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  1. That first 15 minutes...

    Carlos just said something similar. I'm pleased to see us score more than 2, which we've struggled to do for the past season and a bit.
  2. I know, but like last season, we cannot score enough goals.
  3. I'm afraid this is never going to work. Depressingly same as before.

    I'm not enjoying this season at all, if I'm honest.

    They've beaten a parachute team, away, by two goals. It's not luck.

    Not unless we manage to win a few more games - and at this rate, we'd only be going up at the same time as the Blunts.

    Ooh, didn't know I couldn't use a word that rhymes with pitch and begins with b.

    Last season, when fellow Owls were doing their "Pigs are going to find it really tough in the Championship, they'll get stuffed, Billy Blunt will be out of his depth, etc" stuff, I knew - I absolutely KNEW - they'd be eating their words. Karma is a cruel, heartless *****, isn't she? The truth is, Wilder has engendered self-belief in his squad and we lost it somewhere last season.
  9. We all know very well that if we sold Rhodes - to any other club - he'd be banging in goals every week. The problem with Rhodes isn't Rhodes.
  10. I was there at that game - aged 11, standing on the old, uncovered kop in the pouring rain. Christ, it was a dreadful night in all respects.
  11. Sheffield United fans are already cringing in terror at the awful hammering they're going to get in the championship next season.
  12. Drink up Wednesday

    He might like it - Dr Who tends to be a matter of taste, I think. Some good bits, as always.
  13. Drink up Wednesday

    I moved on to very cold bottles of Stella after the Pinot Grigio. Dr Who was crap tonight.
  14. Carlos Leads The Celebrations (VIDEO)

    I just love him. He's lush.
  15. Drink up Wednesday

    I'll be drinking my own urine before I stoop that low. I expect it'll be a bit nicer.