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  1. 800 miles. Hundreds of pounds. Fighting to get into the ground. And what happens at full time to the few hundred who made the trip? Sweet F.A! 3-4 players clapped us from the halfway line and the rest couldn't even be bothered to do that! Can anyone in the local media ask Lee Bullen why he didn't command the players to show a little respect? Looks like another afternoon in Hamburg on Sunday. If they think we're travelling to Kiel they're wrong. Neg away but I'm right! Rant over WAWAW
  2. I think the idea is to go to the pub today. Not tell anyone, keep total silence. Then next month sometime announce everything..maybe
  3. On our way up this morning after two long nights in Hamburg. Anyone up there got a boozer in mind? I understand its only a small place?
  4. Manchester Airport Tuesday. Does this count?
  5. I think I'll stay in Lubeck on the Friday night and come back to Hamburg Saturday
  6. For anyone going a bit early RyanAir have flights on Wednesday for about 20quid from Manchester. I'll be there
  7. I think 5 years is long enough to make our minds up
  8. The names I was called when I said "get rid of this donkey unless you want us to finish mid-table" when he was taking the pissss at the end of the previous season (wanting a contract). *EDIT he wasn't taking the wee wee in those last few games. He was taking the wee wee the other 5 years.
  9. I said this all along and especially the day after he score the goal against Leeds. Does nothing and weak. I got called a pig
  10. I 100% get you. Your point is why we won! Lets just enjoy the win tough
  11. Don't get me wrong. He works hard but if you think he's the quality player we need to do anything in this league you are wrong. Backs out of tackles (everysingle time), worst first touch since Petter Rudi and basically bang average. Oh yeah and he like a crack at goal if its on his left boot. Of its on his right he falls over. Load not like this but they will deep down know I have a point
  12. Bannan's was a full volley. Reach's was half volley. Bannan had to just the ball coming to him and watch it all the way. Reach was able to let it set its self up and hit it when the time was right. So skill wise - Bannan. Viewing wise - Reach
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