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  1. Promble Child

    Fans forum match day thread

    Can’t wait for Chansiri’s usual line - this is top secret and not to be shared with anyone else out of this room.
  2. Promble Child

    hirst to united

    Life is not as simple as that. These scenarios could have been a result of caving in to his demands... We could have given him 20K a week - what he was allegedly after ?- which could have led to many other players demanding a pay rise as their role is more superior than a youth team player, which we’d have to pay according to your logic (If they want, they should get). With our current financial position, it wouldn’t be a great decision in my opinion. Further to that, it could have turned out that he wasn’t good enough for the Championship and we’re left paying 20K a week for 4 years?
  3. Promble Child


    Don’t get too excited pal. Chansiri is planning on freezing you out like George Hirst next Wednesday.
  4. Promble Child

    Kieran Westwood

    I love how a lot of people are thinking that selling Westwood for millions is a simple formality. He’s made 18 appearances and in some of those games he’s made mistakes. He’s not played for a substantial amount of time due to injuries and is available for free next season. He’s hardly going to be the number one transfer target for all managers as some are making out and those who are interested will more than likely be trying to pick him up on the cheap because of the aforementioned reasons. I’d stick with him personally as his value to us - when in form - will probably be worth much more than any price offered in my opinion.
  5. Promble Child

    Hutchison - I'm fit but not allowed to train

    If you look at his appearances this season, he’s made 5 starts and 2 sub appearances? I’m certain we don’t have contractual bonus for Sam if he triggers 6 starts/9 appearances in a season. Overall, 79 starts/84 appearances since 2014. Hardly an ever present close to a reward for number of appearances? Might be wrong but I can’t see anything contractual in this at all.
  6. Promble Child

    Line up for tomoz...bit controversial

    Ice to see someone ITK round here. Lets hope the the boys can steelers a freezing point today!
  7. He has made a positive start. Had some tricky fixtures to negotiate and to come out of those 9 fixtures with 6 clean sheets is quite an achievement, considering the talent at his disposal. Looking forward to seeing how he sets up with the majority of players available for selection. I would imagine we’ll continue to be hard to score against and be hopeful that better talent further up the field will pinch us the required goals in games.
  8. We’re still 7 points clear of the drop with 1 less game remaining? There’s a positive!
  9. Promble Child

    What sort of loser asks for a refund?

    Yes, but how does this relate to a season ticket when we’re all gaining entry to the 23 matches that we’ve paid for therefore ‘getting it’?
  10. Promble Child

    What sort of loser asks for a refund?

    What’s different to what was promised? Last time I checked, a season ticket is entry to 23 games of football - quality of this can never been guaranteed - at Hillsborough. Nothing has changed in regards to that during the course of this season?
  11. Promble Child

    MORGAN FOX etc

    I think Carlos was playing dumb with that one as I'm sure Staton was calling him Morgan Cox.
  12. Promble Child


    You seem to like it in your username! Anyways, that's beside the point. It was a genuine question! Why not a CM, RB etc.?
  13. Promble Child


    Why would you have a CB as 'Captin'?
  14. Promble Child

    Squad numbers

    Semedo? How original! :st2: And... do you think you may be fixated by black men wearing Wednesday shirts?! Semedo...Esajas...Sodje...Maghoma.