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  1. Highest paid player in the club.
  2. So they've just held a minutes applause for CE, no real issue with that BUT stopping the game whilst it was observed, good grief. My fear is this practice will filter into league matches and become the norm. As I've seen on Facebook, be a better gesture if the players donated cash to fund poo loads of defibrillators.
  3. I know, can't imagine there was anyone in the ground that night that didn't hear it, sickening. Me and my mates were sat in South lower and more or less level with the incident. Absolute waste of a promising career.
  4. Used to love it on there, me and my best mate used to go on there when we were kids.
  5. Can we get 12,000 on the triangle?
  6. Are they? Hirst, I assume has gone back to his parent club but certainly won't be playing for them. Not sure they will be queuing up in the championship to take him on loan after having zero impact at Rovrum last season. Clare, according to Wikipedia is currently at Burton who are in Div 3.
  7. I'm just trying to bring some balance to the discussion, certainly not trying defend DCs running of the club (that would be like the lawyer who pulled the Peter Sutcliffe gig).
  8. Remind me, how are their careers going know?
  9. But we thought the keepers were decent prospects several years ago, short memories some people.
  10. Don't dismiss this genius idea. Don't forget, DC was spot on with stripes being unlucky. We got to play offs without stripes and then returned to being poo when they were brought back. In DC we trust.
  11. On a serious note, it's a good job DC installed those lucky elephants otherwise we'd be in a right pickle.
  12. Let's be honest, none of us know the true position within the club other than it's not good. The silence is deafening especially at a time when fans really deserve some answers. Clearly DC has fizzed up our club despite best intentions. However I really can't see him leaving anytime soon. His asking price is ridiculous and is so far off it won't entice anyone in to negotiate a more reasonable figure. If I'm honest given the sums reportedly owed in wages (there must be other debts not being paid as well you'd imagine), club doesn't own the ground, i think he'd struggle to give the club away. That said, i doubt he'd let it go into administration so unfortunately i suspect we'll just bumble along doing naff all for a few more years until DC really does get bored of it and gives it away. Or we somehow get really lucky and unearth some hidden talent, get promoted and get DC excited again or become a bit more attractive to a prospective buyer.
  13. Think you're fighting a losing battle on this one.
  14. Why would he be ITK? I doubt he has any connection to DC.
  15. What colour socks? Probably mix and match from the lost property box.
  16. At least its got stripes (on a bit of it)
  17. Shows how far we've fallen, I remember the days when we were signing Waddle. Now its seen as good news when some of our players might get paid overdue wages but only because all the good(?) ones have gone.
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