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  1. If the trigger is as timely as the last few managers I expect Chansiri to send him packing when we're in League One. But it's ok. Him and Paixao will have a belter lined up to come in I'm sure.
  2. Zola couldn't manage his way out of Asda if he was stood at the security desk.
  3. Agreed. Thought him and Borukov were considered future stars. Anyone know what happened?
  4. Randolph has just been named in the Championship team of the year. He's obviously no mug.
  5. I first read it to the tune of Busted - Year 3000 before I caught the Pulp reference. It definitely doesn't work to Busted in case you're wondering.
  6. I once took Farsley Celtic to Champions League glory. Football management is a cake walk if you know what you're doing. "Where's the passion lads? Do you even want to win this game?" Players seem disinterested and confused... Oh. Yeah, probably just leave it to Jos actually.
  7. Blades are the bigger game and hands down the one I'd prefer to win. Leeds have their cretins as we all do. Few fair points on here about their fans believing they're entitled to be in the Premier League. However having lived and worked in Leeds for the last decade, as much as it pains me to say this... They really don't give a flying flip about us. Certainly not how we do about them anyway.
  8. Love Bannan. His goal against Milwall was amazing. But the Villa goal was a step up to be fair. It's that bend right at the end. No media conspiracy on this. Bannan has had his share of plaudits on Sky in the last month. As he should.
  9. Stop being so sensible! I'm only happy when I get my pitchfork out.
  10. Great thread. Don't we know he's better than Zidane? We won't make a better signing this window. We probably won't make another signing this window... But if we do they won't be better than Barry.
  11. The worst season I can remember as a Wednesday fan. Even with all the doom and gloom at the minute I'd like to think this season can't be as bad. Surely?
  12. Thought this was going to be a thread berating Ozzie Owl, and calling for him to be replaced by a combi boiler. But those prices are ridiculous. Didn't think it cost anything to put a smile on a kid's face. But at £240 a pop apparently it does.
  13. Mightily impressed by the Owlstalk profanity checker by the way. Good work at tidying up my unsavoury language.
  14. Some players may have been scared last season, maybe quite a few of them. But some players just genuinely underperformed, despite collecting big wages whilst we pay £40 a ticket. He doesn't help himself by making such sweeping statements which ultimately blame us for last season's poo show.
  15. Stop being so sensible. I won't be happy until we start releasing the black balloons again I tell ya!
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