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  1. If you’re an adult why are you buying a replica shirt anyway? Always find it really weird a 40 year old man walking about with a 21 year olds name on his back. football shirts should only be worn if you’re a kid or playing football. GROW UP YOU SADDOS
  2. It's because the Portuguese manager is there and he's desperate to impress for the Euros.
  3. Birtles has failed to mention Davies was even further back an Elmohamady. Absolute clown.
  4. Good manager. Had enough towards the end so good decision for everyone.
  5. Stay off my profile, flaps.

  6. If you have an iphone, go on video with the screen facing you and click on the camera so it flips to recording to the front camera. Now hold it to one side and film. Watch it back. IT ONLY RUDDY FLIPS IT! classic.
  7. Exactly. I've had plenty of snapchats off my mates driving and it makes it look like left hand drive due to using the camera on the front on the phone which flips the picture. 100% that's a right hand drive. And it's from snapchat so can't be that old as the video disappears quickly.
  8. he looked like he was about to burst into tears at any moment.
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