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  1. We are in a decent position compared to Wolves, Barnsley, Peterborough & Milwall. We are in a decent position as we are the only one of the aformentioned teams who are at home. We are in a decent position as we play a team with nothing to play for and all the others dont (with the exeption of Milwall) We are in a decent position as we are playing a team 3rd from bottom of the form table with only one win in 8 games. People need to chilll a bit!
  2. I would much rather be in our position than Wolves, Barnsley, Peterborough & Milwall. Huddersfield still need a draw to be safe and will go for it so that takes Barnsley down, Palace will be jockying for a decent play off position so that will nullify Peterborough. FFS relax!
  3. No room on this forum for positivity, move on!
  4. Jim Holton broke his leg in pre season and never played a competitive game for Wednesday. He was signed at the same time as and Garry Bannister (I wonder what happened to them?)
  5. That's good news, so we can ask for a replay for the blatant refereeing decision in the Leeds game?
  6. I think a lot of peoples memorys are slightly clouded about the 91-92 season, if we would have beat palace we would have been in contention still but still in third place. Leeds finished the season on 82 points, Man u on 78 and we where third on 75.
  7. Certainly was! My most distinct memorys of the uncovered kop (weather wise) was a midweek game against Shrewsbury (about 81,82) when it rained continuosly the whole game, I wore a parker and had to keep emptying the rain out of my pockets and another was the 6-1 game against Swansea (84) played through a blizzard and the unforgetable John Toshack own goal!
  8. Lets give stevenage a bit of credit, if they didnt go at United in the League we may not have secured automatic!
  9. Did Madden score a disalowed goal or did I dream that?
  10. Ched Evans in the PFA Div 1 team of the season. PFA in this case stands for Prison For Ages.
  11. Norwich must have brough 10-12k that day, no way was that only 24k I remember the News of the world match report the next day and it said something like "Bannister rose above the Norwich defence and one Wednesday fan to head the winner"
  12. Lee getting first dig at 'Play off mind games' Bring it on son!
  13. Tony Galvin or "My left foot" as we used to call him!
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