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  1. Same as me, we where on the ICO coaches just pulled in at Todington when we heard. About 3 coaches decided to go to Spurs v Norwich instead. We ended up on the away end segregated from the Norwich fans singing 'your supposed to be at home' to the Spurs fans and 'your supposed to be away' to the Norwich lot.
  2. Jackie Charlton's magic He wears a magic hat And when he saw the FA cup He said 'I'm having that' Whoooooooooo (and repeat)
  3. But can we? Players must get into a certain mindset. The only thing I can compare it with was when Eustace got the sack and big Ron took over, it took them 3 or 4 games to get going!
  4. I've heard he always has a big bag of Mint imperials and hands them out at half time to the crowd!
  5. If Jones does come in (as it looks certain) It looks like the ball is going to be on the deck a bit more. One question, most of Megson's signings have been brought in to fit in with the style of play, I just hope they can adapt to what could be a big change 2 thirds of the way through the season.
  6. Let it go, banish the Hooooooooooooooooof and embrace the flowing football!
  7. Wednesday fans up shoreham street at 10 to 3? Its not that yet!
  8. We wont go up then. There is no way we are going to start playing silky football after Megson spent the summer telling them to play it differently!
  9. We cant change tactics with Megson in charge. What does that tell you?
  10. Didnt we sign David Armstrong from Southampton (1986-1987 ?) Sure we signed him and the next day he changed his mind, something to do with not moving his kids out of school. Also, big Jim Holton signed for a short spell.
  11. Sorry, too many vowels in his name!
  12. Some people are so short sighted, if he didnt leave when he did he would have done it at the next possible opportunity. Dicanio played for himself and himself only!
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Spot on!
  14. Dont stop believing for this year yet! 39 points still to play for! HMS wee wee this League has had its refit and is ready to weigh anchor!
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