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  1. Apparently no move lined up permanent or loan
  2. We should be trying to get Lewis Gibson on loan from Everton to replace Hutchinson. He's quality.
  3. Eddie Howe done a good job there at first but wasted lots of money. 8th biggest spender in the prem over 5 years. As much as monks tactics an excuses are his recruitment is a little better. Personally I'd get Paul Cook in because he wins things.
  4. Loved him but not being funny if he'd played to his potential we would be in the premier league. 80% of the fanbase stuck with him whether through injury or other suspension but he hasn't been the same player since he tried to force his way out. As sad as it makes me. Good riddance.
  5. Wednesday have activated a 1 year extension in his contract. Definitely back next year.
  6. Matt Penney has been offered a 1 year extension to his contract at Hillsborough.
  7. Probably top 5 most useless posts on here and that’s some going.
  8. To be fair to Lees he's be babysitting Joost and hasn't looked happy about it. I agree we'll be much more solid when Loovens is back.
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