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  1. Total Rumour but lad who cuts my hair had a bloke in prior to Hunt going and said Hunts going to Bristol City for 1.6mill and Reach has had interest from West Ham with the fee been around 12mill! This was apparently said 2 days before anything come out about Hunt. He was tge only player who stayed fit throughout the full season so probably nit gone unnoticed with other clubs Anyone heard this or similar?
  2. Got the best out of him when he played there. less time out injured as he played game after game in tha role. less bookings as he wasnt running and diving into players but just did his job
  3. Nando, Fletcher and Hutch did last years so obvs just given others the job like the players want to be actually posing for photos. You can see they’re uncomfortable and out of the comfort zones witg their expressions
  4. JaddyOwl

    No sign of the kit!

    From what ive heard Jaguar estates bought the Charlie Browns/Carpark area and Bramalls. Chansiri couldnt due to FFP but an agreement is there for Him to buy the land off them at a marked up price. In essence they have bought it to hold and then sell for a profit. Maybe a security deposit is in place for their security! So at a guess the land would be to re-situate Hillsborough to the bigger plot over the road. They’re property developers so it might also mean they take the old Hillsborough site to build housing as its in and around a housing estate anyways
  5. JaddyOwl

    No sign of the kit!

    Ive heard two rumours 1. The kit is already here and was delivered last week 2. Apparently no matter what league we are in the season after next Chansiri is spending 20mill on the ground also if we go up next season hes flattening Hillsborough and rebuilding a new stadium. any one else heard this?
  6. Hold my hands up with that one ps whats average age on here? might have to tell my mum with me been 12. Dont want to be groomed
  7. Shoot me down for this if you want but speaking to my work colleague who is also Wednesday through and through. Regarding raising funds if its possible to start a go fund me page or similar to raise funds from FANS and fans alone eg £10/fan no more no less. Once collected hand it straight over to Chansiri to go fetch Venancio and Max Clark obvs we would need 20000 fans at £10 to raise 2mill. Im not sure on tax imolications but think of the media coverage alone and it would be a great way to reiterate our dedication back to our Chairman who in due course will show us as fans much more back. Not taking the mick deay serious cant we get this sorted???
  8. Year after year we have been told we are not a selling club so whats changed? okay you can say we are in debt! No more than other teams though and so what so we sell our best assets instead of getting rid of the deadwood including Fletcher, Rhodes, Matias, Palmer, Jones, Abdi (all havent done a deal). instead by keeping the above names we continue to run up debt on injured, poor performing players on massive wages. We sell fessi bannan etc but all that money pays for the others wages. Down we go to league 1 then still nothing from the above because they are injured stealing wages. Fessi not going anywhere cos he loves us and Bannan hates Birmingham
  9. Anyone think this adds credit to J Rhodes leaving for elsewhere and his Dads not happy with the changes seen behind closed doors? all seems to corolate. Time will tell
  10. We also forget away at Brighton 2nd leg of playoffs Kayal and Baldock i believe had Lopez in their pocket and it looked like we had 10 men playing hutch come on for lopez and immediately kicked the shiz out of both of them hanging the game complety. A brick wall with a bite
  11. JaddyOwl

    FF miss.

    Fessi on for 3 mins and straight in the mix shocking lay off by Reach and dont blame Fessi anyways not when Reach blasted one at the keeper a little earlier, Boyd never took a shot when he had the opportunity to and Venancio should have put us 1 up with a clear chance.
  12. JaddyOwl

    When did owls become pigs

    Dont forget we was actually the blades before them pigs! So once again they copied us because theor IQ is minimal like a thick cut pork chop
  13. Carlos failed in 3 major games Hull, Huddersfield and Pigs at home. This is what he never understood. Jos concentrated on us and us alone. Carlos always attempted to play against the opposition by switching to try and counteract their game plans. What we saw Friday is what all Wednesdayites have been wanting to see. Play with heart, spirit and dight for everything. Keep that up and the fans will fully get back behind the team win or lose