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  1. Certainly was! My most distinct memorys of the uncovered kop (weather wise) was a midweek game against Shrewsbury (about 81,82) when it rained continuosly the whole game, I wore a parker and had to keep emptying the rain out of my pockets and another was the 6-1 game against Swansea (84) played through a blizzard and the unforgetable John Toshack own goal!
  2. Lets give stevenage a bit of credit, if they didnt go at United in the League we may not have secured automatic!
  3. Did Madden score a disalowed goal or did I dream that?
  4. Ched Evans in the PFA Div 1 team of the season. PFA in this case stands for Prison For Ages.
  5. Norwich must have brough 10-12k that day, no way was that only 24k I remember the News of the world match report the next day and it said something like "Bannister rose above the Norwich defence and one Wednesday fan to head the winner"
  6. Lee getting first dig at 'Play off mind games' Bring it on son!
  7. Tony Galvin or "My left foot" as we used to call him!
  8. The Lines free kick and booking for the ball hitting his back was a classic
  9. Same as me, we where on the ICO coaches just pulled in at Todington when we heard. About 3 coaches decided to go to Spurs v Norwich instead. We ended up on the away end segregated from the Norwich fans singing 'your supposed to be at home' to the Spurs fans and 'your supposed to be away' to the Norwich lot.
  10. Jackie Charlton's magic He wears a magic hat And when he saw the FA cup He said 'I'm having that' Whoooooooooo (and repeat)
  11. But can we? Players must get into a certain mindset. The only thing I can compare it with was when Eustace got the sack and big Ron took over, it took them 3 or 4 games to get going!
  12. I've heard he always has a big bag of Mint imperials and hands them out at half time to the crowd!
  13. If Jones does come in (as it looks certain) It looks like the ball is going to be on the deck a bit more. One question, most of Megson's signings have been brought in to fit in with the style of play, I just hope they can adapt to what could be a big change 2 thirds of the way through the season.
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