squad and first team management FFP....... Now we're fcuked! How can we afford this?
  6. Lee Davies

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Sure he played away at Reading but nice photo
  7. I can't understand why the F.A/Premier League cannot enforce a contract rule where any player who signs a contact in any league has to also sign a 50% reduction clause too (maybe more). This means that when a team are relegated they do not need £40m hand outs to pay off their exisiting contracts. Within the reduced terms the players will all have a price set which will allow the club to regain some money and not prevent a player moving on. I strongly feel this will be more of an incentive for players to fight relegation and not just give up, knowing they have a 5 year contract etc. Therefore parachute payments would not be needed... Discuss?
  8. Lee Davies

    Have we forgotten Gary hooper???

    Fair comment. He was just clearly one of the players we couldn't get rid of due to a long contract and high wages. A fee goals later and we want to waste more money on him. Please prove me wrong Attie, please prove that your lack of fitness, skill and poor attitude over the last 4 years or so was down to not been loved and the various managers you played under WAWAW
  9. Lee Davies

    Have we forgotten Gary hooper???

    You're right. A players form cannot be switched on and off like that. But, effort can and along with effort comes a higher chance of success. The point i made when i said i hope they prove me wrong is giving them the credit they deserve. I'm just a guy who see's the bigger picture. I just want the best for my club as we all do and I assess players other the whole time not just a flash in the pan time. Remember that Leon Clark has recently put in a lot effort in and has scored a few goals. But if we want to top half we need better. Hope he prooves me wrong
  10. Lee Davies

    Have we forgotten Gary hooper???

    Why do people think Nuhiu will pull his finger out again next year with a 2 year contact under his belt? He has tossed it off for 4 years and beem massibely over weight. Hope he an others such as Pudil prove me wrong but I'm not one who is easily bought.
  11. Lee Davies

    Offload dilemma

    Maybe they will play really well and give a sh-it in the last 6 months of their contracts after 4 years of doing sod all, then we will be singing their names and begging them to stay! FFS
  12. Lee Davies

    keeping these two

    Spot on with everything you said here!
  13. Lee Davies

    keeping these two

    Jesus, don't take much to buy our fans favour does it. Pudil - thanks for the effort over the last few years but you have put on too much weight and got too comfy under Carlos. This should and will cost you another few years at this level - legs have gone now. When chasing attackers/wingers I have to turn away, and when he tackles with his ass? This to hide the fact that he has had his day.. Bye Nuhiu - Another one who spent years overweight and not interested at times - funny how everyone can play their ass off when they need another contract. Remember that Leon Clarke went on a run of 9 goals in 4 games but ultimately teams with very average players are very average. Also remember he went nearly 3 years without a goal. Fred - Give him a chance and pay a little but not a lot Overall, the reason we are where we are is because players like this need moving on. There are plenty of average defenders and strikers who are big and strong but offer more skill and speed.... I await the negs but I am right!
  14. Lee Davies

    Nuhiu at the crossroads

    Good point!
  15. Lee Davies

    Nuhiu at the crossroads

    There has been years where he has not put a shift in and the vast mahority wanted him gone. Now he wants another contract he pulls his finger out? He belongs at Chesterfield. Think with your heads not your hearts WAWAW