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  1. RIP Alan and his Father and condolences to the Wheen family at this tragic time. I'm sure I remember Alan from infant/middle school either St Catherines or Firshill, I went to both so not 100% sure. Remember him as a great Kid among many others who lived around Pitsmoor and Burngreave back in the 60's and early 70's, I've lived in many places since but its still the best community I've ever lived in.
  2. Yeah brilliant stuff, I'm convinced we'd have gone down with cc, couldn't help but look at the swansea jacks website after their dour negative display yesterday, predictably many jacks have got him sussed already, want him out and referring to him as 'the clown'. we are well shot and hopefully the support will be fully behind Jos and the lads next season, UTO
  3. Yeah and its so good that they even sing this at the Lane as well! Then again they ain't too bright at the Lane either...
  4. a boring tired, ugly has been who steals a living from the bbc, don't know if i despise him more because i'm a football fan or because i'm a license payer, either way sack him
  5. brilliant, chuffed for the big man, nearly safe, then we can look forward to next season and playing ctc and swansea, uto
  6. presume this is a wind up, he should never have been appointed in the first place, If Stuart Gray had been backed by the owner he'd have taken us up, think Hughton at Brighton,
  7. The horror. Psychological abuse of our feathered friends should not be tolerated. Cc and DC need reporting to the rspb
  8. I live in Devon and am currently happy to be traveling in NZ and unable to witness the protracted death throes of CCs tenure. I always admire the resolve and patience of the Wednesday crowd at its best when the club are at their worst. This is nowhere near the worst but it's among the most pathetic,, all that possibility and hope sponkef away. I gave up on CC over a year ago and made my views known then
  9. quick go and stick your head in a bog
  10. thanks for the post rocket, agree with everything you say, we all want the best for wednesday and hoped carlos was the man, he isn't, ps; eatleigh obviously does'nt know that warwickshire is quite close to brum, all the best UTO and WTID
  11. Yeah we're really pissed off, lets all start picking on young George Hirst, pathetic, Same mob no doubt that abuse and blame big Dave, Leon when he played for us, etc etc etc what i find incredible is that some of people liking this post are same people who defend Carlos, This result was the most predictable of the season, passionate blades supporting coach v a man who has bottled every crunch game we've played under him and has not given any of our youngsters a chance since he arrived. no contest brooks, young kid, man of the match, played without fear, well done. the better team won, better get used to it nowt will change until we get a new head coach/manager .
  12. Good Points well made Student Owl, we have one of the strongest squads in the championship and overall our results and performances this season have ranged from wee wee poor to half decent, never met a carlos 'hater' personally, but like all in his profession he'll be judged by results. WAWAW
  13. Why bother adding fuel to the fire by continuing this debate.and slagging off fellow fans and inviting a response, well here goes I'm sad that you have not witnessed or been part of the truly magnificent momentum that this club has when its heading for glory (relative), granted it was there in Carlos's first season, the league cup victories v arse and the magpies and the surge to the play off final, we/carlos bottled it at wembley and its been stagnation ever since, disjointed signings that smack of desperation, negative tactics and poor football (including the fulham victory last week), no youth players being given a chance. extortinate admission prices that invite ridicule from other fans and cause financial pain for many of our loyal fan base What a pointless waste of time it would be getting promoted with this set up, the squad has quality but is unbalanced, it is the management that needs to change and we also have to start blooding some of the youth . I have nowt against Carlos and wish him well, I have also never booed our team or individual players buts its obvious to me that he's not the right manager to take us forward
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