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  1. For those who haven't witnessed our exceptional opener
  2. Any left? I have to wait for general sale.
  3. Didn't we play them on a Friday night when Rhodes had just signed for us. Beat them 1-0 in the pizzing rain.
  4. So how many teams can you name that go unbeaten for a season?
  5. Good grief. If some of our fans owned a football club they'd go through 20 managers a season.
  6. Excellent, you'll know its me as I'll be in a blue and white striped shirt.
  7. Excellent, can you pick me up from Chapeltown. I know it's a bit out of your way but WAWAW
  8. Will be for the Newcastle lads, get them used to getting spanked every week.
  9. Really enjoyed Tuesday night. Yes, I'd love to see us in the Premier league again (although I do tend to think what's the point, we wouldn't be able to compete). I guess ultimately I like seeing us win, so watching us beat Fleetwood, is more enjoyable than watching us lose to Palace.
  10. Fair play to the lad. Sings our praises more than a lot of our own fans. Very balanced report, same as the lad from Donny. Was on the Kop last night and never heard their fans but as the video shows, they were making plenty of noise given the small numbers. Love "we only sing when we're fishing".
  11. I bought 2 tickets today for myself and 18 year old son. Was pleasantly surprised that it was only £34 for seats on the Kop.
  12. Just been to the ground to buy mine, queuing up Penistone Road.
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