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  1. Would love it if he turned it round but can’t see it. Last night the team were much better but never looked like winning. Then he takes Butterfield off and left Wallace on who did nothing all night. Then he puts jao on but plays him as a left winger. Like I say don’t think he will turn it round
  2. All the coaching staff and Carlos are defensive- that is the problem
  3. Ask him why he is still here when he said he would go when the fans no longer want him
  4. Got to agree. After scoring the goal the game was there for us to take hold of but what happened was an absolute disgrace. Time to go Carlos
  5. Huddersfield play off but final straw Hull and that radio interview!
  6. Sounded like a desperate man grasping at whatever excuse he could. Thank you Carlos for a great first season but unfortunately it is time to go. Interview was even worse when Chris Wilders honesty about their performance came soon after
  7. Ref at villa didn’t do anything about Terry’s tackle that could have broken Fox’s leg but apart from that had a good game
  8. Much under rated. Fantastic game against Millwall. Plays better when he doesn’t have to be responsible for the whole left side of the pitch and has a full back to help
  9. To be fair he also saved a number. Yes a horrible mistake when he passed out to their striker but defenders had to take some responsibility for messing about passing around using the keeper. They all seem to forget it helps to go forward rather than back
  10. Considering he has all the left side of the pitch to cover from front to back he has done a great job
  11. Distribution and kicking was high quality. Think Fletch was very grateful
  12. New kit must be in D taxis - coming soon Thank goodness it's the font that's wrong - thought I was going blind. With regards to advertising boards they were awful last night looking from south stand, often couldn't pick out players or ball and at times like fireworks going off
  13. We like to play in our own half so this could be a cunning way of helping. Change the pitch at half time!
  14. Showed no sign he could defend at right back against poor opposition
  15. I had always given Carlos support and stuck by him. Was full of optimism for the new season but after watching that performance, team selection, tactics and subsequent Carlos remarks I have had enough. Not to mention the ridiculous comments about FF and letting him play where he wants. If Ff thinks he is best upfront getting battered by a centre half in aerial battles he is seriously deluded. He clearly is a great footballer but sadly not as an out and out striker - we have better. Time for a major change!
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