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  1. I said this all along and especially the day after he score the goal against Leeds. Does nothing and weak. I got called a pig
  2. I 100% get you. Your point is why we won! Lets just enjoy the win tough
  3. Don't get me wrong. He works hard but if you think he's the quality player we need to do anything in this league you are wrong. Backs out of tackles (everysingle time), worst first touch since Petter Rudi and basically bang average. Oh yeah and he like a crack at goal if its on his left boot. Of its on his right he falls over. Load not like this but they will deep down know I have a point
  4. Bannan's was a full volley. Reach's was half volley. Bannan had to just the ball coming to him and watch it all the way. Reach was able to let it set its self up and hit it when the time was right. So skill wise - Bannan. Viewing wise - Reach
  5. I thought there was a post about having opionions and being less offensive to other posters? I stand by what I said. He backs out of every single tackle, his first touch is terrible and what creative balls does he put through. Not even going to mention crossing
  6. Great goal. Weak player who does nothing week in week out. To say his game is about getting stuck in, he doesn't do an aweful lot of other things either. Robbing a living
  7. I lost your point when you said 'nobody earns millions' then went on to quote a few........ but yes, they are different to any other entertainment company and if you don't think so, ask yourself why ITV digital went bust. Its not a fair market. The reason Hallam FM does not do matches anymore is because its not commercially viable for them to do so. This mean BBC radio has almost exclusive rights to local football commentary without even trying. The fact they are backed by guaranteed income (regardless of government cuts) is why they feel they can, in the words of a Daily Mail reader 'TAKE THE PISSS' I don't care how much someone earns, that is not my point. My point is that they are trying to undercut the little guys and we have a man in charge who can see this. Its a race to the bottom otherwise!!
  8. The point is not directly linked obviously. It was purely to show that the BBC are as morally bankrupt as DC. Do you realise that while payment to EFL clubs keep on reducing and payments to EPL clubs keep on increasing we are not going to get anywhere. I was the principle of this that DC wants an award for. Although I hated the fact we lots this service many people grew up on!
  9. Don't appologise mate, its forum for ideas and comments - you're all good.. The part where it says REACHED AND AGREEMENT. One side cannot reach an agreement. I don't care about the money TBH, and niether does DC. It will not even cover Almen Abdi's medical bill for a month. Its the principle and the point that DC was making.
  10. Totally!! Ask the BBC why they are considering cutting the free TV licences for over 75s. They are cutting the bottom and giving to the top. Sometimes we have to deal with a poor situation to stop a major problem. Glad its over for now don't get me wrong!
  11. He was quibbling over a multi-million public AND commercial organisation that pay presenters millions and pays over £200m a year for the MOTD (increased this year BTW) trying to short change us. All other clubs rolled over. DC didn't and rightly so as shittt as it was for us!! He clear won and sent a strong message out at the same time. Good on you Mr Chairman
  12. 1. The BBC do not pay every club the same and they have never claimed this. They asked each club to reduce their contract by 10%. This does not suggest every club gets paid the same. How do we know this. A few years ago Barnsley reject a BBC deal and they were not on the radio either. The reason was the amount the BBC pays other clubs in the area (obviously us) in relation to them. 2. The BBC has just increased what they pay for the MOTD by a good 100m - so they can get FCUKED! 3. It wasn't a good move, it affects a lot of our fans. However, they cannot expect us to pay for better players to which increase their figures and pay us less. 4. Sod the BBC!!! Sometimes in business you need to stand up to people. There are always consequences but you will win in the end. I have no doubt the BBC are paying the same as last year for DC to accept. Its not about money its about stopping the rot. Every other sports company are increasing their payments and the BBC want to reduce it!! pet shop the BBC
  13. Today's english lesson, Jos..... 11 =elf = Bannan✔ 12 = zwölf ...❌ our number 12 is always Zföx .... until his contract is over or you loan him out End of lesson!
  14. From Mexborough. I was talking to his wife the other week I believe. She was asking if I knew who he was. I hadn't the foggiest but just put on a smile, but she did say he is always in Africa now. Good on him!! might lead onto better things for him. There's always a good chance he could manage Wednesday one day, he meets the first criteria - unknown to everyone. Just needs to be out of work for a few years then he'll be in the run-in!!
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