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  1. Indeed - often, repeated articles claiming similar things can be traced back to a single original source (which in itself is often speculation).
  2. Mind, all footballers get nicknames - if they did call him Atdhe, he'd probably be the only player to be called by his first name.
  3. My apologies - it's because it looks like a screen shot of the article that I thought Nuhiu had used it.
  4. No. I think if we get a good win and then more good wins after that, he might.
  5. I think Terry, like Roy of the Rovers, is ageless.
  6. I think he means how Big Ron said after we won the League Cup and got promoted that he 'could never leave a club like this' (or words to that effect) and then bogged off down to Villa within seconds.
  7. I'd say it's very good tactics and form indeed to praise your predecessor - or at least, not to criticise them . You've got nothing to lose by being gracious and everything to gain if people think you're a good person.
  8. What I don't understand (because I'm not well informed) is why he's still employed/paid by us but not playing. Anyone explain?
  9. I'm amused to hear that his team mates use the word "bobbar" - I hope it's not just the few local ones.
  10. I suspect he means people commenting - there's nothing wrong with looking (or commenting if you're playing nicely at someone else's house).
  11. Be cool. People saying they'll give up supporting Wednesday if specific people get appointed manager - really, though?
  12. Used to be a favourite down the Old No 12 Berni Inn in town.
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