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  1. poo show. Remember all the fans giving Chansiri big licks and bumming his head off when he gambled with the future of our club on transfers/wages we couldn’t sustain...be same ones calling for his head. poo SHOW.
  2. If you’re an adult why are you buying a replica shirt anyway? Always find it really weird a 40 year old man walking about with a 21 year olds name on his back. football shirts should only be worn if you’re a kid or playing football. GROW UP YOU SADDOS
  3. that ending. haha the stupidest thing i've ever seen. feel like a whopper for watching it all.
  4. It's because the Portuguese manager is there and he's desperate to impress for the Euros.
  5. Birtles has failed to mention Davies was even further back an Elmohamady. Absolute clown.
  6. Good manager. Had enough towards the end so good decision for everyone.
  7. Watched this Friday. What a crockpot of gash
  8. Best advice would be to read this thread.
  9. SEEN HIS DAUGHTERS IN REAL LIFE. Absolutely banging.
  10. bollyowl

    Sat Navs

    Should have also said, most cars have sat navs as well! MY BEAMER DOES #idiot
  11. bollyowl

    Sat Navs

    Google maps on your phone? WHO BUYS SAT NAVS? It's not 2003.
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