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  1. Shipley Owl

    Let’s try Mr Chansiri’s way

    Mightily impressed by the Owlstalk profanity checker by the way. Good work at tidying up my unsavoury language.
  2. Shipley Owl

    Let’s try Mr Chansiri’s way

    Some players may have been scared last season, maybe quite a few of them. But some players just genuinely underperformed, despite collecting big wages whilst we pay £40 a ticket. He doesn't help himself by making such sweeping statements which ultimately blame us for last season's poo show.
  3. Shipley Owl

    Starts to seasons

    Stop being so sensible. I won't be happy until we start releasing the black balloons again I tell ya!
  4. Shipley Owl

    Transfer embargo (sort of) confirmed

    Wednesday probably the only club who could moan at fans about FFP for three years, charge Premier League prices on everything under the sun to counter it, and still be stupid enough to eventually blunder into an embargo.
  5. Shipley Owl

    Unpopular opinion: Wednesday edition

    Liam Palmer's not that bad.
  6. If we're knocking out medium shirts with such a small chest then we've got bigger problems.
  7. Shipley Owl

    We have Forestieri

    How else are we going to stay within FFP.
  8. Shipley Owl

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    The elation of watching a 95th minute stoppage time winner at the World Cup, then the crushing pain of remembering it's Germany. Football can be beautiful and scheisse all at once.
  9. Shipley Owl

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    The most beautiful poem I've ever read.
  10. Shipley Owl

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Here's hoping we don't drop anymore Borukovs on the youth front going forward.
  11. I bloody love a good George Hirst thread. You can never have too many.
  12. Shipley Owl

    Would you rather...

    Option 2 definitely. Imagine the madness down there after a horse had been at it. Thanks. But nay thanks.
  13. Shipley Owl

    Creating new fans...

    So it's the old "birds and the bees" chat judging by the title... Been touched on earlier in the thread but I really don't think we do enough to bring students in. Sheffield is full of them. When I was at uni United always seemed to have offers on in both unions. Wednesday's presence was non-existent. Personally frustrating as my uni mates still know all the words to Greasy Chip Butty.
  14. Shipley Owl


    If I had a squad of umpteen strikers and several injury prone players, I'd probably want to sign Jamie Mackie too.
  15. Shipley Owl

    Bell of the season -Championship

    Definitely Snodgrass. But I'd probably love him if he wore blue and white. Class player at this level.